Chris of EaglesNest A true dynamo

I don’t have a picture of Chris, but he was the best looking of the lot when I hied over to EagleNest on Kamias (almost tapat of Metrobank). He looked flawless, had great lips and exuded an unmistankably masculine charm, he stood out.

He isn’t very tall, about 5’6 1/2, but he’s got the body type that I really like, a bit on the stocky side. When he stripped down, his bod was really flawless. Add a great low pitched voice and a great deal of self assuredness and you have a real dynamo of a true man.

But that’s not where he’s a dynamo. His massage was good, about 8/10 but when we turned to ES, that’s where the real action began.

The sexy self assuredness extends to his method. Quietly, Chris takes charge (akong bahala sa yo) and the foetal is definitely masculine- masterful. Chris really takes charge.

The dick is impressive, on the huge side, and really hard and he knows hoW to use it to make one incredibly thrilled and exhilarated. Its an experience one can’t forget. ES 11/10.

Avoid Tim

Nature’s Green has some outstanding masseurs to pick from. Unfortunately, it was afternoon and they were not there. The last time I had Dion, he was outsanding I got him more than once. So was Miggy, who’s good looking moreno,  always dependable and has such a huge member, that itself is a good point for the guy (he works hard and is very passionate). GlenOcado, who has a wonderful torso with a full complement of chest hair is also there. If you like guys with chest hair, he is it/ Glen’s massage is outstanding and I’ve had him several times at Heavenly Touch and he was good each time. Glen also has a very pleasant demeanour So is Mark, the dark latino-black looking twinkish tall guy who looks like he’s straight from LatinBoyz. He’s good too. And Yuri, if there’s a reason to hie off to Nature’s Green, its Yuri, Who lives near Ian’s hometown in Bulacan. Yuri got my attention when he was dirty talking a woman over the phone and that was all very sexy. But really, Yuri is a good guy, very maasikaso, flawless and huge his cockhead reddens and glistens when engorged. Lots of reasons to go to Nature’s Green.

However, I got this guy named Tim from Nature’s Green Who has a terrible attitude. In thE looks category it was a slow day, so I had no choice but to settle for him, to my huge disappointment. Tim dillydallied for a while downstairs and when he came up, he was not up to it. This is unprecedented. He is not even significant where it counts. You win some, lose some.

Not Tim. I’d never go back for him. Terrible.


Over a year ago, Ian brought a number of his dance companions to the house for an “inuman.” While the guys he brought, including Chad, were all good looking, one of his friends struck me with his well toned body, fair complexion and lalaking-lalake aura. In a group of fairly good looking guys, he stood out. Though he wasn’t very tall, about 5’6, his toned and apparently gym-fit body, his strong aquiline nose and his full lips made him a stand out. A stand out among good looking guys.


I didn’t get him that night, but my sights were focused on him.

Subsequently, we got together, after months of fantasizing about him. The time was right and I had an incredibly wonderful time with him. Just licking those pinkish stand-out nips was a big thrill – and he delivered in more ways than one.

His name is Kiko, and he’s Aries, Chad’s, Ian’s and Maynard’s town mate. He is the certified crush ng bayan in a group of crush ng bayans. Below are his pics. need one say more?

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.09.49 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.11.02 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.11.33 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.09.15 AM

Tyrone (09261578550) and Aries

Two of the smoothest, cleanest, mot proportionate bodies in the spa circuit. Always looking bagong paligo.  Both huge. I tried them the other day, they complement each other so much it wasn’t distracting, like a well choreographed modern dance in which the dancers are almost perfectly synchronised.

Aries is probably the best top south of that huge wonder Joko, who is in a class by himself because his topping techniques outshine everyone else. Aries’ dick is ultra smooth and very light moreno, the dickhead so fair it reddens when excited and gets amazingly huge. What I like about Aries is that he does his thing with such nonchalance, its very natural. He kisses and licks while he enters you, not closing his eyes, but staring into yours.

