The fitness center guy (09057000015)

“On the suggestion of my doctor, who said I seriously needed lifestyle change I enrolled in one of the new centers for fitness  that allowed its members to enter the gym at all hours of the day. The fitness center was just opening and there was a generous discount.

My first few work outs were uninteresting, but I noticed that the zumba class had a very hot instructor who looked familiar. I just couldn’t place where I saw him. I knew I’d seen him somewhere.

After several daytime workouts, I mustered enough confidence to go to the fitness center during the wee hours, the best time for me.

My first session at the gym without a guide but during the wee hours were non significant, however, as I finished up my workout I started towards the locker room, feeling the soreness in my muscles aching from the previous strain in one of the machines. My shirt was partly doused in sweat and I could feel little beads of sweat still running down my body.

I entered the locker room, found my locker and proceeded to undress to wash off. Normally I am kind of shy about being naked but after my harsh workout I just didn’t

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 09.33.06


care; there was hardly anyone at 2am;  as I slid off my sneakers and socks, pulled my wet shirt off my tired body and ran my thumbs under my waist band letting my mesh shorts hit the floor. Standing there in my tight white boxer briefs, muscles still pumped with the blood from the workout and feeling almost aroused, I decided I should hit the sauna first! Grabbing my towel and wrapping it around my waist, I slid off my boxers and headed to the sauna.

No one was inside when I got there so I took a spot in the corner and leaned back against

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 09.32.47

Maynard’s Biceps

the wall letting my legs fall apart slightly; I closed my eyes and just relaxed! I must have gotten so relaxed that I faded off to sleep, because I never heard the door open or the other guy enter and sit down. But as I came too, I realized that I wasn’t alone anymore in the hot steamy room, I had been joined by a another guy about younger than I, and  in amazingly good shape. Something in my mind lit up like a light bulb, I remembered who he was and where I saw him! My fantasy, Maynard!

I have been with men only a few times – sexually, I was still confused- but I had to admit Maynard, to me, was very attractive! Our eyes met,  I blurted: Pare, di ba ikaw yung sa Zumba? Kilala kita, si Maynard di ba? He smiled “Saan po ninyo nakuha yung pangalan ko? Iba po yung pangalan ko dito. ” I explained that I read about him previously in one of the blogs. Two years pa po yon, he said unembarrassed, pa zumba zumba na lang po racket ko.  At least, nakakalibre ako dito sa gym, may kita pa po.” His body was stunning and I couldn’t help but stare. Nakuha niyo ba ako dati? He asked, matter of factly. No, tropa ko ang nakakuha sa yo, is Alex, yung…(I described Alex) Ah, si Sir Alex, kumusta na po siya? As I came more aware of where I was I realized in my quick dose off I had become partly hard and my towel was lifted slightly by my semi hard cock, which I am sure created a small view of my balls and cock from my towel being lifted and legs spread! I felt embarrassed but Maynard seemed normal about everything. Matter-of-fact, parang…wala lang.

Maynard must have taken notice because he was sitting across from me in the opposite corner with no towel on and his package was very enticing! It was soft, and thick with the hair neatly trimmed and proportionate balls hanging below his cock! His chest was smooth and his skin more a pinkish tan; he must have caught my prolonged glance at his package because he started to smile. “Mga regular na lang po ang sineserbisan ko ngayon.” He added.

 I joked, so di na ako puwede? Hehe (nervously)

He was all-too-natural about the whole thing, and asked if I liked what I saw and mentioned that I should lose my towel because “sorbrang tigas na yata yang sa yo”, he laughed…(I think he just didn’t want to be the only naked man there) I flipped back my towel and my semi hard cock sat there staring at him and I couldn’t think of what to say so I sheepishly apologized and he just smiled and said I was just fine!

After awhile of fighting the desire to look at his cock again, I did and this time I realized I had become hard, very very hard! To my amazement it made me salivate and become increasingly hard, he just sat there staring back at me and no one said a word, until Maynard said “” Saan po kayo dito?” I answered, diyan lang sa malapit na townhouse, mga 3-5 minutes lang mula dito., he just smiled “May kasama po ba kayo?!  My normal defenses were down, overcome by libog. I answered without thinking, “wala, katulog lang ngayon, misis ko  (actually ka-live in) nasa Tarlac.”

