Beware of Outcall Services

I’ve tried these services only ONCE and I was disappointed, since the guy I got was a far cry from his pictures. He was actually ok except, visually, he did not come up to expectations raised by his obviously-photoshopped pictures.

I wonder if there are those of you who’ve tried the services of these entities and I and other readers, I suppose, would highly appreciate your comments and experiences with these services.

16 thoughts on “Beware of Outcall Services

  1. Caloy, I also started experimenting with the sites you mentioned (Boytoy, Spaquarium, Hottest Boys, etc.) just this year. And I say you should just treat the whole process of hiring as a hit-or-miss game of sorts—don’t take things too seriously. So far, I have NOT yet encountered any masseur (from these for-hire sites) who possesses everything you could ask for in a masseur: looks, physique, massage skill, ES skill, & eloquence. (I’m not particular about huge manhoods–it’s the performance that counts.)

    From Spaquarium & Boytoy:
    1) AWI has the looks (photographs well & looks good in person), gives a great massage & ES. And if you go for big manhoods, his is above-average. But he doesn’t have the physique & claims he doesn’t bottom (though someone told me he will at the right price & with ample persuasion). Good hygiene. Good company.
    2) CHRIS/CHRISTIAN has a ripped physique, gives a great massage & ES; photographs well but has average looks in person & doesn’t have a big manhood. Soft-spoken. Good hygiene. Good company.

    From Hottest Boys:
    3) JUSTIN [formerly of Hafadhi, Revivir & Mondiale] has the looks (photographs well & looks good in person), gives a great massage & ES, but doesn’t bottom & has a rather small manhood, given his bulk, which is more a powerlifter’s physique than a bodybuilder’s….meaning, he’s not ripped. Soft-spoken. Good hygiene. Good company. Might not appeal to guys who like their masseurs young & twinky.
    4) TIM/TIMOTHY photographs well (which was why I hired him), but doesn’t really look that good in person–bad skin & teeth (Caloy, I believe he’s the masseur you’re referring to as a disappointment?). In my case, he delivered a decent massage–I’d rate it an 8. His ES was on the wild side, but I had to tell him outright that I didn’t bottom because he actually tried to do me, the SOB. His facial skin shortcomings aside, generally good hygiene.
    5) ANTON [the masseur who is always photographed with dark sunglasses on] doesn’t have movie-star looks both in his photos & in person. He actually looks like your typical -ER (as in messenger, construction worker, etc.). [Readers of Caloy’s blog: NO condescension meant on my part, so no rebuttals required. Period.]
    Gives a very decent massage….and VERY wild ES, no holds barred. If your fantasy has always been to make out with the family help, the company messenger, or the delivery truck driver, this guy’s for you. Buffed but not gym-ripped physique. Speaks with some sort of a lisp. Rough facial skin. Generally good hygiene. Has a big, raging manhood. Will grope yours while you’re driving (to get you “started”). Is willing to go at it for hours….if you can cope with his libido & if he likes you.
    Good company. Ask me if he bottoms….
    6) CHRISTIAN [the masseur with the dark-set, Indian features & not the Chris I earlier mentioned] photographs well, but looks ordinarily bland in person. He gives a fair massage that needs MUCH improvement. His ES is rather rote & mechanical. He doesn’t bottom. The time I hired him, I detected a very faint body odor emanating from him–nothing serious though. Should work on his physique. Soft-spoken—keeps his silence throughout the massage.
    7) KENT may not appeal to guys who are averse to having “one of their own” do them, but this masseur delivers a decent massage…in his birthday suit. His sexual orientation aside, gives a satisfactory ES but doesn’t bottom (surprised? don’t ask me why). Has an average-sized manhood. Conversant, if you like swapping stories during your massage, but knows when to quiet down. Good hygiene, but doesn’t have a good physique.

    From Spaquarium:
    8) LOUIE [also in the current roster of the Binatang Pinoy Yahoo Group masseurs] photographs well, but looks ordinarily pleasant at best (as opposed to “striking”) & more mature in person. Gives a fairly decent massage & equally satisfactory ES—hetero but does oral. Doesn’t bottom. Conversant. Good company. Good hygiene. His old photographs show a relatively buffed physique, but I was surprised to see that he had packed on much unwanted pounds of late. If you like your masseur robust & slightly flabby, this one’s for you.
    9) YUL [of Boys of Bora] delivers his signature Kamasutra massage with gusto. Body-to-body contact to the max. Good physique, if you’re into muscle-worship. ES is rote & mechanical. Doesn’t converse much.

    From Boytoy:
    10) MACKY photographs well enough (no movie star appeal here), but looks like your ordinary street bum in person. Rather short guy. Nice personality though. Delivers a fairly decent massage & good enough ES. Doesn’t bottom. Above-average sized manhood.
    11) DAVID GARCIA [aka JOHN of Hollywood Spa] appears tall, more mature & haggard in his photos. In person, looks A LOT better, but is just about 5’7″- 5’8. (I just wish he’d remove his tattoos.) He delivers excellent massage, and fantastic ES. Conversant, pleasing personality & good company. Good hygiene. Soft-spoken. Average-sized manhood (strange for an Amerasian). I normally DO NOT recommend masseurs to avoid starting a never-ending debate, but this is one guy who’s worth checking out.
    12) BOYET [formerly of Mondiale, Revivir, Spartacus; known previously as Steve, Ryan, Miko] looks boyish in his photos & does so in person. Unfortunately, he should work on his physique, which has turned flabbier everytime he assumes a new identity. Gives a fair massage that needs improvement. ES is rote & mechanical. Inconsistent with his fee.
    13) MARCO [formerly of Blue Hero; the masseur with the penile implant] photographs well but looks so-so in person. Bad facial skin. Gives a fairly decent massage & ES, but I’ve read many comments from dissatisfied clients. Good physique. Good hygiene. His huge, somewhat deformed, manhood is unnatural—obviously the result of a botched penile enhancement procedure.
    14) ALLAN JAMES is one masseur who lets it all hang out in almost all his photos.
    Doesn’t look striking in person. Gives a fairly decent massage, though not spa-quality. Delivers the massage in his birthday suit & has practically no inhibitions as regards ES. He bottoms. Physique stands improvement. Good hygiene. Nice personality. Tends to give the impression that he’s PLU (he claims he’s not). Very accommodating.

    So Caloy, win some, lose some. Seek until you find the best.

    • I went to the website ng hottest boys, apparently yung Justin doon eh hindi na yung Justin dati ng Revivir. I’ve been trying to search for a way to contact him. Meron ba sa inyong may alam ng number niya or kung nasan na siya ngayon? Please advise, thanks!

  2. i tried a lot of masseur but nobody does it like MarkX. im his regular but then he suddenly disappear in 2004/2005. im still looking for a massage like MarkX!

  3. i totally agree. its the risk we all have to take. even the comments from forums are not dependable. there’s a whole lot of PR pretenders out there.

  4. I am really new here and it is really my wildest dream to meet up a not so popular to popular model or actor… unfortunately i know no “bugaloo or bugaw.” Please help me naman to find contacts of my dream to experience actors or models… pls. text me 09232229555 or email me… salamat po in advance. promise to share my experiences if they do come true….

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