Sarap ng Angas 09266581730

Louie of Essensa

Kung may isang lalaki na napakalakas ang angas, pero pag nakilala mo, napaka bait, yan si Louie.

Louie walks with an obvious swagger, tall, young, really good looking and confidently lalaki. It is not posturing, that’s just natural Louie, and definitely, I like his swagger, makes him very sexy for a young man. Its reassuring.

Louie is a very responsible guy. From his Nature’s Green days (He’s now with Essensa) he plunked his earnings to putting up a small house in Malabon. It’s modest, clean, quite nice but it’s the result of work. Now he’s putting up another for his paupahan. For someone so young I’m amaze at his sense of responsibility. He’s hot just sitting on his butt or where he is now but he doesn’t just rest on what he has now. Apparently, the young mn is a responsible family man.

He has awshucks good looks (I don’t know who posted his picture, but his tattoos were edited out) but he looks really good here. he would have been very clean cut sans tattoos.

He is great overall and very much in demand. The ES that he gives is wonderfully erotic and great.

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