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No he’s not a masseur but the country’s current bet to Mr. Supranational. He’s off to the pageant and we wish him luck, good luck!

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“Masakit pero sobrang sarap”

From the mail



Nakuha ko si Aries nung  nag conference ako sa Manila mula sa Iloilo, over  a year ago. Before that I communicated with him through text and he was very accommodating. Nakausap ko siya by cell a number of times.  Nung una, Aries insisted that I see him at  his old spa, Heavenly Touch, but after nung first time, pumayag na siya sa hotel ko. I tried another masseur during that conference from another spa, pero  it was not worth it. So, halos sa buong conference namin sa Manila, si Aries lang halos lang kinuha ko. Worth every single cent naman. Best si Aries sa outcal dahil medyo tanggal yung inhibition at mas relaxed kayo.

Got him again through Albury last week, this time, I had to have him very early dahil in town ako lang for a few days for a convention, unlike yung una where I was here for several days.

This time, I asked Aries to come to Sofitel at 5 AM. On time naman siya. I remember the last times he was always at my room at the appointed time. Very punctual.

Aries was simply and neatly dressed, in a grey tee and black denims. Very polite at proper.

Coming in, he smelled great, mukhang bagong, bagong paligo. Used ako sa mga hipon sa probinsya,  kaya this decent, great looking guy before me was heaven-sent, smelling great, looking fantastic with those most kissable lips.

Since I had to be at our convention ng mga 9:30 to chair a plenary,  I asked him just to give me a short massage, and after a few minutes,  requested na straight na siya sa extra (actually seeing him, I wanted to go straight to Seventh Heaven pero nagtimpi ako – great things happen to those who wait).

As requested, short lang yung massage pero sorbrang magaling, hindi yung papindot pindot lang, Aries deftly untied the knots on my shoulder and kneaded my tense back to relaxation As he finished I asked him to go na dun na sa “kwan.” Naintindihan naman niya. He went back to my shoulder muscles and slowly Aries  traveled downwards to my upper sides, gently lifting my body till he began cupping and caressing my chest. The nips massage sent tingles all over my upper body. I felt his lips graze the back of my neck, gently.  Then, habang hinahalikan niya ng marahan yung neck at licked ang ears ko, he started blowing behind my ears and asked me “Ok ba sir?” Ang baba at any laming ng boses!!! Napaka sexy.

Aries gently turned me over habang hinahalikan niya yung katawan ko hangang sa puson, tapos bumalik siya pataas and gave me the best nipple lick I ever had in my life, ever – he was both licking and sucking my nipples. He travelled to my neck habang humahalik and started caressing my face with his soft hands. The light from my room window was coming in and I could behold his flawless body skin. I sucked his nips, in turn, and licked his almost flawless armpits. The smell of his body was indescribably great, sweet. I asked if he kissed and he kissed me gently on my lips. Napa lambot at manamis namis lang lips niya, sobra. As I pressed a little firmly, Aries took my cue and kissed me deeply. Nirequest ko na mahiga siya ant ako naman ang humalik sa katawan niya.


Wala pa akong nahalikan na ganun kabango at ka-flawless na katawan sa tanang buhay ko.

The moment, for me was just too amazingly sweet. I kissed him downward and tugged his boxers gently. Yun yung cue niya para ibaba lang boxers niya. Malambot pa lang, malaki na super flawless, at napakagandang tignan, lalong halo na nung tumigas habang dinidilaan ko yung dulo.” I started sucking his head circling my tongue, teasing the penile hole trying to insert the tip of my tongue as far as the tip could. He was getting huge and it felt great.  Nagulat ulit ako sa tigas at laki.

Sinubukan kong isubo lahat, per 3/4 lang lang nakayanan ko. I bobbed in and out, in and out, trying my best to go to the root, but I could take the long dick only so far.  He was gently guiding my head, shoving it afterwards a bit deeper. That was exciting.

Before he could come, I asked if he could slide his dick between the crevices of my ass-cheeks. He politely asked if I had a condom. Siyempre, ready ako, he’d done this before and that was his cue to enter me.

Dahan dahang itinutok ni  Aries lang dulo ng kargada niya sa butas ko hanggng marelax ito . Sa una, marahan lang kadyot, labas pasok, labas pasok. After a while Aries began shoving his hard member in, hard enough to hit the my upper wallsand elicit some pain. It was a mixture of pain and super pleasure.

He started making a circling sensation, shoving hard, then he got faster and more intense. I felt his perspiration,  I felt him shudder, and something explode as I heard him make a low , deep moan, thrusting hard a few times more until he collapsed behind me.

That was the best I ever had. I thought my friend, who recommended him in the past was just exaggerating  about this guy’s performance, pero nalampasan ni Aries ang expectations ko. Ako ay isang experienced bottom at di na talaga puwede ang average lang.

Dito po kay Aries na lang ulit ako napakanta ng “napakasakit Kuya Eddie,.” Masakit pero sobrang sarap.”