Tyrone has full, sweet lips. he’s younger than Aries and is a crush ng bayan. I was told that he is lapitin sa mga chicks at bading  and I’m sure he is. He has great instincts and is very intuitive, going with your wave of exhilaration. Its an experience that is hard to forget. One that lingers.

Tyrone is the best new find, next to Maynard, in recent months.

Together the sum is far greater than their already incredible individual skills.

Sinong mas yummy?

I wrote about my awesome experience wit Ian and Aries. Tyrone and Aries, Aries and Ian. What the heck! If i can, we’d be a foursome.

Will 3

The hotel neat the big TV network is the Camelot, the gaudy castle that looks out of place in the Scout area, fronting what used to be Danarra (Now an SM development). I parked in the basement. A lanky attendant quickly appeared beside my car door as I began to alight from the car. Will alighted too. I asked for a room and the attendant led us to a room on the third floor.

I asked If Will wanted something from the room fridge, but he said he and his fellow waiters had taken a few drinks after duty.

I took my shirt off. That was his cue to take of his white kamisadentro. He looked very sexy in it.  I could see that there was no undershirt. Will carefully put his shirt on the chair of the dresser and lay down. I was in my briefs. While he took off his shirt, he did not take off his denims, lying on the bed half naked, denims on.

I kissed his dark round nipples and began kissing him on the chest up to the neck upwards. I kissed his cheek. There was a small hint of gin from his mouth, not offensive. In fact,  I was excited by it. I grazed his ear and kissed him on the cheek again, but didn’t try the mouth. Wag biglain, relax lang, that would be for later, I thought

The hotel’s television did not have any x rated program but I was prepared.  The tablet that I brought with me had a variety of x rated heterosexual films for all kinds of tastes. I opened some, and Will picked what he liked. Teens analysed, the one where the young EUROboy fucks his girl in the ass.

I began grazing my mouth towards the nipples again. Will smelled good, lalake  good. The right mix of manly mustiness and good perfume. He had taste. The way he carried his shirt and denims showed he had taste. He smelled arousingly good.

I began going down, licking his umbilical cord,  which was amazingly clean and deep. My tongue licked it, circled it, fucked it for a few minutes while my hand caressed the hair that ran from the umbilical cord right down his pubic line. It soon grazed Will’s crotch.

Then I began to stroke his crotch, feel it.

It was getting hard, rock hard. With his denims on, it felt huge.

I kissed his stomach, traveling down his crotch, kissing his crotch from outside the denim. My  lips explored his covered penis. Even from outside, I had to open my mouth wide to accommodate its girth. It was more that promising. I couldn’t help but playfully bite his member from outside, smelling it.

My hands struggled to  remove his belt and unbutton his pants. Will firmly moved my hands so he could unbutton his denim. I could have imagined that Will’s dick was pulsating from within. I could not contain my excitement but tried to hide it.

At last it was out. The dickhead was  huge red pulsating mushroom, its diameter definitely bigger than the thick shaft. It was an amazingly beautiful, angry long and thick cock. I wanted to take a picture of it but I did not. I didn’t want to scare him away.

My difficulty opening my mouth to accommodate the shaft while his tool was encased inside his denims worsened when he had freed his penis. The dickhead was monstrously huge. I had to summon the limits of my mouth’s and lips’ elasticity just to try to get it inside.  Itutuloy

Will 2

We went to the counter of the breakfast place, he borrowed a pen and scribbled his number, handing it over to me.

I texted him that night. He was busy, he said, the owner of his restaurant wanted them to do extra duty so he asked for a rain check. The next night I texted him. No response, then I called him, no response. At 2 am, there was a terse SMS “Sir?”.  I called him back. No answer. I was intrigued.

The next day I called James, a waiter of a sister restaurant I had gone to bed with a number of times. James is your typical alpha male, in the workplace, other workers look up to him as a natural leader. I asked If he knew the waiters at the breakfast place, which was just two blocks away. He said yes. I inquired about Will and described him. Ah,  si Will, kilala, ko yan, along bahala.. Before the close of duty hours James hied over  to the breakfast place to talk to Will. I got a text, Ok ka na bata, tawagan mo mayamaya. Said James.

That was exciting, I called. Will answered. We decided to meet outside the Mc Do at the intersection of Roces and Morato.

At Mc DO, I waited with bated breath. Two guys were approaching, one was Will and the other a good looking waiter from the breakfast place.

Will approached me and introduced me to the other waiter, Jason. Lowering his voice, he said, sir, kung gusto mo, siya na lang, pumapatol yan. The guy was hot, but I had the hots for Will, no one else. He had a masculine aura about him that was like James, the Alpha male from the other restaurant. I told Will he was the guy I wanted, informing him that the other guy was not my type. Will approached his friend, they talked and his friend  bid goodby.

Sa wakas tuloy na! I hied a taxi to that hotel that looks like a castle near that huge network at the bottom of  Morato. We checked in.  (Itutuloy)

Three is not a crowd

As a general proposition, I hate threesomes. I find it distracting having two guys simultaneously on my bed, but the other night Aries and Ian dropped by, and were in a playful mood. I was at the dining table and Ian came to me making conversation, his crotch “accidentally” touching my arm. It felt hard. Then Ian went behind me pretending to look at what I was doing. In time, his fingers were tickling my nips from behind. He knew my “kiliti” This was no “chance”.

We ended up in bed with both brothers taking turns at my upper torso. My head was hyperextended in pure bliss.

Anyone whose had them individually would know how good the brothers are at foreplay. It might be a cliche but  foreplay with the brothers feels syota like. Careful, intuitive and exceptionally considerate, and that’s where its awfully sexy. It is like they’re thinking, ‘first time mo sa ganito  paliligayahin ka namin para di mo makalimutan“.

Later Ian got behind me and encouraged me to take in all of his brother’s dick while he thrust his, inward. That went interminably until Ian shot his load in spasm after spasm after spasm and I felt Aries come inside me too.

We collapsed in the bed and lay still as Ian hugged me, and Aries? His legs were on top of mine.

I slept soundly afterwards.



A friend of mine who is a master at taking in all sizes of dicks complained to me yesterday that he felt like a virgin the other night when he got Joko.

You know the feeling of fullness after the encounter?

Virginal bottoms experience this a lot. There’s a feeling of fullness and discomfort there and you always feel you have to go to the loo – how can i say it? – parang plaging natatae – you also feel you want to urinate a lot.  You curse yourself for the encounter but you go back, and back, and back, wanting that big tool so much. In time, your  anal walls become accustomed to it and the discomfort goes away. This takes months.

I’d call this the virginal bottom syndrome.

Back to my friend. He has tried JR and Mars – the two biggest guys,  and he has adapted to them, wanting them, every smaller dick  having become irrelevant to him.

Then several days ago he tried Joko, whose size compares to JR, huge. The difference is that JR has become conventional, while Joko  is very versatile, active and hugely prodigious in the way he shoves his tool in at all imaginable angles. Its a great, exhilarating, exhausting experience, one that’s definitely hard to forget. The versatility gives one the feeling that his tool is bigger than JR’s.

My friend’s discomfort is gone, and he’s raring to ask Joko back.



Chad 09367795006 returns

Chad surprised me after he dropped by from Bulacan after what he said was an exhausting weekend for him. He had gone, in one day from Mandaluyong to Tagaytay, to Baguio and I told him last week over the phone that he should slow down. The young man  looked refreshed and eager.

A reader wrote to say Chad was one of the best he ever had. After their


encounter near a mall, Chad, who gave his all, patiently accompanied the reader to the mall, while the reader went shopping. No complaints, he was pleasant throughout. “Wala saying parinig o bilimoko”

Not always, the reader says. In bed, Chad  can go wild and eager. Grabeh!, niromansa niya ako na parang ako yung GF niya, denial mako mule pusod pataas, tapos halik,  at nung pumatong, sorbrang  wild. malaki pa naman. Feeling i-ikaika ako afterward. Nakakalokah. Chad kisses exceptionally well,  The best kiss I had, he says.

JR’s heir, the best top 09207765123

Best Top

Joko undisputably is the best top in the business with his unparalled assets and skills, and the “retirement” of JR. He matches JR in size and skills which reminds me of the young, athletic, never tiring and energetic JR. Mababaliw ka sa level of energy. Always a joy to be with, he mixes boyish charm with the serious work that puts to shame some pros

They probably named Joko after the actor, Paquito Diaz’ son. On some angles, however, he looks like Daniel Padilla, especially from below,

looming above you. He has unmistakably foreign,
probably Mid-Eastern features, though he looks much, much better in person. Sounds good too with that deep young man’s voice.

The mid-eastern origins definitely show up where it counts. I said a long time ago that Arabs have the biggest tools that I have encountered and Joko’s is no exception. I hadn’t asked: does he have an Arab forebear somewhere? The bigness seems to give the clue to the answer, not to mention the features.

Probably, otherwise where did he get those genes?

These included, Joko is one of the busiest guys in the spa circuit, principally because of the quality of his service. As we said, his level of energy as a top is unmatched. In certain aspects, he excels both literally and figuratively, putting to excellent use his awesome asset. He is a merciless dominant in bed. But he can be disarmingly gentle, like a young man bedding his virginal GF for the first time.  Well equipped, he definitely delivers in areas that really count.

The boyish charm is genuine and he is a great delight to be with.

Joko is both relaxing and not. A session can be surreal, sweaty, sometimes tiring, but in an
amazingly unforgettable and exhilarating way. A reader writes that as a top he humps, thrusts, helicopters, hits the side walls, shove it all the way in – and all in countless variations: slow, fast, frenzied, etc. The reader writes that when he took the huge tool in his mouth he was barely 2/3 into the tool when he gagged, but joko encouraged him to try to take it all the way in:” sige na, isubo mo lahat…yaaaan, ang sarap” it was amazingly giddy. He could noy forget the encounter for days, then got Joko again.  Joko is one of the best at what he does and never fails to give the ultimate in satisfaction.


A friend of a friend (the tricycle driver Allen) suggested that I try Chad, a member of Ian’s rival dance group and I said, ‘Why not?’ though quite a bit reluctantly. It turns out that the one that almost got away happened to be the one who turned out to be a big surprise.

Chad has the same abilities as Maynard, and those who got Maynard and liked him for his skills would like Chad too,( and I’m beginning to ask why the guys who come from Ian’s hometown are always good). No hang ups. They go straight to the job without making one feel they’re just going through the motions,  like most pros in the business. They make you feel liked without overdoing it. Chad, like Maynard, is fresh, although if Maynard happens to be your muscle boy, Chad has a very regular body type, lean and rounded where it counts, not thin, and endowed where it really counts. For the over all experience, I’d give Chad a 9/10. Face an 8.5.

the best


I happened to be at Marquee Mall over at San Fernando Pampanga a bit over two years ago and chanced upon a dance competition – the usual mall-sponsored hip hop and modern competitions that have become commonplace and quite ubiquitous. Having had had nothing to do that afternoon,  my curiosity was aroused by  the competition. Usually, I just move on, oblivious of these things. The group that happened to be on stage had a number -no, make that all of them – of good looking guys ranging from 17-25 years old. They stood out because they were good at what they did, and there was the added advantage of each of them being exceptionally good looking.

The leader, introduced as Ian, was the most striking, chinito eyes great cheekbones and lips, a confident swagger. He was also the guy who caught my eye because he was the designated somersault guy in this talented group. I liked the bravado of his moves. The somersaults seemed risky to my untrained eye. As I approached closer to the stage, he looked better and better,  and seemed to get hotter and hotter. I didn’t have the chance to know him at the time, and it appeared to be one of those things where you never get to meet the person who catches your fancy. The color of their costume struck me, however, for being quite tacky, an apple green vest and silver shirt over denims.

Fast forward, years later, I had the hots for this quiet guy in a spa who was moreno, had striking eyes and had just the body type that I wanted. He moved with quiet confidence as he moved towards the  bare vestibule.  In a spa with a lot of outstanding choices, he stood out immediately, no mean feat. Quiet, manly, deeply charming. Attractive and intriguing,  like silent waters run deep. In fact, he struck me then as a bit suplado. Didn’t get him that first time, though he was the masseur I wanted. I got Gerald instead.

Weeks later, the spa manager got me together with Mr. Runs Deep and it turned out,  he was not suplado after all. A bit shy, low and full voiced, not glib, but deep – and definitely 11034192_771869162909995_1275919029624627167_nmanly, macho. Among them, he seemed to be the Alpha male, the guy who takes charge. Well, he took charge of me in every way I dreamed of and the massage and afterwards turned out to be one of the most outstanding I ever had  11/10. I thought,  it pays to wait, because one’s lowered expectations and possibility of rejection somewhere enhances the thrill. And boy!, the quality of his service was lingering, unforgettable, the type you go back to again and again and again.

Ian had since become a good friend and I’ve learned more about him. I learned that in his spare time, he participates in dance competitions and that he’s been dancing with various groups since he was ten.

I had forgotten about that day in Marquee Mall, the somersaulting young man, the chinito guy who quickly  took my fancy. But it’s a small world. That was him. Ian.  There was a You Tube that his group had uploaded of that performance, the tacky costume.  It was them. Ian, the guy with swagger. The guy who did somersaults. The alpha male who caught my eye.

Ian continues to be the best of the lot even for this jaded spa goer. While his brother Maynard had become busy lately getting a lot of his own clients, Ian has had his steady share of grateful clients, always satisfied, always thrilled.

Still the best, bar none.

Ryuji revisited 0926 458 0483

He is Rj, but I like using the name Ryuji, his formal name. Obviously, he’s half Japanese and it clearly shows in those sparkling chine eyes and in that fair skin.

Rj is barely 2o but he’s such a dynamo it doesn’t show. A session with Rj is bound to surprise because he is amazingly good and exceptionally huge. We got together again yesterday and Rj exceeded my expectations. I forgot how big he is because the lat time, I was merely in the mood for kissing and some simple  romans I did not bother to check his out or get it hard.


Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.00.28 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.03.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.05.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.07.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 7.09.34 PM

I was in a mood this time, and Rj’s is just a tad thinner than Joko. He’s got a long and thick one and id one of the biggest.

Punctuality: 9/10

General appearance 9/10

Face 8.5/10

Massage 8.5/ 10

ES – 9/10

Will I get him again?  Of course, Yes!


Mark is dark moreno. You know those porn pics of black brazilian guys in the internet, uncut and huge? he’s like that and thats what attracted me to him. Very working class.

I got him c/o lawrence, who, generally can be quite accurate. Lawrence promised a good time. Mark, the guy who looks like a Brazilian back porn guy delivered.

Massage -7.5/10

Skin – 9/10

Color – bronzed moreno – 9/10

Lips – 9/10

Face -7/10

over all looks 7.5/ 10

K factor – 8/10

ES 8/10

Size: thick and above average.


Big and still active

Who are the biggest guys in the trade? Ranked according to size and activity, here are the biggest:

  1. JOKO 09207765123 – undisputably the biggest active masseur nowadays, given that JR is retired and Mars, often in the province. Joko’s versatility and excellent technique, tirelessness know no bounds. One is left exhausted, thrilled and exhilarated all at the same time. JR has found a genuine match. His ability to sustain his hard-on is legendary.
  2. Josh is huge and he’s all around. But he needs boosters, if you get me. Needs to be more, er…Robust.
  3. Mars, Long and thick, can sustain a hard on for a long time, like Joko. The problem with Mars is that he’s semi retired, spending a lot of time in Bicol.
  4. Aries – The first time I got him, it Was because he was Ian’s brother.
  5. Ian 09758899410 Coming from the same DNA stock, Ian is not far behind in size and he’s genuinely good looking, considerate, active and very intuitive.
  6. YURI –  he’s flawless and smells great too, he has got a long smooth, very maputi schlong, the head reddening when excited.