We found ourselves in my master’s bedroom bathroom, where for comfort I had installed a hot tub. As we slid in the hot tub and the hot water warmed every inch of my body I became harder than I had ever been before. This time we didn’t sit across from one another but within arm’s reach, after a little small talk I felt his foot sliding up my inner thigh and chills ran down my body. I couldn’t help but wish it was his hand, or better is tongue! Noticing I didn’t stop him he slide closer and next I felt his finger tips slide up my thigh and brush across my balls and the base of my hard cock! Not knowing what to do I froze and just enjoyed the sensations that were overtaking my body! As his fingers wrapped around the base of my cock and starting to slide further up, I kissed him without asking. Maynard just smiled and slid my hand down to his cock and balls, erasing all thoughts of anything else! After awhile of stroking each other off under water we decided to go to the shower .

Once inside he pressed my back against the cold tile and started licking and kissing on my neck and chest working his way down further and further, the entire time cupping my balls and grapping my tight ass cheeks.

Just when I didn’t think it could get any better I felt the tip of Maynard’s cock meet the tip of my  tongue and then, instinctively, my soft lips wrapped around his hard cock. My head slid down till I could feel his cock head against the back of my throat. He began working his up and down and I was in pure ecstasy, he took his hard cock out of my mouth. I squatted down and with his cock hanging inches from my mouth I started kissing it and licking it lightly the whole time massaging his balls and running my finger lightly on the skin between his balls and ass. I then again  took his n cock in my mouth and started sucking up and down slow and deep, getting faster and faster with each repetition. As I sucked him I looked up and noticed his head rolled back and him moaning it want I was sure was pure enjoyment,  As I felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to ooze pre-cum I deep throated that big cock and gagged but I loved it! All of a sudden I felt his hand on the back of my head pulling my back away from his cock and just as my lips lifted off his cock, he shared his warm sweat cum all over me. Not knowing what to do I couldn’t help but try a little taste, never thinking I would have done any of this I figured I might as well taste it too! It was sweat and tasty!

We were exhausted. After a quick shower, we were again kissing. I asked: Ok ka pa? He laughed. Libog mo sir (not ser, maynard, I learned was college educated). Soon he was shoving his cock into my asshole and came again.. After taking another quick shower. Maynard said he had to leave. I took a sheaf of bills from my wallet. He thanked me profusely.

That  was one of those surprisingly wonderful times that just happen. Some of my friends had gotten Maynard about two years ago, but then he got out of circulation and at the time had become an unfulfilled fantasy… till the night when I went to the fitness center expecting a routine session.

Every now and then we pass each other in the gym or locker room but nothing is ever mentioned about that night. I have his number. He’s gone to the house twice since. I even bumped into him with his wife in the neighborhood supermarket, he, acting very normally,  but I know better tan to embarrass him in the gym where this wonderful chap works, or anywhere else.

I’m  really glad he’s back and active. ”

from reader Jayjay

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The best, first quarter 2018

  1. Best Overall – all around satisfying experience, malakas ang dating, always thrilling to be with:

a)      ALVIN and CHAD – Alvin and Chad both deliver well rounded services. Great massage, and great after massage services. Both are known for their consistency, flawlessness, and for having many repeat, satisfied customers.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.58.52

Alvin and Chad

b)     Lance – The embodiment of flawlessness.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.06.54


Smells great even from afar and tastes sweet and great. It adds to a great overall experience that he’s got a big hard one too.

c)      Maynard – great Uber hard body, excellent romansa,you want a big gym fit defined body stroking those monstrous hard muscles, Maynard is it.    Maynard doesn’t just rely on his amazing body. He is incredible in bed.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.38.02

Maynard 09057000015

d)    Jorie- One of Cyrus’  wards, great face, big member, delivers

e)     Mc Greggy – bikini model, great body, great kisser


2.      Best Top

Luke – Luke has out performed Joko these past months. Incredible top, delivers an exhausting amazing session.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 14.08.46


Joko – Except for current issues that have sprung against him, Joko remains one of the biggest and best.

Brian – small guy, 5’4″, big down where it matters, like Luke, he shoves, slows down, tears the walls and hits the roof.

Carlo- Good twinky looks (he’s barely 19) great top.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 10.06.18




A class their own 05960376029

I haven’t encountered anyone who hasn’t been satisfied with Gerald or Jheff. These are the types of therapists who, from the very beginning never relied solely on their good looks. Gerald is artista level: good looks, incredibly great skin (some people are just genetically gifted – low maintenance super clear skin – he’s one, looking flawless always). Upon the other hand, Jheff, who worked in construction, masonry and roofing has that uber rugged quality where the good looks are still very much evident.

