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The Best Masseurs: Aug-September 15


Gerald 09975701970 – Gerald of Albury Spa is one of the most sought-after masseurs, and for good reason. he’s exceptionally good looking, smooth and truly delivers. Yung babalik balikan. He belongs to the 10/10 league .

Jiro – Jiro’s masage is a 10/10. Tattoed fair and flawless. He reminds me of Jake of Elysium in the excellent quality of his massage. Also delivers a whacking ES. From Albury.
Yuri 09975701970 – flawless bod, pink-red likeable lips, a mouth for kissing and a prodigous huge dick. All these features blend perfectly in one of the most macho guys on the prowl. Sexy and sweet. To top that he is a TESDA certified trained masseur. Also of Albury Spa.
Erwin – bronzed dark kapogian, awesome kissing, great ES. You want them mangagawa/worker  dark and young? That’s Erwin for you.

Mike (Miguel) – Flawless brown skin, a moreno wonder, great foreplay. He’s new in the game so don’t expect too much in the massage area.

Jake the former indie actor from Albury
Jojo – boy-next -door hotness with great technique to match. Almost artist quality. and Jake 09975701970 – the indie actor, tall, almost 6 ft. great aquiline nose, great lips, pang artista delivers exceptional ES.

Chad 09975701970 of Albury – another moreno stunner, maasikaso, unforgettable kiss, great lips for kissing. good massage a brown moreno 10/10, also from Albury in Kamuning.
Kevin – Huge, huge, huge he’s currently at Chabacano Spa in Kamias, though I rarely go there because the spa has both women and men.

JAM – though a bit diminutive he’s long and smooth, great foreplay, excellent over-all experience from Albury
JB of Eaglenest – a 5’5 dynamo in bed.
Mars – Big Mars is back, the guy who rivals the now retired JR. Mars ha made an effort to tone his bod and he’s sexier than ever. Toned or not toned, doesn’t matter, he’s monster-huge anyway.

Ruiji – FilJap wonder, great Es when he’s in the mood.

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Miguel is a moreno wonder, a gorgeous brown bloke. He is new in the business and was, just a week ago, an aircon technician till someone spotted him and urged him not to waste his looks on  being, simply, as technician.

Miguel came highly recommended to me by a friend. Yung type mo, he said, and I was instantly struck the first time I saw him.

Massage: not much to expect there yet, he’s really a newbie.

Foreplay: A bigWOW! Great kisser by those great lips, very intuitive, palaban. 100/10 and I’m not exaggerating

ES overall, great too much more than a 10/10

I liked the post ES. He was not in a hurry to go, cuddling, kissing, caressing

Looks: gorgeous moreno, malakas na malakas ang dating


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Homogeneously Good Looking: ALBURY’S MEN

“Walang itatapon, ok lahat”, the man seated beside me said. Someone was having a birthday and a client

Indie Actor Jake (Jacob) who was late.

donated a whole lechon, sushi, pansit, and Shanghai Lumpia. The guys had gathered around the lechon, waiting for it to be chopped,  and one of the guys shouted picture, picture.

They gathered around and pictures were taken, all looking really great.

The Men of Albury are truly impressive, like the firs time I went to Albury in Bangkok.  All clean cut and boy-nex-door, all very fair (with the exception of that splendid moreno, wiz-in-bed Chad). Some, like Gerald,  are considered among the best in the business. “Walang mukhang tambay na para bagang napulot sa tabi tabi.”  The man seated beside me said.

Thus far, the best in the trade.

Even the ones absent from the picture like Jacob, the indie actor  of awesome style, are exceptional anywhere.

L to R: King, JAM, Edmon, Gerald, Yuri, (the manager, in black shirt), JL, Kerwin, Chad (not in picture: Jacob, Lance, Jiro)
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Yuri 09975701590

My first encounter with Yuri was quite odd.

I was sitting in Heavenly Touch waiting for my masseur when I heard this fair skinned good looking guy speaking over the phone. It wasn’t an ordinary conversation. The chat was dirty, like: “Gusto mong isubsob tong titi ko sa bunganga mo?” and so on. The chat was so dirty and he seemed serious I was enjoying it. The dirty talk gave me a hard on, but I that made me  wary of him or months after that..

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.05 PM

It wasn’t until one year after I overheard the conversation that I actually got him. He was very nice in his manly way, and it was a bit awkward since we already knew each other quite well, parang ka tropa. He was smiling and said, ser nakakailang po quasi matagal na tayong magkaibigan.

That aside, Yuri gave me one of the best and most professional massages I’ve ever had,

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.29 PM

and it has always been that way, a great,  serious pro-level massage, and after you think that couldn’t be topped, the best and longest kiss and a terribly awesome ES. Unforgettable.