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Underrated but good

Since Albury opened a few months ago, I’ve had Lance only once. In a bevy of great looking hunky hot men, Lance tends to be overlooked in the show up. He’s fair, like most Albury therapists; and alone, by himself he’d get your attention, but he doesn’t grab the same attention like the other frequently selected masseurs -Aries, Chad, Gerald, Terrence, etc.- the usual stars.

I don’t know what got me but one evening, I chose Lance over the usual stars and was surprised by two things: 1) Why I overlooked him and didn’t get him in the past (what was I thinking?); and 2) the quality of the service, both the main therapy and the ES. Lance is like Jiro, a very good massage therapist. He has the type of body which I like, smooth and almost flawless and he delivers exceptional romans. You’ld have your neck hyperextended in no time while his tongue grazes your body and his lips play with your chest and nipples. And Oh! How he kisses!!! The breath is almost childlike and sweet and his well formed lips gently touch your’s like soft pillows pressing your own lips!

It was unforgettable, almost ethereal,  and really lingered for quite a while.

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Window cleaner

Stress in work needs  some de stressing, here’s a cleaner who’s an effective stress manager. We need something like this, don’t we?

Leo Fucks The Cleaner

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Aries  used to drop by the house whenever he was in town (they  live in Bulacan) and  used to sleep over (they’re now in Albury). Having gotten used to my place, he  is comfortable in his undies and normally struts inside the room either in his boxers or in his underwear.cropped-cropped-cropped-screenshot-2015-09-28-09-48-571.png

From reader Arnel

I got Aries twice already and I can attest that he’s really a sight to behold…. good looks, dresses up simply but fab, medium built, mabango and most esp bukod na pinagpala… plus factor ang personality nya and the soothing speaking voice.”

In this garb, his proportionate body is evident – actually,  one of the best naturally-built bodies I’ve ever beheld – he doesn’t gym- and it is just so  smooth.  I’ve always wondered how he manages to always smell great.

Aries’ skills in massage or in the all-important “extra” are good,  matched by an above average member. He’s always  a good therapist to go to.

Just ask anyone who  has had him. There’s been no negative comment about him. He has a great sexy baritone that just by itself is wonderfully arousing, especially when he enters you from behind with that huge thing and in a semi-whisper asks, “ok ba sir?”. A number of readers used to gush over that sexy, manly baritone.


Aries “thing” is a sight to behold, it is long, thick,  flawlessly fair, capped by a head that reddens when excited. And its really hard when its hard, and a bit risky for the uninitiated and virginal beki09975701590

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Magic when it happens

Derrick, the hot, hot, hot manager of Albury was telling me last week about how he

was surprised at the performance of Chad, one of Albury’s stars.  Chad is sought after and I wasn’t surprised.

Straight guys don’t know what bekis like and when you leave them straight guys to decide who to get for you, it’s just so….. off.

My friend, the big JR, now gone legit and retired, several times brought some of his tropas to the house in the past, thinking I would like them.  I rejected all of  these guys.  Something was just not there.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-12-09-17-pmits “K”, get it!

Chad has it  – that element   that  bekis like, which straights don’t see. Its imponderable, but in a line up of exceptionally good looking guys. the “plain looking”, if you’ld call it that (among the stand outs) sometimes strikes the eye of the beki choosing from a spa line up,  and I’m not surprised Chad has become one of the stars in an unusually strong line up.

Apart from that, the times that I’ve gotten him, Chad really delivers.

Its a simple style, di OA, that type of incredible sexual pleasure that one might expect a straight boyfriend do when he beds his virginal GF for the first time: careful, considerate, awesome and unforgettable.

Begin with the foreplay, the kissing. I’d rank Chad among the three best kissers I’ve ever had. And Chad knows the right amount of pressure his free hand should put on your body when he’s giving you pleasure, traveling down up and back – touch that tingles, raising the strand of your hair.

There’s magic in that when it happens.


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Of all the tatooed guys over at Albury, Jiro and Terence are my favourites. Personality wise, they  are the best. In terms of dedication and earnestness, they’re over 100%. Whenever I want to relax and have a good time, I go to Jiro or Terrence or Chad.

L to R: Jiro, Jam and Kel


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Reader Edgar on Yuri

Mahihirapan siya sa akin pag ibinayo ko ng todo yung akin sa likod niya” said Yuri, jokingly but not boasfully.

