Paborito kong Borta

"Borta" defies precise definition, and up to now, I don't know exactly what it means. A muscular man? A bear? A daddy? Is there an age limit. I suppose a muscular 16 year old isn't a borta. You have to have some degree of having been there, done that. Some amount of experience and worldliness.... Continue Reading →

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He's the young chap who turns heads on the streets, though his photos don't do justice to the fact that he's oozing with "K," that "X" Factor that catches you instantly. He is tall, lean and very clean looking, flawless. He just turned 20, that wondrous age that begins the true Wonder Years of sexual... Continue Reading →

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"MAGALING TRUMABAHO" Got him two years ago while on vacation from my job in the UAE" Glad to know he's still around in time for my Vacay this Christmas. Though two years ago ko pa nakuha, unforgettable yung pinaggagagawa ni Jheff.  Arnie, Sharjah, UAE.

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Jekyl and Hyde: on anti beck violence

In the past, I read about victims of violence from rent men: masseurs,  boys picked up from malls, guys carelessly plucked from anywhere. However, I did not expect someone who I nurtured and supported for about four years (the first four years were idyllic) - and probably loved - coming after me with a 3... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday M!

  He's got a great sense of humor, an infectious laugh and a flawless bod. I've known him to be a very responsible dad to two kids, a good friend. I've loved his deep baritone voice, among his other huge assets. Most of all, he's got what really matters, a good heart and a wonderful... Continue Reading →

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I was thinking of the movie "Big" starring Tom Hanks which was downloaded for me this week. It is a wonderful feel good movie which was produced at Hank's peak as an actor. "Feel good" and "Big" . I remember too just how Jiro made me "feel good" after a massage session. No, there was... Continue Reading →

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I remember having had Prince before,  when Mr. Earth was Mr. Earth, and the masseurs were unquestionably hot. Prince had a great body, and now, for Borta lovers, Prince is a good looking one, a certified Borta. I remember why I remember. I remember the incredibly good ones; I remember the egregious ones too. The... Continue Reading →

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