Yuri is tall, about 5′ 8 1/2,  has a smooth, very fair bod with pinkish nips. His dick is long huge and very fair and “big-angry” when provoked, a bottom’s delight.

Even with his looks, his near flawless bod and his skills, Yuri has topped himself  once more by  training with TESDA for a professional masseur’s certificate. I’d rank him alongside my best.09975701590 (Albury)


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This week’s best: JAM 09975701590

I noticed that JAM’s cock was long and very smooth so I asked, malaki ba yan pa matigas?

He said assuredly, hanggang pusod po.

I took that with a grain of salt but my eyes widened as it grew. It was really, really long and very fair and smooth, a sight to behold,  I was sure it would gag.

The cock was hard and stayed hard.  Jam was an expert at putting it to use. He guided my head as I swallowed it and began shoving it gently. When he sensed I was enjoying he, he pushed hard. I didn’t expect that but here’s a guy who takes charge.

After a while, he nudged me to turn around. He took out some lube and began caressing my a-hole. There were a few tentative pushes then he let it all in in one strong shove. The “thing ” hit the roof. He turned me around and we changed positions. I was staring at his handsome face.

As he entered, he stared at me with his wonderful eyes, not taking off his gaze. They were deep, and he cupped my breasts as he came in and out, kissing me occasionally. The technique was great – he’s had many women before, and the experience shows. He came in and out in small shoves, then pushed and pushed hard, then let the head of his dick travel the sides of my ass. It felt really good. After a while, I could sense the urgency in his strokes till he came in huge spurts. That felt wonderful.

Best top of the week.

Face: 9/10

Foreplay: 10/10

ES overall: 10/10

Massage 9/10

Assesment: Babalik balikan

Height 5’5

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 8.34.52 AM

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M2M sex with delivery boy

Follow this link: Shot 2015-10-17 at 7.33.15 AM

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Another SEKYU


I was on my way to do my spa rounds last night  – I got info that Albury had added three new masseurs yesterday and wanted to see them  when I stopped by the guards’ quarters of our subdivision to inquire about my missing Yorkie. The dog wasn’t found but I found  the new guard who I had the hots the past two weeks about to change clothes. He had just gone off duty. I’ll go to Albury tomorrow, I thought.

He’s the new guard among a selection that’s terribly bad so that when I saw him at the check point this first week. I couldn’t help but stare. He was tall, bronzed, had full lips, a good nose and deep set eyes. Gorgeous in the rough. His muscles strained through his tight SG uniform. These past weeks I managed to strike two conversations with him to gauge his availability, nothing sexual, nothing to scare him off. I just wanted to have him feel comfortable with moi. His name was Jerry.

Jerry had just stripped his white SG shirt off and his muscles had appeared more defined with just his sando on. I asked him about whether they had found my pet and we struck a conversation. I learned that he would be going home only twice a month and that he would be staying at the SG quarters most times when he was not on duty.  Ano po lang cell number ninyo sir para ma text kita pa nahanap ang also niyo. My pulse quickened, I had intended to get his number. This was too easy. Pag nakita po, dadalhin ko sa bahay ninyo. Sino pong kasama ninyo, misis  at anak niyo? I said, directly, wala akong miss di pa ako kasal. He laughed, marami kayo sigurong babe. I answered suggestingly, di ako mahilig sa babae. Ikew, ilan na lang nakantot mong babae, marami na siguro. Dalawa lang po ser. I laughed. Sa guapo mong yan, ganda pa ng katawan mo? I began teasing then left to go back to the house

8:00, just as I was leaving for a spa, I got a text message, it was Jerry: “Sir, kumain na kayo?” I answered: Oo kakakain lang. Ikaw, kumain na, kung di pa punta ka dito, may paksiw na lechon at labong. He answered: “nakakahiya naman sir sino po ba  ang  kasama niyo  diyan?” I said: “Yung katulong kanina, per umuwi na, di siya stay in. Daan ka dito, alam mo naan yung lugar ko dito, rumoronda ka sa motor pag duty. ”  “Wag ka nang mahiya, punta ka na, lalabas ako mamaya.”

8:45 I heard the sound of a motorcycle decelerating and the doorbell ringing. I opened the gate and told him to bring in his motorcycle para hindi makita ng mga kasama mo.. He had an amber jersey on  and wore gray jogger pants.

To be continued



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Masseurs: The best m2m (gay oriented) spas in Metro Manila 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.07.12 PM
ALBURY,  48 Kamuning Rd.

