Wow, super galing!

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I got this therapist from Eaglenest the other day. He’s very young –  19 years old – but what made him stand out to me were his dusky moreno looks and his height – almost six feet. His name is Ken. He is far more kayumanggi handsome than the picture would show. Ken’s facial angularity is great, imperfectly perfect, and in person, he stands out on you: color, a great aquiline nose, wonderfully soft,  full lips. He’s a bit lanky, but a few pounds will make  him unavoidably a true standout.

And oh!, those lips. At such a young age and newness in the spa circuit (he’s at Eaglenest  at 43 Kamias he puts to shame a lot of experienced masseurs. He kisses and romansas exceptionally well. Tirik-mata well.

Ask him to do an erotic massage on your upper back from behind. The tickling experience makes you liyad-to- the fullest, you’ll havE to bite the pillow to stand it.

Simply an exhilarating, erotic and unforgettable experience. Prodigous, almost.


There was a big line up over at Essensa at Kamias, and in that line up of good looking guys, Jojo and Joko stood out. Joko is huge and is prodigous as a top, you’ll never forget your experience with him. When it comes to overall performance, Jojo, Kelvin’s brother stands out. He’s great looking. Joko is on the Left, Jojo, Right


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    1. The guy in the article is Ken of Eaglenest. I forgot his name but got it when I went there again. He stands out in person, dusky moreno.

    1. Sorry Kalel, I just found this button though by accident and found the comments. Just responded to your other comment. Thanks to your posts. Again, my fault.

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