I don’t remember the context in which Yuri had said this, it was not boastful (that’s not his character -he’s really circumspect). But I believed him then, since I’d seen how large and beautifully fair skinned his dick was, and the other masseurs over at

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.29 PM
Yuri of Albury

Heavenly Touch had mentioned it when I asked how large was his member. Reader Edgar wrote a testimony of his encounter with Yuri when he got the therapist last week for an outcall over at Albury,  in comments, which I’ll publish in full  in the next few days. Here’s an exerpt:


Idinikit dikit ni Yuri ng marahan ang kaniyang alaga, hangang naramdaman niyang kusang bumubuka at relaxed ang likod ko. Dahan-dahan niyang ipinasok ang kanyang alaga sa aking puwerta. Pabulong na sinabi ni Yuri na mag relax lamang ako.  Naging ok naman ang pagpasok ng tila cobrang ulo ng alaga niya.  Sa una, medyo napangiwi ako sa sakit,  pero may halo na itong ibang kiliti na dun ko pa lamang ma-experience.. Masakit  sa una, pero masarap, saka may halong excitement dahil second time ko pa lang napagawa ito. Sa pagkadyot ni Yuri sa aking likuran ay napawi na ang sakit na aking nararamdaman at ibayong sarap na ang aking nararanasan. Hanggang sa tuluyan na niyang maibaon ang kabuuan ng naghuhumindig niyang alaga. Napakasarap, nagulat na lang ako sa sarili ko ng napasiga ako na ” Ibaon mo pa!” Di ko maipaliwanag ang sarap ng nararamdaman ko sa mga oras na iyon habang bumibilis at lumalalim ang pag kaDyot ni Yuri sa akin. Yung first time kong gawin iyon, although nag enjoy ako, hindi ganito,  at sobrang sarap pala kung magaling ang bumabayo, mabango, malinis ang katawan, magaling humalik at guwapo. Sa pagkadyot ni Yuri sa aking likuran ay  naramdaman kong sumabog  ang kanyang katas habang pumipitik pitik ang kaniyang malaking alaga. Di niya ito ipinaputok  lahat sa loob kundi hinugot muna niya ang kanyang alaga, tinanggal ang condom,  bago tuluyang ibinuga ang katas ng kaniyang ari.

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Masseurs of the Week

The best of the best, this week:

Troy 09282700900 of Eaglesnest looks better in person and Delivers with a capital D!


Chad 09975701590 of Albury. Consistent, great, non gym built muscular body. Excellent kisser, a truly unforgettable experience:


Terrence 09975701590 of Albury. Great, greater, greatest! I’m at a loss for superlatives for this very professional acting masseur. Exceedingly relaxing massage, wonderful, exhalirating ES:


Yuri – best kisser, great romans and an unforgettable top. Excellent message, too.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.05 PM

Yuri 09975701590


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Gerald 09975701590: Reliable, reliability


I was sitting at the lobby of the Albury 09975701590 spa last night when Gerald sat beside me. I was mulling about who I would get; it can get confusing with a good line up.



I was tired. I wanted a good massage, but I had Terence two days ago. Gerald gave me a preliminary on my shoulders, and that was fine and relaxing, so we went up.

I gauge the earnestness and sincerity of the overall experience by the massage. Its not the time spent. To me, its the quality of massage.

Derrik, my favourite guy over at Albury, and its manager, explained to me that the massage experience to his clients is as important as the ES. A great, intense massage, whether its 15 minutes or 30 minutes flows naturally into a great ES experience. Kung pipindot pindot lang, siguradong pangit rin yung ES, mark my word.

The tip at Albury is a bit stiffer than others, but the masseurs were carefully chosen and trained, especially the new ones. The experienced masseurs were the stars of their previous spas, great looking and genuinely good.


I mentioned somewhere that Gerald was my first ever masseur at Heavenly Touch and that exhilarating experience got me hooked to HT before it closed. That’s where I also found my favourite, Ian.

Gerald was great then and he topped himself again yesterday. The massage was outstanding enough for met to eschew the ES, but sinong tatangi sa grasya, eh, to, guapo na, sobrang galing pa. Gerald has baby’s flawless skin, great reddish pink lips and a bush of wonderful hair over that flawless body.

I left relaxed and slept well.

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Terence: a star is back!


Terence is one of those masseurs who clearly respects his clients.

He has gone to the extent of enrolling in a complete massage course  with TESDA, and, on top of that, regularly attending periodic massage seminars, professionalizing what he does,

to improve his craft. He was formerly the top attraction of his previous spa over at the intersection of Q Ave and EDSA but left the spa business months ago to concentrate on his regular clients on an out call basis. Having my number, he asked me last week if I could reto him to the management of Albury. Albury got him on sight.

Terence was so good the last time,  I thought there was no room left for further improvement. He doesn’t need to improve, of course. Terence could just get by with is looks.  He is great looking and will succeed anywhere with those damn good looks. To top that, he goes to the gym regularly to make his body better. Body alone with those pink red nips and that developed chest, Terence is a winner.

I got Terence the first time over a year ago and effused over his amazing massage skills that time. I also raved about his ES which was, I described,  a 100/10, incredible!

Yesterday, Terence  began the ES – after an amazingly relaxing full massage – by gently kissing me from the inner thigh, exploring upwards while his expert hands traveled over my body’s erogenous areas. As a result, my neck was hyperextended, eyes closed and embarrassingly quivering in rapider excitement. When he reached my nips, I thought I could not take it anymore!

Meanwhile, his turgid member nudged my back – it was really hard. Before the head could even enter, he moved aside and guided my body.