For the Best checķ this link:

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From the mailbox, a reader’s take on King Zoren

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 6.55.41 AMI received a long comment from reader Jed about someone I have not featured here. I was about to get him several days ago at the new Albury Spa but he was waiting for a room with another customer so I got someone instead. Finally got him the other day on out call. Here’s the excerpt from the long letter written by Jed: 

Zoren lay beside me after a satisfying massage. After a while, rested, Zoren turned to face me and caressed my nipples with slow brush-like strokes. The tip of his tongue began lightly circling the areola. It was wet and hot. He then slowly opened his mouth and filled it up with the border of my chest surrounding my nipples. I felt being suctioned. I felt the most pleasant sensation I’ve ever had in a long time.

His mouth traveled and I could sense his warm breath on my neck. Soon, his face came closer to mine. He started nibbling my lower lip and slowly inserted his tongue to meet mine, gently. It tasted fresh and sweet.

Zoren gently guided my hand towards his tool and I had soon got it hard and angry, the head glistening. He asked: “Sir, sumusubo ba kayo?” I thought:”Tinatanong pa ba yan? obediently proceeding towards his tool.

I knelt before him and gently opened his legs to expose the meat between them. It was raging even harder commanding my mouth to suck it. I dove in in one fell swoop feeling the huge head touch the roof of my mouth. “Shet sarap!” I heard him whisper. My mouth went up and down, his dick , then onward travelling towards his groin. After that, feeling adventurous, I went for his inguinal region. He liked it. Arching his back and his head as far as they could. I lathered that space between his scrotum and anus.. After an interminable period, he let out a moan of satisfaction, signaling the point of final release. He fell back onto the bed… exhausted.

I was not done. I took advantage of his temporarily exhausted state and sensitive dickhead and shoved it to my mouth once more feeling a bit sadistic.”Sir, wag po… sensitive yan.” OWWW!!!. He moaned. I got even crazier grazing the sensitive dickhead with my teeth, gently but oh so slightly painfully. He suppressed a scream. Oomph.Wag po diyan! Time to stop the torture.

I ignored his pleas and continued to kiss him from the border of his pubic hair up to the umbilicus. He got my head and nudged it towards his nips, urging me to savour them. He was hard again. We changed positions and he was now on top of me. This time he made me feel what an expert love maker was like as he licked my nips and cares my sides with the tip of his fingers as I jerked off. I did not  want it  to stop, but when I came it was one huge burst after another. I could not have imagined how much I had inside but my cum was enormous.

ZOREN (Albury) – face 9/10

Massage – 8/10

ES 10/10

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New Spa: Albury opens

new spa

ALBURY 09975701590

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.44.06 PM
Albury 48 Kamuning Rd., QC, 09975701590

Continue reading “New Spa: Albury opens”

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Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.05.17 PM

One of the three biggest Spas in Thailand has found a Pinoy partner to open a branch in the Philippines. I’ve written about one of these spas many times and the masseurs, apart from being hot and exceptionally hung, really deliver.  That’s soon. (ALBURY, the new spa has since opened at #48 Kamuning 09975701590)

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Better the second time

I got Jiro for the second time in less than a week and this time I wanted a good massage and told him what I wanted. The last time, my sights were on something else hehehe…

The massage that Jiro gave me was professional grade. Excellent stretching and a great

siatsu Swedish combination. It was thorough, thoughtful and awesomely relaxing. I may be a bit exaggerating but it was almost equal to one I had in Bangkok during the last Songkran. Jiro managed to untangle my knots and put me to sleep, a sign of deep relaxation.

The ES was almost anticlimactic, but it was great, as usual. Partway through the massage I suppressed the desire for a shortcut to ES, which as I remembered was erotic and terribly satisfying. The excellent massage almost made the ES a superfluity, but to be fair, each phase was great!

The massage alone is to rush to Albury for.

Flawless Gerald


Gerald of Albury 09975701590

Massage 9/10

ES 10/10

More about my favourite spa

Here’s one i picked up while browsing as the writer says, who you get is seasonal. When Eastern Europe had just opened up and people from there could easily travel to the UK, the place was full of Eastern Europeans, Bel Ami Types for only 50 pounds sterling, mostly uncut, blonde and very fair like Lucas Ridgeton. After these countries joined the EU it was easier to find a regular job, the supply ran out and the South Americans, mainly Brazilians came in. In fact, my best foreigner, ever was a Brazilian  I got at Villa Gianni:

“VG has been operating for years and the quality has varied considerably over that time. I visited twice in September and thought it had improved. On the first visit, I chose a cute, muscular Brazilian. He bottomed and topped well but wouldn’t kiss. When I asked him why not, he said he was married then hastened to say his partner was an Italian guy. The second visit was with a delightful black Frenchman. He gave a wonderful boyfriend experience, kissed, and bottomed so well, I considered kidnapping him!

