I was invited to a spa’s annual summer outing at a beach in the North. I thought I would Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.53.17 AMjust be with their usual group of therapists, but some had brought their “tropa” along” and there were about three hot looking guys who were new to the group. One of them was Kenneth a BS Tourism varsity scholar at a college in QC. Ken was 6’1″ tall and had clear moreno skin, very proportionate body to go with his light moreno good looks. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and he probably noticed. His tropa therapist friend who brought him said, sir, puwede yan. Ipapasok ko nga sa Albury.

Our first day was unremarkable, swimming, eating and drinking. After a few drinks, I went up to my room feeling sleepy. The spa management got three suites. I was assigned to a mezzanine of one suite where I could have a bit of privacy. Opening the room, to my surprise, I found Ken in one of the beds, in his swim shorts watching cable TV.

Ken was apologetic. His face was flushed. He said, madali po akong malasing, ser, kaya umakyat na ako. I could not take off my eyes from his bod. The pubic hairs were bursting out from the tight trunks. Apparently, even in its flaccid state, he and a big sized tool.

He motioned me to sit by the bed beside his, upo kayo dito, smiling. I don’t know if it was just my imagination, but there was an impishness to Ken’s smile. As we spoke, I learned that he was a varsity player in his school. After small talk about basketball, I steered Ken towards girls.

Siguro marami ka nang nakantot sa mga babaeng umaaligid ligid sa team ninyo. I said.

Hindi po maiwasan yon, natural lang po yon. He said.

Our conversation turned toward his first conquest as a basketball player (sa high school po namin, pareho kaming 15 nun, kapapanalo namin, naglasing ang tropa. Naglaplapan po kami sa isang tabi, tapos, yon na.”)

Ano yung yon?

Kinantot ko na po. Ken said

Ganoon? Bigla bigla? I asked

Siyempre, halikan, laplapan, tapos hinawakan ko yung suso niya.

Di pumalag?

Hindi po. Alam ko namang crush niya ako, saka nadale na siya ng isang katropa ko na dati.


Yun po, hinubaran ko na, hinimas ko yung utong hanggang bumaba ang mga kamay ko.

I was getting hard. He continued. Pinasok ko po yung kamay at sinalat salat ko yung puki niya. He said.

Anong reaction niya?, I asked. Ummungol po, nasasarapan, basa. Kinantot ko na po.

Ken excused himself to go to the bathroom. I noticed that our conversation turned his flaccid tool into a hard on. Hindi ko alam kong napansin ba nya ako na nakatitig sa bukol nya.

I could hear him urinating. The bathroom’s door was ajar. I followed and opened the door. Ken was just making pagpag his tool. He seemed embarrassed at its hardness and said. Sorry po, nakakalibog yung pinaguusapan natin.

Ang laki niyan. I said. Ken made no effort to turn around. I touched his hard tool ang began stroking. The tool grew harder and harder. Chupain mo ser. He said. I sat on the toilet seat and began licking his dickhead, just his dickhead, swirling my tongue on its silky red surface, playing with his dick hole. Then I began sucking, coming down half his shaft. I felt his hands guide my head.

Lock natin yung pinto, he said. He took off his trunks.

I continued sucking. It was a long dick (hanggang pusod po) and I had a bit of difficulty swallowing it whole. Actually, unang pasok plang ng titi nya sa bunganga ko, napaungol agad sya.

Knina pa akong libog na libog dito ser”.. knina ko pa binabalak mag jakol pero bigla kang pumasok. Sabi ni Andrei kanina, gusto mo ako, kaya nung pumasok ka, inaantay ko lang na bumigay ka.. sabi ni Ken na paungol ungol habang cnasabi ang mga yun…

Kens toes were hyperextended as I sucked him.

ah ah ah ah ah ah. Ken’s breaths got deeper. I was into sucking him for over ten minutes. He was almost shoving my head towards his groin. I got faster, and faster, and faster

lalabasan na ako, ser, kung itutuloy mo pa yaaan”,

“yan na. ndi ko na mapigilan”….

I felt something bittersweet and warm bursting inside my mouth. It was a lot. As I tried to move my head away to see it, he shoved me further and he came some more.

Pahinga tayo sa taas. I said. Without responding, ken opened the showere and began soaping himself. I joined him, helping him soap his back. The warm water, after sex, was soothing. After a while, I soaped the cheeks of his but, and the insides of his groin. From the back, I started soaping his dick area. It felt good, but then it got harder and harder again.

ken took the bar of soap from me as he rinsed himself, turned me around and soaped my back. Soon, he was embracing me from behind and his hands travelled to my nips, circling it with soap. He took his right hand away while his left continued soaping mi nips and i could feel him fumbling behind me.

He entered me without warning, shoving his dick hard fully up my hole. The suddenness elicited a stab of real pain.

Kantutin kita, bitin pa ako, he ordered as he began to fuck me. The sudden pain was intense but it gradually gave way to pleasure.

To be continued

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