They’re very good. One time, after a supremely relaxing massage, Jheff whispered. “Ser  i rape kita” and without my consent proceeded to ravage me in one of the most erotic role playing things I’ve ever experienced. An incredibly great top, imagine when he forces himself upon you, entering without warning and coming in and out for almost half an jour in different positions the macho good looking constru who fulfills your most dangerous fantasies. One time we were going up the stairs of another spa towards the second floor cubicles when he kissed me torridly on the stairs, there and then. Paliligayahin kita, akong bahala. He did.  I was happy, afterwards, but sore for days. (Below: Jheff; Last picture Jheff and Yuri)

I got Gerald in a line up with such top therapists as Ian, Jake, etc. Though I liked Ian, he looked suplado at that time (He isn’t) so I chose  Gerald because of his bushy hair on his upper body that’s so nice to lick. Gerald is an amazing kisser and is huge with a capital H . He, is very intuitive and ressuringly non threatening in spite of his great looks. Napaka sorbrang bait. The first time I gave Gerald a 10/10. He still is a 10/10 – or even better.

Chad definitely belongs to a class all his own because he is one of Albury’s certified stars. A moreno wonder with a very proportionate body and excellent client skills he has a strong and loyal client base and a day never passes that he’s not busy with his regulars. Read about him below.

Here comes Carlo by reader Jeric

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 10.06.18


Karlo looked very twinkie-cute when I entered Albury Spa. He was seated on the sofa facing the entrance and he greeted me with a polite smile. A beautiful face, lanky and moreno. I liked him immediately when I saw him and asked Rowel:

“Ilang taon yan?”

Rowell: “19 po.”


Rowell: Sobrang galing sa kissing, Romansa, Daks. Sobrang daks. Botto’s delight yan sa sobrang laki. (I winced at the use of sobra, sobra)

I was in the spa to get Lance (another story) but my friend, who came with me whispered : “Kunin mo yan, nakuha ko dati sa  Essensa Spa yan, titirik ang mata mo sa sarap.” I had called Lance earlier, however, and didn’t want to disappoint the guy. Lance was tried and tested good, so I passed.

Kuripot sa comments ang kaibigan ko, so heaping this praises on a therapist was atypical for him. I haven’t had Karlo yet. Another day. Too many men, but I’m looking forward to getting him. I heard about Karlo from two others who got him, and the praise was consistent.

David 09651750365

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 13.40.42

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 08.07.26

Maynard brought along his new gym buddy, David when I treated Ian, Aries and their Bulacan group to dinner in Morato (above) over a week ago .

David turned out to be my BIG surprise of the night. After  dinner, I secretly asked Maynard : ” Puwede ba yang kaibigan mo?”. Oo naman, Maynard said, dahan dahan k lang ha, baguhan yan, hehe.

When we were in the room, I asked David, “ok lang pahalik?”

David gave me the softest kiss I could remember. Wonderful lips, soft, sweet tasting, he smelled incredibly good. In bed, David varied his kisses, an incredibly great kisser, he responded intuitively and kissed softly, slightly open mouth, I could smell the sweet breath,   as he took out my breath. It went on and on, and, as we progressed the kisses became deeper,  more intense  harder and deeper. I was literally out breath. David looked into my eyes and kissed, and kissed and kissed. He didn’t have to be told. David responded according to the signals that I gave.   When I pressed my lips harder, the kisses  became more torrid. ( Dami sigurong na pa enjoy na chicks sa kaniya, this was a master kisser, I thought).

At the same time, Davids hands began stroking my body, resting on the nips, traveling the sides downward. The kissing was awesome, tightened by the tingling, wonderful sensation of his hands working my chest and the sides of my body. I was stone hard and awed. I was in a state near the zenith of pure happiness. Unlike man, David doesn’t take his eyes off you, his eyes were open as we kissed, his eyes stared directly towards yours when he plants a kiss, rarely closing them. I felt like melting under those wonderful stares.

In time David’s lips travelled my body his lips circling my nips, mouth suctioning the areola, teeth teasing and biting gently, sending a thousand and one sensations. I’ve known sexual nirvana. This was beyond that.

Soon I was sucking his dick. His member was smooth, fair and was flawless. As it grew, I felt a little difficulty going all the way downward. David has the most wonderful balls. I took them in, sucking, teasing, alternately going back to his shaft. As I repetitiously took his dick up and down, up and down I could feel the intensity of his hardness I was gagging, catching my breath. I was all his, he was all mine, that’s the way this wonderful young chap made me feel.