VG is located in a basement flat with a reasonably discrete entrance on a quiet street close to Earls Court tube station. You need to ring the doorbell for entrance and are admitted into a small hall way. The manager explains the set up and fees. He then takes you to the end of the hall, switches off the light and knocks on a door. This alerts the available ‘boys’ that a customer is looking through the one-way glass until then, the guys can see the client. The manager describes what each guy does or doesn’t do, whether they are gay, bi or straight and their nationality.

Technically, the workers at VG only offer massage but the manager is quite explicit about their sexual abilities. In September, an hour of bliss was 110 UK pounds plus whatever tip you thought was earned. Payment was made after the visit. At VG you have to ask specifically for a towel if you wish to shower and at the end, the guy just brings in a warm, damp towel for you to wipe away any vestiges of spilt pleasure.

Of an evening, clients often sit around before and after their sessions at VG. Some have multiple sessions separated by periods in the sitting room with a drink. By contrast, privacy is the norm in Sydney. On entry, clients are ushered into a private room and the guys come in one at a time and introduce themselves. At the conclusion of the session, the client is taken to the front door only if there is no-one in the hallway or waiting for entry.

VG is convenient for quick hook-ups and about the price of the average freelancer in London. The pluses are that you have a selection and a reasonable guarantee that you will get what you have been told by the manager. As always caveat emptor! It isn’t a particularly good option for an outcall. They charge an extra 50 pounds plus taxi which can make for a very expensive experience. Most, if not all, of the guys are not British – generally South American, East European and sprinkling of backpackers from the four corners of the globe. They do not stay long. I get the feeling that you could probably arrange for any of them to meet you after their shift at VG finishes.”


brown wonder

One reason why I like Latinos is that they look so much like us, like one’s gardener or delivery boy , etc.  They’re brown wonders like some of ours

My favorite spa

All of us have a favourite and my favourite is a spa I couldn’t even go to every day, not even every month. Make that every year or of late, every two years. It’s Villa Giani or Gianaini over at the Earl’s Court area of London. The reason why I like this spa very much is that the guys here are really world class in looks. Forget Gerald or any other artista here, the guys of Villa Giani are world class, like Brazilian models, not the ones we see here but models who grace the walkways of Milan, that quality They range from 5’8 to 6’6 and the size of their cocks boggles the mind.

Wala nang kiyeme kiyeme ang mga boys dito – stright to business, no massage. Straight to torrid kissing and to good o’l sex. I still remember one guy na binabalik balikan ko one vacation. He was a Brazilian with blue eyes a finely whistled muscular bod and an 8 inch long, 2 inches thick member. He was Adonis-latino-handsome, and very straight. He kissed me widely while he topped me, alternately sucking my nips, staring straight into my eyes. I was the best i’ve had then and ranks in my top three ever, like being topped by a guy the caliber and even better looking than Gerald Anderson. Ugo humped and pumped, circled, shoved, withdrew and came in again – it was just worth the money. The only guy I could compare him to is JR but with a much better face.

All the other guys I’ve had at Villa Gianni were great: Spanish, Hungarian, Serb etc. Early on during Perestroika, London was flooded by Eastern European guys, broke and desperately looking for work. Many found meaningful work at Villa Gianni.


A Bucket List of Beautiful Big Brown Boys

Wish we had some here.

The spa is right outside the Noviciado stop. There’s a huge Sauna sign that you can’t miss.

In Madrid, there’s a spa near Gran Via that is populated by hunky Brazilian and east Euro boys for the price only Euro 75.00. I chose the Brazilians twice and one from the Dominican Republic, a black guy. Those going for a European tour, specifically Madrid, I can tell you where to find the spa/sauna. The guys move about in towels and are a bit aggressive, showing off their giant tools. Choose the ones you really like, and take your time. Lots of uncut, lots of porn sized dicks. Some Euros look like they’re straight from Bel Ami. But I find the Papis sexier, like getting artistas and artista types here, only mucho cheaper there.  Just Ayor.

Here’s my bucket list of fantasy brown boy latinos. (Click to enlarge)


From Jeremy_788

“Yuri’s massage was extraordinary. During our conversation, he told me that he was Tesda trained – which certificate to show. After that unforgettable massage, during the ES he planted the longest kiss I’ve ever experienced – ever! I was out of breath (we kissed, and kissed and kissed – walang kapakipakaipot, ang linis ng bib, manamis-namis), and that recurred my, many times.

The guy is well endowed – capitalise all those letters as in HUGE! and its an absolute delight to hold, touch and make hard.

The Smoothness of his body blends with his flawless member and its glistening red dickhead, a sight to behold.

I will get him for home service next time and hopefully discover more.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.29 PM
Yuri of Albury 09975791590

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