He was on top of me and we were kissing. What I had missed over the year that I had not seen him came back in waves and waves of carnal bliss. Terence just joined Albury’s awesome bevy of therapists yesterday and is shown (holding the tablet) with his fellow therapists below:


Terence has smooth, very fair skin, the type of clean cut guy you’ld find over at Albury  and I’m glad I  had dropped by and be surprised again by this guy’s amazing skills. (Above clockwise from the top left: )

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Great guys with tattoos


I saw this guy  (above) in the web this morning. He illustrates the truism that not all guys with tattoos are madungis. Clean is clean, clean remains clean and the tattoos are like wonderful accent chairs, they enhance the beauty and cleanliness of the guy and adds to the sexiness.

Here are guys who manage to look flawless and even sexier with their tattoos:

  1. Jiro (Albury) – Jiro has tattoos all over his chest and one at the back but he maintains a great flawless bod. A great masseur, delivers seriously good relaxation massage, 10/10 es,  and is hot, hot overall, oozing with that “it!”, manly sex appeal.

    Jiro standing back right
  2. Terence of Albury – Terence’s fans would swear that this outstanding masseur has one of the cleanest and most flawless bods in the business. Fortunately for Albury, Terence has just joined Albury’s impressive group of masseurs.  His massage skills are incomparably relaxing and he delivers a mean ES. massage pa lang higit 10/10 na per sa ES higit na higit pa doon. He’s not one of the best in the business for nothing. Great hands, flawless body, huge dick. If the only thing I would get from him during a session is his massage, I’d leave feeling sorbrang suit na, the ES is almost an afterthought. It’s like having a great dinner and having to leave space for an awesome desert. The ES is great and it’s such a great feeling to behold Terence’s (Jake’s) flawless body. I’ve had him before and wrote an effusive article about him. He’s even much better now, but then, how can one better excellent?
  3. Aries – Aries has an accent tattoo on his calf muscles and with that, flawless, fair, bagong ligo cleanliness. Aries is  huge there where it counts and is, definitely, one of the best in the business. Binabalik balikan sa linis ng katawan, great face value (very kissable lips), great deep baritone (sa boses pa lang, a reader mentions, wagi na) wonderfully proportionate body and muy guapo appeal.
  4. Jam  has a tattoo on the right arm and its amazing when he hovers on top of you with that long fair skinned flawless and amazingly long shchlong. He is one of the most sought after masseurs over at Albury, for good reason.
  5. Derrik, the manager of Albury. You’ld be tempted to kiss the tattoo on his right arm while he’s romancing you, that never fails. The only distraction are those incredibly sexy chinito eyes- the best and handsomest chinito face in the business on the hottest guy this part of the world.
  6. Kel – Kel of ALBURY has a flawless bod and excels in what he does. The pix below is worth a million words but it doesn’t give clue to the incredible experience of having him, or his awesome skills. Kayo habulin ng mga babae. He recently had a tattoo on the left arm of his flawless body.

    Gerald of Albury
  7. JR has tattoos all over his bod and the biggest shellong here, there and everywhere.

    Derrik and Maynard
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Looking Like a Vanity Fair Spread

Gerald spells Quality


Chad, one of Albury’s Best

Chad is moreno fair, kisses very well (and very sweetly) and delivers the goods. That’s why, even with a strong line up at Albury, Chad holds his own and has emerged as one of the stars of the new spa over at  48 Kamuning Road. Very proportionate, sexy bod, not gym fit but naturally good and remarkably proportionate. Well hung too.

Jay is a matter of taste, good taste like having black truffles shaved over a great omelette. He has an angular model’s face, not boy next door, but it’s a strong one. I bypassed him several times over at Heavenly Touch (He’s now with Albury), but when I finally got him, I regretted not having him earlier. He was great and I enjoyed my session with him.

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October’s Best


  1. ALBURY – no doubt  the best with its exceptional line up of fair skinned macho cuties. Check out the hottest guy, Albury’s manager Derrick and his brother. Bright interiors, relaxing in its cleanliness,  big rooms. Discrete and comforting.
  1. Lakan on Araneta Ave. – has a new receptionist, the selvette Cy, who refreshed the Lakan brood with his own twinky alagas. A bit on the seedy side though, but  it has never been an issue to me.
  2. Phoenix, Aurora Blvd. I checked out Phoenix this month and quite liked what I saw. Its location, near the oftentimes dark J. Ruiz station of the LRT2 has seedy spelled all over it though, but I’ve found the place to be really safe so far (knock, knock). As I wrote before, the interiors have been refurbished by the new owner. Got Alfred last time, he’s good.
  3. Eaglenest – the old reliable on Kamias, constantly updated and diverse line up some very tall guys here. Try JB – the guy’s a singular experience or Marlon.
  4. Datu – the grandfather of existing Metro Manila Spas, many good finds here. Try Josh or some of the new discoveries from Nueva Ecija.
  5. TOD – has a big number of  very experienced masseurs and the fact that you get the feeling you’ve seen the line up therapists in many other Spas before (e.g. Josh was formerly of Eaglesnest and Nature’s Green, among other spas he’s worked for in the past and Christian was once with Heavenly Touch, Nature’s Green and Celebrity – two of my past favourites) is quite comforting – like meeting old friends you last saw a decade ago in another, now defunct spa. Good versatile line up of experienced therapists. A pleasant location too.
  6. Jason – for twink lovers. Sometimes you need to see the birth certificate of barely legal boys mostly from Tarlac and Isabella. Got a guy named Dickson last time. he was very good.

