Sekyu sa Baguio

Two weeks ago, late afternoon, I took a walk down from my hotel inside John Hay and ended up at the back entrance of JHAB where John Hay meets the Baguio Country Club. ,  Nearing Outlook Drive,it began to shower, so I took refuge at the guard outpost of a construction site at a nearby. I didn’t bring an umbrella, I thought it wouldn’t rain.  I noticed the guard and approached.

Ok lang bang makisilong dito? I asked

Ok lang po. He answered.

I noticed he was fairly tall. When he stood, I noticed that his muscled body rippled through his tight uniform. He wasn’t conventionally good looking – not bad either – but he was exceptionally  malakas ang dating. The lakes was augmented by his uniform, tight all the way.  Medio maangas ang sound ng boses pero, as I inquired about the place, he seemed mabait. I liked the edge of his baritone.

Diyan ho ba kayo sa Country Club?  He inquired. may kapatid among waiter diyan.

Hindi, sa John Hay, idta Forest Lodge ta ngato.

Ay, Ilokano kayo gayam manong. 

Haan, pero nakakaintindi ako. Basit laeng. I said. Nag trabaho ak idi dita La Union

Kasama po niyo Family ninyo? He asked.

Hindi, I said wala akong asawa. Ikaw, tiga dito ka ba sa Baguio.? 

Sa baba po ako galing, sa Rosario. He answered.

Pero dito na ba ang pamilya mo?

Sa Rosario po, bumababa lang po ako pag dalawan sunod ang off ko. Mahirap maghanap ng trabaho sa Rosario. 

Soon the conversation turned towards personal matters, to cut the story short towards.

Apay nga haaan kayo nga nagasawa manong? He asked, and I wasn’t sure if it was out of curiosity,  or if he actually meant something. I kept on staring at him, he had a very strong face, the most kissable lips, not artista or boy-next-door handsome but a strong face. May K, may angas, sorbing lakas ang dating. I thought he noticed.

May girlfriend ka ba dito sa Baguio? I asked. Wala po. He replied.

Bakit naman, I asked, guapo ka naman, malaki pa ang katawan mo. Sayang naman yan, looking at his crotch. I was getting bolder. Siguro dakel dayta.  He smiled knowingly. Kung girlfriend po, wala, pero kung fling-fling lang, marami rami po, di maiwasan, lalake tayo. He said. Pati nga sa bading nagka experience na ako dito sa Baguio.

My eyes widened in genuine surprise at the boldness of the last statement. This was an invitation, or was it?  I thought.I had the same experience with an honestly frank sekyu at the now closed Bacolod Convention Centre during a convention years ago.

Talaga? I asked. Ano ba ang ginagawa niyo ng bading?

Wala lang po, kung ano ang ginagawa ko sa baba po?, Chinuchupa ako, kinakantot ko. There was an impish glint in his eye.

Bakit po niyo natanong?

Dakel dayta (malaki ba yan)? I asked.

Ganoon po ang sinasabi ng iba. Yung mga babae, nahihirapan dumudugo. He said matter-of-factly without sounding boastful. It was begining to get dark. Tumangtanken daytoy buto kon iti istoryahan tayo.  

Chupaen ka no kayat mo? Ok lang ba? Anong oras ka matatapos?

Patapos na po. Magkano naman po ang ibibigay mo, manong.

I told him. He asked for a little more. We had a deal.

He said was he getting off in 15 minutes.  He needed to change first. I asked him if he could bring his uniform anyway.  We agreed to meet at the benches at the junction of Baguio Country Club and John Hay where there were a few sari sari stores. During the day, there were horses for hire here too, like Wright Park. Light had fallen and it was turning chilly. The drizzle, earlier had stopped.

The fifteen minutes were an eternity. Many times, guys like this did not show up, or changed their mind. Ser, papunta na ako diyan, he texted. Soon I saw him walking towards me.  In his tee shirt, his muscles rippled. he wore the same security guard issue blue pants and the same rounded black shoes, he was even sexier.

We were soon in my room at the hotel. I requested him to put back on his SG shirt. He suggested to take a shower but I requested not yet. Gusto ko yung amoy mong ganiyan na galing sa trabajo. I said.

Trip mo pala, ser. He laughed.Gganiyan din yung isa dati, gusto nakauniporme ako.

I secured the door and asked if I could hug him. We hugged tightly. I could smell his musty, sexy scent. I kissed him on the cheek.

Eto see, gusto mo? He kissed me on the lips.

Pahinga po muna ako ser. Mamaya, bahala ako sa yo, he said assuredly. I offered him a soda from the hotel ref and asked if he was hungry.

We ordered room service as he was obviously famished. I was so excited I could barely eat.

After dinner and a bit of watching TV, he was rested enough to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth. I asked him not to take off his uniform. As he was gargling I hugged him from the back tightly, smelling him. He took the hand towel, wiped his mouth and kissed me, smiling. Di ka makahintay, ser ah.  I began feeling his crotch as he kissed me. We skipped the niceties, I mean, the soft, tentative kissing part. Our kissing was wild and urgent. Our tongues clashed. His kisses were sweet.

I unbuttoned the top of his shirt licking the lower part of the neck.

May x rated ba dito? he asked. The “ser” was gone.

There was nothing on the hotel TV,  but a lot of porn on my laptop. After he selected what he wanted, we began kissing on the bed again. The laptop was beside him on his left. He was in command, taking off my shirt as he began licking my nips. The guy on the screen had just unbuttoned the girl’s blouse as he began nibbling the girl’s tits. Once in a while, my sekyu glanced at the screen.

I could feel his super hard member trying to burst out of his pants. It felt thick and long. I tried to unbutton his pants, but he stopped me. Mamaya pa, he said, sternly,  taking off my hands from his crotch area. He led both of my hands upward above my head and kept them steady with his strong hands. He was nibbling my breasts, licking, sucking. I wanted to touch him but I couldn’t move, he was on top of me in full uniform.

To be continued






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