Sekyu sa Baguio

Two weeks ago, late afternoon, I took a walk down from my hotel inside John Hay and ended up at the back entrance of JHAB where John Hay meets the Baguio Country Club. ,  Nearing Outlook Drive,it began to shower, so I took refuge at the guard outpost of a construction site at a nearby.... Continue Reading →

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the best top

Jay R (freelance) - JR  has the fattest and the second longest. The girth taken with the awesome length, makes for an awesome and experience unforgetfull experience. JR is a torpedo, a ram a jackhammer in activity. By the third round you're terribly exhausted and full and the fullness gets more and more felt inside... Continue Reading →

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Notes from readers:

I don't know why readers' comments go directly to the email address of this blog unlike previously where the comments could be seen directly. A few notables.   On Essenza Spa Trulili ka Caloy, the best selection ang Essensa, fave ko doon si Christian na sobrang galing makipaglaplapan, hahaha - Ivan Na try ko na... Continue Reading →

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Sobrang lakas ang dating, I mean. Oozing in unvarnished masculinity. May K. Ken was standing outside Gently Touch when I got down my vehicle and he hit me immediately. Nandiyan ba si Cyrus? I pretended to ask, just to get his attention and he answered in a low voice with the slightest suggestion of angas.... Continue Reading →

Jem’s Story

Chad dropped by the house of my friend Jem last Weekend. It was raining and Jem had called for  take out. The deluge of rain had conked the electricity and the air conditioning was  off.  There was a small solar-powered fan.   Chad was comfortable around Jem's house. He's been at Jem's before, not once,... Continue Reading →

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