Best Masseurs

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.29 PM
yuri of albury
  1. Yuri of Albury
  2. Aries (Albury)
  3. Ariel (Eaglesnest)
  4. Josh (TOD)
  5. Gerald (Albury)
  6. AlbertJAMJ (Phoenix)
  7. Joshua (Lakan)
  8. Marlon (Eaglesnest)
  9. Chad and Jake (Albury)
  10. JAM (Albury)
gerald of albury

(Although Derrick of Albury is the best looking, bar none, of all, he’s the manager and insists he is unavailable).

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Chad – babalik balikan

Chad is one of the best masseurs in the business, a moreno wonder and one of my favourites. If there is one masseur that I find ultimately satisfying these days – in all aspects, that’s Chad. In barely a month, I’ve had him as my therapist six times, and except for the fact that I was exhausted from that terrible EDSA traffic yesterday evening, I would have hied off to Albury 09975701590 and gotten Chad again last night.

One of the Best: Gerald
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A relaxing session


Lance  09975701590 gives an exceptionally relaxing massage. In a line up, he tends to be overshadowed by some of his peers but that’s where Lance is underestimated. Personally, I’d give this young guy a 10/10 in massage since the session I had with him was strong, confident and was not rushed besides, it was much more than that in bringing about relaxation after the close to pro level massage, lance segued into the ES part seamlessly, the ES was outstanding too at 9/10.

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I was talking to the former owner of a spa and he described the typical therapist at Albury as tall, clean cut, boy next door macho, and classy for the type. You can bring him anywhere, and at any gathering and he won’t stick out like a sore thumb. He said he brought one the other day to a party and the Albury boy turned heads for being good looking, clean cut and and simply, tastefully and appropriately dressed. “Some even presumed he was my son,” he said.

Here’s your typical Albury guy:

I quite agree. Been there several times and am amazed at their line up.

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09975701590 Albury’s New Number

Kel of Albury on Kamuning St.
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September’s Best by the Editorial Board of SpaMORE

Click this link:

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Yuri (from reader Jeremy

From Jeremy_788

“Yuri’s massage was extraordinary. During our conversation, he told me that he was Tesda trained – which certificate to show. After that unforgettable massage, during the ES he planted the longest kiss I’ve ever experienced – ever! I was out of breath (we kissed, and kissed and kissed – walang kapakipakaipot, ang linis ng bib, manamis-namis), and that recurred my, many times.

The guy is well endowed – capitalise all those letters as in HUGE! and its an absolute delight to hold, touch and make hard. Beautiful member.  Yuri fucks hard. I thought a bull was on top of me, stretching my insides to its limit, and while it was nirvana and pure pleasure, I was sore long afterward.

The Smoothness of his body blends with his flawless member and its glistening red dickhead, a sight to behold, indeed

I will get him for home service next time and hopefully discover more.” I cannot forget him on top of me and the longest, most tender kiss I’ve ever had!!!”

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.29 PM
Yuri of Albury 09975791590
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Like “JR” – JIRO

ABOUT JIRO: Got this in the email this morning…thanks too, to reader Bob:

“I got Jiro from another spa months ago and generally, I agree with you. Jiro isn’t conventionally handsome but he’s a very nice guy beneath that masculineness, may K, and his looks grow on you. He actually gets better, smooth skin, great sweet breath, great foreplay and one of the best guys to mount me, as your description says, though I’ve never had JR. Thanks for mentioning where he is now because we lost touch. Binabalik balikan ko yan dati. Salamat again, Caloy.”




Many of this blog’s readers are acquainted with JR because I’ve written about this dynamo many times in the past. However, JR got a regular 9-5 job and has since been out of circulation. Though, sayang – he’s really the biggest and feels the biggest and an afternoon with him would be a mixture of joy, pain and exhausted exhilaration – I respect his transition to being a regular member of the workforce.

I saw Jiro of Albury many times but had not gotten him because I wanted to focus on the others who instantly caught my fancy.

Until last night. Jiro was in a black tank top. He is fair skinned but I marvelled at the sexiness of the fact that in spite of having arm tattoos, he looked very bagong ligo clean. There was a whiff of a wonderful scent as he passed me and his clean tattooed semi-kalbo appearance was just hard to resist.

But that was not what made me compare him to JR.

