King (in white T shirt, middle) with Chad (left, holding the phone) and Yuri (in b & w stripes) was a big sensation when he first joined Heavenly Touch over two years ago. He had just turned 18 and became the star of HT. But he left to pursue his studies. When Albury opened, King... Continue Reading →

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Serious therapy at Wat Po Temple

In July, a number of Albury therapists will be going to Bangkok, to take a course in Thai massage at the Wat Po temple in Bangkok, famous for the excellent training it gives. I've had my best therapies in Bangkok, refreshing, relaxing and awesome.

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The Varsity player

He's got several things in his favor. He's tall, 6'1 and is currently playing varsity basketball in the University where he studies. Apart from having handsome, dusky, moreno looks, what is most in his favour is that he's worked at Wensha and has training in proper massage. I've tried it and enjoyed the therapy immensely.... Continue Reading →

Albury’s new managers

The three most in demand and popular therapists of Albury have been given the responsibility of managing Albury for its second year in operations. They are Gerald, Yuri and Chad - all very friendly and exceptionally responsible. Albury's New Numbers 09975701590 09550982352 - for TM and GLOBE Subscribers 09099748833 - for Talk and Text, SMART... Continue Reading →

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Best lips for kissing:

1. Chad (Albury) - full, like soft pads 2. Maynard 3. Jojo (Eaglenest) 4. Jorie (Datu) - torrid, french 5. Jay Bee (Eaglenest) - torrid and wet 6. Christian ( Essensa) - laplapan 7. Yuri (Albury) - long, long kiss, full soft lips 8. Marlon - wonderful shape, full 9. Sam (Eaglenest) - Like kissing... Continue Reading →


Kung may isang lalaki na napakalakas ang angas, pero pag nakilala mo, napaka bait, yan si Louie. Louie walks with an obvious swagger, tall, young, really good looking and confidently lalaki. It is not posturing, that's just natural Louie, and definitely, I like his swagger, makes him very sexy for a young man. Its reassuring.... Continue Reading →

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