Ser, may dala kang condom? David asked.

To be continued



Maynard’s Return (09057000015)

I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about Maynard since his return. I was attracted to Maynard the first time I saw his picture in Ian’s FB page and asked Ian about him. Sagot in Ian:” May  asawa yan at ang pagkakaalam ko po, hindi namamakla yan.” So that was that. My attraction to Maynard was, apart from the youngish, cute and Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.39.40handsome, face, he had a great, gym-buffed bod. Ian knew about my crush on Maynard, all the while that he was living with me. One night, Ian had returned from Bulacan, I was in bed reading a book when he came inside the room with a twink of his eyes and said “may surprise ako sa yo” smiling. In came Maynard, my fantasy about to be fulfilled.

(Maynard around the first time I met him, left)

In person, Maynard looked even better. Great lips (he doesn’t smoke), great eyes and an awesome bod, just like I imagined him to be. After the usual niceties, Ian left the room. Maynard took off his shirt as my eyes began to widen and declared, with a grin: “Relax lang po kayo, among bahala”

Maynard stared at me then gave me a loooong chasteful and sweet  kiss. I began opening my mouth a bit putting in just a smallish part of the tip of my tongue into his mouth. I can still remember how sweet his saliva was and his breath was almost pure, like a baby. The tip of his tongue touched my tongue, just so as our kissing became more intense and intense. Maynard didn’t close his eyes as he looked into mine. I swear, I could almost melt. (Hmmm, better than Ian, I thought, hindi ito bahuhan)

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.38.33


After several minutes, Maynard lips grazed my neck, gently traveling downward as he found my left nip. The left nip is my best ergogenic zone and I was really throbbing with hardness by now. All this while my hands were groping his hard body, hard, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.38.02defined gym-developed muscles. That felt great! Maynard kissed me again, alternating between soft, sweet tentative smacks and torrid semi-wet French kissing. My state of arousal was intense. I suppressed the urge to come right there and then. I wasted sex

with my ultimate crush at that time not to last. Soon, I was licking his hard bod grateful at the chance to kiss, feel and lick his developed abdominals – 6 in all and complete – thinking in wonderment at the sacrifice he made to build that awesomely toned body. My hands travelled down to his crotch as I groped his dick to see if I could make him hard from outside his briefs. His dick began to stir, and soon I had him all in my mouth. Licking, swelling and kissing his member. My tongue played with Maynard’s balls. His crotch smelled great as I alternately took his balls into my mouth.


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 09.33.06

To be continued


Chad’s back 09367795006; 09560376029; 09185109203




Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 09.22.00

09367795006 Chad

I earlier wrote that Chad is one of the most reliable and dependable therapists I’ve ever had, and I suppose others will agree with me because Chad has the most repeat clients at the spa where he works, Albury. Chad is dependable in his area, delivers an awesome relaxing massage and works wonders when it comes to ES, sobrang galing ng romansa, reminds me of Ian and Maynard at their very best.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.58.52

Chad in dark olive sando 09367795006

Napapa “I love you ka ba sa masseur?” 09560376029; 09185109203

Alvin- one of the best kissers I’ve had in the past two years- and I were kissing passionately. His lips were soft like throw pillows and we had gone from soft, tentative kissing to something more active. I had poked my tongue a bit – just a bit into his mouth and were were really making out. His breath was wonderful and the oh-so-small amount of saliva that I tasted was wonderfully sweet, like a baby she kisses were long, passionate and hard when I blurted “Alvin I love you” at the height of libog. He stared at my eyes, a bit amused and said “I love you too ser”

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.10.30

Alvin 09560376029; 09185109203

Sometimes that’s the response, sometimes its a whisper you barely hear – or no response at all – the masseur doesn’t know – if you’re really serious. I’m not and I explain later- as I did to Alvin: “Alvin, yung I love you kanina, libog lang yon, a” Alvin chuckled, Ser, wala yon, ok lang, and pressed my hand.