I decided to take him on outcall. In the red and yellow mecca of lovers near Fisher Mall, I got one of the most relaxing, most wonderful massages from an MP. He had taken off his sand and he looked spotlessly fair. The massage was equal to Troy, if you remember.

Then the remembrance of JR came, but JR with better foreplay, JR with better kisses and JR’s forte, being a great top. Once Jiro was in me, he was a dynamo, a raging bull, beginning tentative and careful first but as I urged him on “ibaon mo pa” he pushed hard and shoved and circled, licking my nips in the process.

I collapsed, exhausted, experiencing exhausted exhilaration that only JR gave…or so I thought.

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From Reader Bok: My first, with Jake

This long story, cut into two parts just came in the mail:

From Bok

My body was aching, I was feeling every one of my  30 something years.  I needed to get a real massage. I wasn’t looking for anything else this time. I thought about getting a massage from a man in one of the spas I heard of. This was my first to look for a massage with a man.

I found a  number of spas where I could go to in the net. Most of them were in QC

I have always seen my self as a hetero, but lately I have been beset by bisexual longings. I wasn’t sure, I  thought this was just a phase. But there were many signs. Dreams about me riding cabal on hunky men. A second glance when a hunk passses by.  I postponed having a massage with another man lest I found the truth about myself, about what I’d been putting aside. As a hetero I was somewhat nervous about a man massaging me in case I would get hard and the man took it the wrong way. Strangely, I also found the idea of a man seeing me hard a little arousing.

Anong gagawin ko. Kung tinigasan ako, would I have him jerk me off?  What if something more happens? I thought.

Questions ran through my mind.  I just figured “bahala na” and set off for  a spa in Kamias. Here,  I found a lot of m2m spas, but the places were not quite what I thought.

I drove to  Kamuning Rd. Where I landed in Albury, surprised when I learned it had just opened a few says before.

The place was very clean and the lobby looked like one of a small boutique hotel with tasteful minimalist design. It was well lighted, in contrast to the small dark salas that seemed to be the norm in others. One felt safe here.

The staff at the reception desk was hot and exceptionally good looking and I was surprised by my reaction towards him, a chinto God. When I asked if he did massage he said no. Receptionist po ako dito. He said, politely.

I asked to see the place  and the hot staff guy walked me thru  into the massage room. I was thinking, sayang, siya na nana. He had wonderfully great kissable lips and the most piercing chinito eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  The cubicle he showed me was wide and the mattress was queen sized and there was more room for movement. The cubicle was spacious and comfortable. New age music played in the background at just the right relaxing volume, not blaring. The subtlety of the music blended with the tastefulness of the Place.

I asked to see the masseurs and the hot guy  buzzed them in. Most of them were fair and had flawless skin, the average height about 5’7 though there were two guys approaching 6 feet, aquiline noses, chinito-tisoy type. Guys who do not seem to smoke cigarettes, clean cut, some muscled. You’d see these guys in bikini competitions, clean and well maintained.  The guys here at Albury seemed different you could expose them in daylight and they’d not stick out as being out of place in staid society. They dressed simply, grey tees on denims.

I chose the tall guy, Jake. Jake was a cousin of hot staff guy and I was told by hot staff that Jake was a former indie actor. He looked the part.

Jake led me to the cubicle and politely asked me to lie down and asked if I would care for a glass of iced tea or water. Though I was thirsty, in my nervousness I said no thanks, regretting my shyness.

I lay down and Jake dimmed the light. Then I felt for the first time in my life a man’s hands massaging my back. That had never before happened. In airports I would even choose a blind masseuse.

Jake was firm and confident. The hands were smooth. He had a good, low soothing voice, asking me the level of strength that I would find OK.  While he was doing that he explained his relaxation technique and asked me to copy him as it would help me relax.

I followed his lead and it did help me relax and took my focus of the massage and just into laying there and enjoying the feelings. Jake began stretching.  He started on one side of me and gradually moved  around my flank area. All the while keeping up a constant pressure on my lower back, arms and legs. He was quite good at what he did and after a few minutes, I felt a bit sleepy, surrendering to his deft hands.  Later, I felt his hands caressing the insides of my thighs in the most tickling fashion I’ve ever had. It felt wonderfully arousing as I felt my dick stirring and growing under me. Then Jake moved to the sides of my torso, gradually moving towards my nipples, cupping them and playing with my nips. This aroused me to no end and I was feeling a bit embarrassed at myself. I could not contain my hard on. I wasn’t that surprised that a man could get me hard, though there were times in the past where good looking men would cause a stir in my genitals, but I dismissed those feelings then, a bit irritated at the thought.

Jake  worked his hands up and along my inner thighs and I felt his fingertips gently touch my balls. My  hard cock now grew to full size and I could feel it under my
stomach. He very matter of factly took it in his hand and repositioned it so it was aiming down towards my feet. He tickled the head with a circular motion of his fingers. That was intense.

Ako hong’ bahala sa yo.”

