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  1. Hello Caloy!

    Im such a big follower! Could get your email address so I could directly course my queries to you?

    You see, Im new to this. Very straight till I felt the curiosity quite recently. Just think you’d be the best person to seek advice, info, etc.

    Thank you in advance!


  2. Hi Caloy,
    Have been reading and following your updates on your blog. Would you be able to reco some MPs (with the added carnal delights of an ES) or some masahistas in Cebu (not the super expensive ones, pref P1k lang sana). Hope you can help – do email me.

  3. Hi Caloy

    I always look forward to your posts here. However, I notice that you’ve ‘sanitized’ the site. What has happened to all masseur recos?

  4. Hi Caloy,

    I have reading with interest your comments and feedback on the massuers you’ve tried and the massage places you’ve been to. I have saved Cedric’s number and will be calling him soon…

    I am planning to go to Bangkok this June and would like to try the massage places you recommended, particularly Albury and one other place. I was trying to go to your previous posts but could not find those posts again. Buti na lang nga, na-i-save ko yung kay Cedri kasi nawala na rin yung posts na yun.

    Anyway, hope you can respond to my quesry, including na rin your recommended hotel/s.



    1. Ronald,

      If you want a Boracay-like atmosphere, I suggest you stay near Khao Sanh Road. Khao Sanh had a bad rap for being the traditional backpackers haven but in the past 10 years, a lot of good hotels have sprouted in the area. The best to me, because of convenience (its right beside the ferry that takes you to the BTS station and to most major parts of Bangkok) is the Navalai Hotel, a boutique hotel that has a great atmosphere because many of its rooms are in front of the scenic Chao Praya River. Near Khao Sanh, you can also try Sleepwithinn (both their websites can be accessed in the internet). Make sure to make reservations. If you happen to want to go shopping on a weekend at Chatuchack Market the Number 3 bus to Chatuchack. Albury has a website in the net (Albury Bangkok) and so does Hero, and Senso. You can also go to Babylon, which is a sauna, bar, etc…if thats your trip.



  5. Thanks Caloy. This is very helpful. Will try to research some more based on your recommendation.

    Thanks again…


  6. hi caloy,

    what happened to your other blogs …:( theyre gone. were you refering to aaron james on your last post?

  7. Hi Caloy,

    I’ve followed a forum about Macmac and I’m curious. Unfortunately I read the thread a bit late and di not see the pcitures of Macmac that you posted here. Would you be kind enough to email it to me- raykin1221@yahoo.com. Thanks.


  8. hi there. i wanna ask your recommendation if you can email private #’s of gay for pay guys in the Philippines. im visiting my relatives . thanks

  9. Hi Caloy,

    Happy Holidays!! I have read almost everything you published in your blog. I find this blog informative and really really helpful. I have hired masseurs only twice it is because most of them are kinda pricey and at the same time as what you have said it is like a “hit or miss” process. I would like to ask for any recommendations for masseurs that are worth a penny? If you could also kindly provide me with their contact numbers I would really really appreciate it. Keep up the good work and more power to you. =)

    Thank you,

  10. Hi caloy, just chanced upon your site by chance. It is great! Could not stop reading. I was wondering of there are photos of JR on the site? And like the others, I was wondering if you can share the numbers of JR, Carlo/jay, and the bikini regular? Please? Email is jng123ster@gmail.com. Also do you know if MJ of magic touch is still active? Thanks, thanks! Dan

  11. hi caloy. i am interested in JR. from this site, i had macmac before, yung pinag usapan last year…

  12. I chanced upon your site when i googled “gay spa blogs”… i am very new to this… at mid 30s, i guess you can call me a late bloomer… i mean to ask some questions… like how to safely start doing the rounds at spas and stuff… i hope we can email or chat… many thanks… i do not mean to intrude, i surmise you are very busy… thanks again for your well worded and grammatically sound blogs…

    1. Thank’s for your note. I always play safe, and by safe, I mean safety in terms of security and health. The spas to a certain degree make me feel a bit safe from anything possibly that a masseur might do to me. However, there’s no absolute guarantee. As a rule of the thumb avoid outcalls unless you’ve taken extra precautions to ensure your personal safety. There have been tragic incidents in the past. Health wise, check my note to Allan.

  13. Hi Caloy,

    How can I be able to email you regarding my 1st experience with one of the Albury Masseurs?


  14. hi caloy, matagal na akong reader ng blog mo then discovered FRC. bat ang daming galit or against sa iyo dun e ganun din naman ginagawa nila.

    1. Di ko nga nababasa yung tungkol sa akin, pero naririnig ko mga 3 years ko nang naririnig yan. Ok lang, live and let live. Thanks for the info.

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