the best top

  1. Jay R (freelance) – JR  has the fattest and the second longest. The girth taken
    Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.30.36 AM
    Jay R The Best

    with the awesome length, makes for an awesome and experience unforgetfull experience. JR is a torpedo, a ram a jackhammer in activity. By the third round you’re terribly exhausted and full and the fullness gets more and more felt inside as he rams it  and shoves it completely. He gets really, really bakal-hard.  Napakasakit, Kuya Eddie, per di mapigilan, masarap kasi. Sobra. (Photo of Jay R , right was taken several years ago. Jay R has gained weight)

  2. Mars (freelance) – Mar is as long as Jay-R  but with a few millimetres less of girth. But that, alone, for newbies, is scary. mars can do three rounds, or more of an awesome session.
  3. James (Essensa) – James is the longest with a girth equal to Mars. To see is to believe. He’s been a bit scarce these days.
  4. Kevin 19 (Korean run spa along Shaw Blvd.), very young and terribly good too, as huge as Mars, with less experience but dangerous for virgins. He works in one of those spas with bot some and men along Shaw Blvd.
  5. Jam (Albury) – a curved hard fat one. Throbbing. Great Over all.

  6. Yuri (Albury), flawless light skinned member, red throbbing head, long and hard. Best over all experience. Including kissing, romans, etc.
  7. Joko (Essensa) – in terms of activity, almost like Jay R.
  8. Jheff (Albury) – Gusto mo yung feeling na pinilit ka? Yung buong buo and pagkapasok at na-istretch ng husto yung kwan mo? Na iikaika ka? Yan ang experience kay Jheff sa sobrang galing niya.
  9. Aries – Flawless, masarap ang pagka angas ng kaunti, masayahin, mabait, certified lalake, malaki. Di makakalimutan.
  10. Joshua – of Lakan Spa. Huge, but needs supplements to get it up. Without the viagra like supplements, its flaccid.

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    1. Unfortunately not. Since he began working with the Korean owned spa in Shaw, he’s been inaccessible. Even his live in partner couldn’t get to him. I found that mysterious.

          1. Hi Sir Caloy. Is Spa2go in EDSA (end ng Kamuning)? Is it the same Korean run spa along Shaw Blvd. where Kevin works?

              1. Thank you, Sir! Tried to call the Korean owned spa along Kamuning pero wala na nga daw si Kevin dun. Will try if he’s in there Shaw Blvd. branch.

            1. Yes, Korean-owned spa. Not Korean spa. Never been there. I saw kevin last sa spa2go sa communing corner EdSA, hinahanap ng asawa niya noon.

    1. My experience, Chubbylicious, was months ago. He is a great top. With his huge and thick and long tool, the experience with him was truly and awesomely tiring because he almost has inexhaustible energy. he begins by touching the lips of one’s behind with his dick head, which progresses to small, short thrusts, the, without warning, when he senses your hole is ready, he goes into one sudden thrust- all the way. Even with this, it can be painful. After that one sudden thrust which hits your upper wall, he stays there unmoving so you can feel the length, thickness and fullness of his dick…oh, that’s awesome, the sensation of fullness! That’s the start. He begins making full kadyot, fully inside, fully outside, entering completely and getting out completely in quick thrusts, like a sledge hammer. He positions himself so that the dick head touches the sides of the right (or left) wall, then goes to the other wall- kinakalcal. He’s a bundle of energy: thrusting, scraping, helicoptering, etc., etc. That’s the full sensation. However, I’ve heard stories about him lately, like you said. Sayang naman, because if he’s ganado, magaling sobra talaga.

    1. I heard that too, chubbylicious, something’s gone to his head, and that’s unfortunate, nun ago pa yan, super na, but I’ve been hearing from managers that he’s been difficult. With the right moolah, I heard, he performs up to expectations naman, perl pricey na raw masyado.

      1. Kaya nga po. Ive been reviewing blogs and frc pero wala nkong nakitang magandang feedback from him. Either mapili sya o tatagain ka for better performance. Syang talaga. Thanks caloy for the feedback and the response 😊

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