After he said this he moved around so he was by my head and started working harder on my upper shoulder area. This meant that his body was slightly bent over the back of my head and I could feel his naked body  touching me. As he moved around
a bit more to the side I turned my head slightly and opened my eyes. He was nude and semi erect. He asked, ok lang po ba?

I answered, Ok lang.

I couldn’t help but notice that his cock jerked a bit as I spoke and then grew in front of me to his fullness as I touched it, I guess, about 7-inches.

I had not seen another man’s cock this way. Certainly not a fully erect cock ever!  I found myself comparing it to mine and noticing the differences between them.  Jake’s was longer, thicker, smooth and fair. I started to wonder what it felt like in my mouth.

As if he could read my mind he moved around, back to the side of me, so his cock was just a couple of inches in front of my right hand. Now I am still lying on my
back but I found my hand had a life of its own and it eased out and allowed his cock to rest on my open palm. Now I’m lying down with a virtual stranger’s cock resting on my hand.

While I was deciding what, if anything, I should do next the decision was taken away from me. Jake  moved around again to end up at my feet or should I say between my feet. He gently pushed my legs apart so they were positioned on each side apart and he was standing between them.

Nakapa full body massage na ba kayo?” he asked.  I shook my head, no.  At that he gently eased his body over my ass and up my back. I could feel his head above my
shoulders, his chest resting on my lower/middle back and his cock was between my leg but I could not feel it.

As he slid his body over mine, very gently backwards and forwards, he pushed his weight down on my back and shoulders, pushing me  and forcing me to breath out to relieve the pressure. While he was doing this I slowly felt his cock sliding up between my legs until it was hitting against my balls and ass crack. He then allowed it to slide further up and push its way between my cheeks. Up and down from my balls to the top
of my crack and down again.


He was still hard as a rock and  so was
I.  I had never felt another man’s cock against my ass
and I was starting to enjoy the sensation I was getting, though afraid that he would suddenly plunge it inside.
Just as I thought he might go even further and try to
fuck me, he slid back down my body, got off and told me it was time to turn over so he could work on my front. Moment of truth for me. Another man was going to see my fully erect, pre-cum moistened cock.

I turned over and he allowed me a few seconds to get
comfortable again before restarting his massage. He
started down on my legs and that gave me a few minutes
to catch my thoughts. I had my eyes wide open now so I
could watch what was happening. Jake was still hard. I
could clearly see his cock sticking out proudly in
front of him while he carried on rubbing me. He moved
up the the side of my stomach and worked on my stomach
and chest.

Now his cock was again a couple of inches from my hand. Again with a life of its own, my hand reached out but this time firmly grasped his cock and started to slide
up and down it. “Enjoy ka ba?” he asked.

“Um, OO,” was my hesitant answer.

After a few minutes he moved around me again to my other side. Jake still had not touched my cock since earlier which by this time was crying out for some more action.

Jake moved again, this time up to the side of my head and started massaging my head. This required him to turn my head to the side and  I could see his erect cock just inches now from my mouth.  I opened my mouth and his cock just seemed to slide in. I was surprised at my new-found boldness.

To be continued.


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Yuri 09975701590

My first encounter with Yuri was quite odd.

I was sitting in Heavenly Touch waiting for my masseur when I heard this fair skinned good looking guy speaking over the phone. It wasn’t an ordinary conversation. The chat was dirty, like: “Gusto mong isubsob tong titi ko sa bunganga mo?” and so on. The chat was so dirty and he seemed serious I was enjoying it. The dirty talk, over at Heavenly Touch gave me a hard on, but that made me  wary of him or months after that..

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.05 PM

It wasn’t until one year after I overheard the conversation that I actually got him. He was very nice in his manly way, and it was a bit awkward since we already knew each other quite well, parang ka tropa. He was smiling and said, ser nakakailang po quasi matagal na tayong magkaibigan.

The sexy, dirty talk I heard a year before was a thing of the past and although I secretly wanted him to do that to me, ako naman lang nahiya. Yuri was amused when I told him about the conversation I heard, Gerald, who was sitting nearby laughed, it was apparently role playing to a client who liked it, who was into it.

That aside, Yuri gave me one of the best and most professional massages I’ve ever had,

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.29 PM

and it has always been that way, a great,  serious pro-level massage, and after you think that couldn’t be topped, t the next phase is even better, Unforgettable.

Yuri is tall, about 5′ 8 1/2,  has a smooth, very fair bod with pinkish nips. His dick is long, really huge and very fair – a beauty to behold – and hard,  “big-angry” when provoked, a bottom’s delight.

Even with his looks, his near flawless bod and his skills, Yuri has topped himself  once more by  training with TESDA for a professional masseur’s certificate. I’d rank him alongside my best.09975701590 (Albury)

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Another SEKYU


I was on my way to do my spa rounds last night  – I got info that Albury had added three new masseurs yesterday and wanted to see them  when I stopped by the guards’ quarters of our subdivision to inquire about my missing Yorkie. The dog wasn’t found but I found  the new guard who I had the hots the past two weeks about to change clothes. He had just gone off duty. I’ll go to Albury tomorrow, I thought.

