Jem’s Story

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Chad dropped by the house of my friend Jem last Weekend. It was raining and Jem had called for  take out. The deluge of rain had conked the electricity and the air conditioning was  off.  There was a small solar-powered fan.

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Chad was comfortable around Jem’s house. He’s been at Jem’s before, not once, several times. Chad was Jem’s regular therapist. Not minding the heat, Chad stripped down  to his boxers.

Chad has an exceptionally proportionate  body that has everything in the right places and one is treated to a wonderful view of nature’s exceptional work in the young friendly moreno guy. He’s one of the most in demand in the spa where he works. One feels comfortable and reassured around him.

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In the room, relaxed and comfortable, Chad shed his normal reserved demeanor. With friends, he has an easy smile and laugh, and it is natural. He’s like that usually. Not hard to like the guy. While it was steamy-hot, Chad began his massage. Jem, however,  said mainit masyado, huwag na yan, Chad.

Something else was making Jem hot.

Chad then began horsing around and teasing,  and Jem noticed that the crotch was unusually bigger, fuller.   Jem could not resist touching it, sniffing it. In no time, Chad’s crotch was in Jem’s face and his hard-on had grown,  Jem was breathing heavily and tried to taste Chad’s crotch lowering the boxer. He  began nibbling the sides of Chad’s dick, letting his tongue travel towards the belly button.   He kissed the area below Chad’s navel.

Jem’s  lips kissed the flawless  light moreno body where  sweat began to build. That it smelled musty, masculine, great, increased the feeling of urgency.  The sweat was salty-sweet, raising thoughts of Jem’s favourite, salted caramel. Jem’s tongue was soon on Chad’s nips as it circled those wondrous reddish discs. They were hot and perspiring, their bodies sliding in sweat.

Next, Chad raised Jem to face level and kissed Jem oh-so-lightly on  his soft  lips. Chad’s full, incredibly formed lips, like soft tiny pads are great for kissing, and here,  they were kissing softly, tenderly.

Jem teased his tongue through the gap between Chad’s lips and his saliva tasted sweet and wonderful. The intensity grew,  never mind the rising heat and the profuse sweating. They were kissing longer,  harder, as streams of perspiration fell from each other’s foreheads. Jem’s hands traveled Chad’s arms, his slippery back, the rear of his head, now wet. This steamy encounter was something Jem had to make sure  would last long.

Then the doorbell rang. The  delivery arrived. Chad planted a kiss, put on his shorts and went outside to get  the delivered lunch from the maid who was in the foyer carrying the package.

The lights came on. The airconditioners came into life. The rush of air seemed heaven-sent.

Jem sat at the edge of the bed, wiping his sweat, Gutom ka na ba? ligo tayo, he suggested, basang basa yung bedsheet, papapalitan ko habang naliligo tayo.

To be continued

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