The situation can be sometimes embarrassing to both of you. The 8masseur does not know if you’re serious and keeps quiet and you want a response as part of  the internalized fantasy you’re playing in you’re head which heightens horniness and might be a key to coming (labasan) and total enjoyment. When the masseur hesitates, I sometimes say, kunwari lang, sabihin mo din “I love you“. Most do, but some are too freaked out to say anything. Marami, sasakay na lang. I like these types. Sex with a heterosexual is completely role playing thing. To be good and effective the experienced therapist knows how to play the game to the hilt, except that some would be too embarrassed and definitely freaked out when you request them to hurt you. Sampalin mo ako! (a light tap) Sige! Sampalin mo ako (a respectful slap) lakasan moh! PAK! Ang lakas naman! wag ganon! (LOL).

Jheff is an effective role – play rapist. Yuri is the best phone sex guy out there. I heard him many times with his many GF’s (Isasampal ko tong titi mo sa mukha mo! Gusto mo imaged ko tong titi ko sa likod mo na walang padulas? In reality, however, Yuri is one of the nicest and most responsible guys I’ve met. He’s a great role player and a great kisser.Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 13.37.21.png

Speaking of kissing, I rank Alvin as one of the best I’ve ever had. Sobrang tama ang timpla (calibration), the variations and intuitiveness are perfect. Alvin responds from your silent cues, the way you kiss, the tightness of his embrace, how you touch his body or cup his head. Otherwise stated he gives one of the best romansas this side of town. His lips graze, kiss and lick your body. The most thrilling I’ve had with Alvin where when his lips acted like suction cups, tickling me in unexpected, extremely erogenous spots.

The best thing is when you yourself  get to graze, kiss or lick his flawless body. Alvin is fair skinned and flawless with pinkish red lips and nips. He has a boyish charm  and he is exceptionally sexy-good-looking. Worshiping that flawlessness, licking his bod, and kissing arguably the best kisser now around. It is almost foregone at some point that you would blurt out: “I love you Alvin!” 09560376029; 09185109203

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.12.44



David 09651750365.

The pictures here do not give justice to who David is, at least physically. Though he looks good and terribly desirable in the pictures he’s far better looking in person.  He’s the type of guy you’ll turn your head around, without thinking – almost instinctively. He gives the impression that he smells good, and that he’s a nice guy to be with.  He’s the kind of person where people would  comment and say: “Ang bait naman kasi nitong is David…”

Maynard had brought him with him, that evening, I texted Maynard and he came over immediately. Every time I would see Maynard the past months, my eyes would widen at how his body gets better and better and the feeling of stone hard flexed muscles has an incredible thrill to it. Lying beside him, caressing his chest or feeling his biceps is such an awesome experience you sometimes yearn for those muscles.

We were having dinner. Maynard graduated last year from culinary school. The food was great, but I was distracted and quite embarrassed that I unintentionally was making stolen glances at David, Maynard’s friend. Seated beside me, he whispered: “Sir, kung gusto mo, siya na lang, ok lang naman sa akin.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 09.12.06

David (right) 09651750365. Taken yesterday, with Maynard right)

“Magaling ba?” “Magaling sir, pero di masyadong magaling sa masahe, kasi baguhan. Subukan mo.”

As we proceeded my room, there was something in David’s manners that had put me at ease. David has a soft baritone voice and a way of speaking that’s soothing and reassuring. At the same time, he gives you the feeling that he’s in charge.

Akong bahala sa yo.” His eyes would say.

In time we were kissing in my room while Maynard busied himself with the desktop in my study. David has soft full  lips and they press like pillows. His eyes are Ian-like chinito, deep and probing.

The kisses were wonderful and his mouth was sweet, David kissed my cheeks, the tip of my nose, my jaws, my neck,  at the same time caressing my nips with his hands. I began taking off his tee and he took that as a cue to take off all of his clothes.. His body was flawless and he had the most likable discs, pinkish red on his fair skin. Soon, David came downward from my neck as his tongue  circled my nips, biting them intermittently. I got harder and harder as my hands began to play with his big dick. As he travelled my body, I remembered Ian and Maynard and how good it was with them the first time. David is very intuitive, while others close their eyes as they kiss you or explore your body David looked straight into my eyes as he began each kiss. I felt no embarrassment, only joy. David knew by instinct how to time and vary his kisses between soft and urgent.

My mouth began to explore his flaccid dick. As my open mouth descended slowly into his tool I could feel him growing inside. In a while he was hard, rock hard. As my mouth entered, David cupped my head and guided it towards his hard member. Those guiding hands became thrustors and he began shove my head dep into the base of his penis.I wanted to gag but he was merciless. I thought he would come but just as I thought he would explode inside my mouth. He said, “Sir, ipasok natin, kantutin kita.”

To be continued