He’s the new guard among a selection that’s terribly bad so that when I saw him at the check point this first week. I couldn’t help but stare. He was tall, bronzed, had full lips, a good nose and deep set eyes. Gorgeous in the rough. His muscles strained through his tight SG uniform. These past weeks I managed to strike two conversations with him to gauge his availability, nothing sexual, nothing to scare him off. I just wanted to have him feel comfortable with moi. His name was Jerry.

Jerry had just stripped his white SG shirt off and his muscles had appeared more defined with just his sando on. I asked him about whether they had found my pet and we struck a conversation. I learned that he would be going home only twice a month and that he would be staying at the SG quarters most times when he was not on duty.  Ano po lang cell number ninyo sir para ma text kita pa nahanap ang also niyo. My pulse quickened, I had intended to get his number. This was too easy. Pag nakita po, dadalhin ko sa bahay ninyo. Sino pong kasama ninyo, misis  at anak niyo? I said, directly, wala akong miss di pa ako kasal. He laughed, marami kayo sigurong babe. I answered suggestingly, di ako mahilig sa babae. Ikew, ilan na lang nakantot mong babae, marami na siguro. Dalawa lang po ser. I laughed. Sa guapo mong yan, ganda pa ng katawan mo? I began teasing then left to go back to the house

8:00, just as I was leaving for a spa, I got a text message, it was Jerry: “Sir, kumain na kayo?” I answered: Oo kakakain lang. Ikaw, kumain na, kung di pa punta ka dito, may paksiw na lechon at labong. He answered: “nakakahiya naman sir sino po ba  ang  kasama niyo  diyan?” I said: “Yung katulong kanina, per umuwi na, di siya stay in. Daan ka dito, alam mo naan yung lugar ko dito, rumoronda ka sa motor pag duty. ”  “Wag ka nang mahiya, punta ka na, lalabas ako mamaya.”

8:45 I heard the sound of a motorcycle decelerating and the doorbell ringing. I opened the gate and told him to bring in his motorcycle para hindi makita ng mga kasama mo.. He had an amber jersey on  and wore gray jogger pants.

To be continued

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New Spa: Albury opens

new spa

ALBURY 09975701590

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.44.06 PM
Albury 48 Kamuning Rd., QC, 09975701590

Continue reading “New Spa: Albury opens”

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Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.26.20 PM

Just a week ago, he was tending to the dimsum cart at a Chinese restaurant in Malolos, probably ogled to no end by PLUs wondering if he’s available and conjuring secret, dirty schemes in their minds. His newly acquired massage skills are positively endearing in their newbie-ness.

It is amazing that Albury “saved” ( or was it?) him from his boring job.

Though it has a great line up, Albury should try to recruit more from this well, and try to bring in sexy young virile security Guards who might want a change of scene or a more lucrative pursuit. I can teach them how to do it, HAHAHA!

Kel is a prize catch indeed.

Kel is a new guy and it is understandable that his massage reflects that, but one feels the sincerity in the effort, because its not a put-on. I’d like to think he will get better, as he should. It is just a matter of putting more pressure in his strokes and learning how a subtle flick here or there might do wonders to his client. I fell asleep during part of the massage, which is a good sign that I reached a state of relaxation. That is a good start, but I did not get him merely for the massage alone. With his looks, I could just have him stand there and stare at his face for hours.

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Who to take to a brief staycation

Chad on the Sofitel Balcony

You wouldn’t want to spend a long weekend at the Sofitel with a boring 💤 person with you. It would be perfect if the guy you’re with is someone you really like, and who’s fun to be with.  I had both, and the the  guys just blew my mind away. My choices for the last long weekend were Ian a.k.a. Derrick,  and Chad, who is not only getting better and better, but who looks moreno– great, standing semi-naked in his boxers. Chad’s performance now equals the honed skills of Derrik.

Sexually, I had an amazing afternoon with Chad, as always,  and after dinner at Spiral, had another terrific round, after a hot, hot and looong shower, this time only  a much-needed massage. Chad has been focusing on the Thai back massage lately and he had my painful knots untwined and had me in a state of extreme relaxation.

Derrick arrived two hours later, as promised, with Aries,  Terrence and Gerald in in tow, using his brand new acquisition, a brand new, smelling-new sedan, parked  three floors below in Sofitel’s parking lot. Derrick is mighty proud that he save enough to put a hefty downpayment on his new car (para mababa ang monthly. He’s registered with Grab to further manage his monthly, I’m happy with the way he manages his savings.) They brought drinks , two S&R pizzas, barbecue, and fun.

After an amazing night of ribbing, stories, and things that friends do, I retired to bed, relaxed, while they carried on in banter. When I woke up at 3 am, Chad was beside me, fast asleep, just in his boxers while Derrik and his Brother took the other bed. Gerald and Terrence were fast asleep on the floor.

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