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Romnic belongs to what social activists call, the lumpen proletariat. Tambay, istambay might be a simplistic translation but it doesn’t fully cut it. Romnic is a tambay, a good looking one, and gifted too.  Not boy-next-door-Alden good looking, but the basketball player on  a street court who strikes one immediately,  even without the boy-next-door handsome look. No, he’s not bad looking, but he is very striking: malakas ang dating. He literally oozes sex appeal.

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I had a meeting with the manager of another spa and he brought Romnic along to the Starbucks near Camelot where we met. Romnic was tall, so he was immediately noticeable, and my eyes strayed towards him. His working-class boyishness oozed through his moreno pores.

To cut to the chase, we were next door, inside  a room in Camelot, after the meeting. The Starbucks location beside Camelot was convenient. Romnic oozed with unvarnished manliness and I was tempted to kiss him right there  in the corridor, but for the attendant who ushered us into the room.

At Starbucks earlier, I asked if he kissed.

Oo naman po, akong bahala sa inyo, he said.

He kept his word. Once the attendant closed the door behind him, Romnic gave me a deep kiss on the lips. The lips were soft and wonderful, like satin pillows. That put me into the right sensibility for more, and we kissed for an interminable period, standing. The lips were incredibly relaxed and the mouth tasted sweetish. I felt my hard on and it was hard and massive.


After we’d undressed, Romnic gave me a massage. He had taken off his briefs without my knowing it and I could feel it as he sat on my butt for the massage. That was thrilling.  The massage was unhurried, competent and relaxing, not quite legit-massage grade, but good enough and virtuously replenishing.A bonus was the feeling of the slightly turgid cock on my back.  Towards the end,  Romnic varied his strokes to evoke subtle sexual pleasure. I was surprised at the gradual transition. Didn’t expect it. Thought it would be rough. From our conversation, Romnic told me he had over 30 girlfriends since his first fuck. The subtle transition that gradually loped into the ES bore the signs of his experience.

Next, Romnic turned me over, caressing my sides as he did it. My hairs stood on end, and I into anticipation about what was next. He kissed my belly button, wet tongue traveling determinedly upward till he reached my favorite erogenous zone, my nipples, which he alternately licked, suck and bit gently.. By this time, my neck was hyperextended in pleasure and  I suppressed a moan. I was collapsed in vivid and visceral pleasure.

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By itself, the romansa part was on the money, sulit na, but what transpired next widened my eyes as I turned and saw down his last huge mushroom-head member.. What that  was, was quite a monster with a  and the big dickhead stood out prominently. Romnic was huge. (Check it out here




It was like a shedgehead hitting me as he entered. I’m an experienced bottom, but the sensation was still one of incredible pain-pleasure.

Romnic drilled, shoved, pushed circled untill the sensation of relaxation from the massage was gone. In its place was awesome pain, pleasure. I responded like a marionette whose strings were being tugged by a master.

I collapsed in exhilaration. My cynical barrier had been brought down by  over an hour of pleasure, pleasure-pain and incredible lust.

Who would I pick?

I was a bit confused yesterday after two of my favorite masseurs, Aqui and Prince made themselves available for Albury Spa’s line up last night. Aqui is a young chap simmering with sex appeal – he stands out in any line up with apparently-better-looking guys, but over all – and I observed this my self – bekis tend to pick him. It’s that factor, the “it ” factor or, as we say it – may “K”. Aqui’s “k” oozes in spades and when I finally got to try him, I was very satisfied with my choice. He’s an easy to talk to nice chap with a big hard secret down there where it really matters, and he uses it to great satisfaction.

The new Joko

I first met Joko when he just joined the now-closed Golden Spring Spa at Kamias. He was a scrawny chap who hardly turned heads. Oftentimes, days went by at GS without Joko having guests. Joko wasn’t bad looking. I suspect, he was named Joko because of his close resemblance to Joko Diaz.

Once, Felix, the owner, urged me to try the young man. I did. We had the usual, massage, etc. and it wasn’t great enough for me to write about him. However, the young man was very polite and very nice.

After a few sessions, with nothing much to do except the usual, I tried patiently to get him hard . I was probably bored. However, as his dick engorged, my eyes widened. The young man had something.

That’s how it all began.

Joko was seriously huge! When I asked him to top me, I fell in wonderment at his prodigous skills. Joko shoved, circled, helicoptered, came out completely and came out fully, and it went on and on until mine was sore. I imagined, after the session, if I would be like a virginal iika ika. AS I described it then, it was  a bottom’s nirvana – exhilarating!. I could not even tell whether Joko or JR was better. Joko exceeded my expectations.

In time, through these years, Joko became a top, top. At the beginning of this year, I declared him my #1, something, which he rightfully deserved.  Joko was the best.

Last year, I began hearing some murmurs, complaints. Though I had him twice only last year, he was, as usual, great, I had no problems.  Personally, to me, he was as good as ever. I heard however,  from some that things had gone into his head, though that was not the Joko I knew.


Enter another 19 year old. With Luke. I had found a new Joko. Young, bit child-like, innocent but sexually ripe and experienced from the street namamakla experience. Namamakla was a word I learned from Ian. Many young good looking men  apparently began with pamamakla.

Like Joko, Luke’s dick seemed small so I did not bother the effort of raising him up. One day, after a few sessions, he boasted to me about his long dick and my eyes widened too. Deja vu, Joko circa several years ago. He had child like innocence, like joke. He was new, like Joko. He had to be taught some skills, though as is, he was great, like Joko.

Like Joko, Luke was a dynamo, eager, untiring and charming too. He did everything Joko was capable of, sometimes even better. Afterwards, I was sore, tired, but very pleased, like Joko. There is something in the way he tops that tops Joko, Luke is yet to be spoiled by attention. Luke is slightly, just oh so slightly smaller, but he feels as huge – and the feeling of happiness-soreness is consistent, great, he knows how to use his tool.

I just hope this one will not lose his innocent child like character, and start saving and planning for life ahead..


The Best 09975701590

With his brother out of the business and out of contention, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ariz is the best in the business. He has all the elements: flawless bod, a very masculine baritone,  great character, incredibly sweet sense of humor…and…he’s huge. Ariz always delivers exceptionally. 09975701590


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Hunks from the cordillera

There were one or two Igorot Hunks way long ago in the early days of magic Touch in Retiro, and there was one really hunky and divinely handsome guy who was my favorite at Datu more than five years ago. Joseph, the Datu-lakan receptionist would remember him and the guy’s number might still be in one of my archives. They’re a good looking and sexy lot, but they were not the first guys I had from the cordillera region. When I lived for a semester in Baguio, Burnham park and Session Road were my cruising grounds.

By their built, cordilleras are naturally hunky and naturally fair. You see them in places like Bauko, Bontoc, Sagada, etc. as very handsome people, and the sun’s rays bing out their naturally rosy cheeks.

Here are the panagbenga Hunks in performance: