The three “J”s

Over the past quarter, I've had three J's whom I've not written about but thoroughly enjoyed. For daddy lovers, there's 31 year old Joshua; for those who want adventure, there's Jheff and for aorta lovers there's Jay. We all have our preferences and there's that segment among us who either like a daddy or a... Continue Reading →

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Aries 0926 500 3642

Aries and I were traveling abroad for the first time together (his first time out of the country) and I was functioning as a neutral and chaste "tito." Personally, I promised to behave and make his first trip abroad "clean fun" and I kept my promise to myself. It was all pasyal, kodakan, and eating... Continue Reading →

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Vlad’s Story

(I have had the occasion many times to have a drink with Vlad, most times at Encore in Morato. We trade a lot of stories mostly about how he fucks his girlfriends and how he gives them enjoyment. A few times, he opens up about how he started as a masseur and his first encounters... Continue Reading →

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Why I like Ralph

Ralph is definitely one of the best looking guys in the business. Boyish, a handsome beautiful face and angas that I find sexy and appealing. He's about 21, 22 y.o. Great kissable lips and full of boyish charms. I've heard about stories about Ralph's attitude, and although he was easily available at Albury and Essensa,... Continue Reading →

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Terribly Disappointing

There's nothing worse than a haggling session after a bad massage. You know things would actually get from bad to worse. In the past, if the masseur initiates a haggling session, pinapagalitan ko. Ang peg ko, hintayin mo ang ibibigay ko, di pa tayo nagsisimula diyan, ga-ganiyan ka na, and that would usually shut up the... Continue Reading →

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Mc Greggy Angara

Bikini Model Mc Greggy Angara has surprisingly made himself available for the Albury Line up  of therapists. Years ago, in another Blog, there was talk about quality finds, and how much more satisfying these finds are. And they were, though just a bit pricey. I got a few from a former member of Viva Hot... Continue Reading →

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A thousand words

This picture of Therapists from three different spas in three locations speak a thousand words. Left to Right: Alvin of Albury Spa (Kamuning); Xian of Essensa Spa (Kamias) and Coco of Datu Spa (E Rodriguez)

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Client retention

"Customer retention refers to the ability of a company, product or individual to retain its/his customers over some specified period. High customer retention means customers of the product or business tend to return to, continue to patronize or in some other way not defect to another product or business, or to non-use entirely. Selling organizations generally... Continue Reading →

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Romnic (AYOR)

The article on Romnic has been taken down owing to issues with his clients and I'm marking him as AYOR (at your own risk). Apologies  and thanks for the info to Locke.      

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(Its been several days since my Pre Christmas encounter with Alvin and I still am in awe about what he did to me, the way his lips grazed my body in semi-sucking fashion. We had an unforgettable session. He does to you what he'd probably do to his GF,.That was a monster turn on)   Alvin... Continue Reading →

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Big Jiro (09367795006) and other big hunks

  James, Jay R and Jiro(Kirk) and Jojo: The BIG, big ones It was only when I began writing this part that I realized that the biggest guys’ names (BIG where IT matters) started with a “J.” (Joko, too, in fact, that makes four). Having had all of them as recent as the past two months, I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

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Available Therapists for January Albury Spa ;

  Albury has reopened after a bit of refurbishing and repainting, having closed a number of days, with it's returning manager, Ian. Below, Ian, literally opening Albury last year. Ian was brought in to address valid concerns about the place, to make things better. The pricing structure is also being addressed with proposals for an... Continue Reading →

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The Spiritual Songkran

Well known as one of Asia's most fascinating spectacles, Songkran, the official Thai New Year festival in April has come to be seen by many foreign visitors as the world's biggest water fight. Yet despite the famous wet revelry, Songkran is still a deeply spiritual celebration for most Thai people and the ceremonies and rituals... Continue Reading →

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A giant (09455000013/09457348097)

"The hard dickhead was hitting the roof consistently, eliciting sharp pain, by this time, through the increasing soreness I had objectively determined that the guy on top of me was bigger than JR or Joko, and likely even better." I first met Joko when he just joined the now-closed Golden Spring Spa at Kamias. He... Continue Reading →

Here comes Carlo by reader Jeric

Karlo looked very twinkie-cute when I entered Albury Spa. He was seated on the sofa facing the entrance and he greeted me with a polite smile. A beautiful face, lanky and moreno. I liked him immediately when I saw him and asked Rowel: "Ilang taon yan?" Rowell: "19 po." Magaling? Rowell: Sobrang galing sa kissing,... Continue Reading →

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