Sekyu sa Baguio 2

The scent of mustiness on a body that had not taken a bath for a day during his tour of duty was evident, but not strong. It smelled great as he continued to kiss and lick my upper body. He kissed me again on the mouth and as I tried to out my tongue, he opened his mouth a bit, letting the tip of his tongue out. The kissing got stronger, angrier, wetter. His mouth smelled sweet, pleasant. His lips were soft.

Soon his right hand was fumbling something downwards while he was kissing me. He had unzipped his pants and got up, standing beside the bed. His dick was out, pulsating, the veins stood out along the sides of his huge shaft. The dickhead was huge, red, like a mushroom. The cock was long and fat.

“Chupaen nak.” he ordered.

I started licking the shaft but before I noticed, he had his hand on the back of my head. “Wag ganiyan, ganito!” He shoved his dick strongly,  completely inside my mouth. I gagged and teared,  reeling to catch my breath, but he was unmercifully commanding.

As I tried to catch some air, he shoved my head further, but this time, his hands were pulling my hair, using them to guide my head towards his throbbing dick. Each time, I gagged. I thought I might not be able to take it. The sensation was like one being strangled. I was gasping for air, tearing.

Perversely, through this all, I was  enjoying it. My mouth had stretched to its limits and there was this rod ramming inside my mouth for an interminable length of time. In and out, shoving inside. I was like a rag doll.  The stuff of dreams and fantasies.

Lalabasan na yata ako!  Pulling his dick completely out. I sat, catching my breath. He was brooding over me,  hard dick at face level.

Ba’t ka huminto? I asked

Kantutin kita, diyan sa loob mo ako magpapalabas. He raised me up, kissed me strongly and ordered me to turn, leading me towards the hotel room mirror.

All this while, he was still in uniform.

To be continued.

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