Ian 09758899410



Ian dropped by this weekend, after a hectic week of dance competitions with his group of good looking virile young guys. Its summer and its dance competition season, and so far, they’ve won a number of competitions.



Ian came over after they just won, and he was in  exceedingly good spirits (he usually is), so I was treated once more to the best ES even a jaded guy can have. Great, considerate, deliberately good,
awesome foreplay and sex you would not want to end.(but whats sex without coming? And so you come in huge spirts, happy.)

Just the kissing and the foreplay is right on the money and you would do well not to come 13077190_980249398738636_482212664_n.jpgimmediately with the joyful experience that he brings to the table (ehem, bed). We began by kissing gently, tentatively, like two lovers rediscovering each other’s pleasures after a long separation. Then
Ian began licking my navel, his tongue traveling to my left nipple, my favorite erogenous zone. He stopped short of licking it, kissing the area between the two nips, playing with his tongue, sensing my anticipation ( knowing how much I liked being licked on the left nip). The anticipation was getting unbearable, until, finally, the warm wet tip of his tongue grazed the left nipple. First he licked it, then sucked it, then gently bit it. As he travelled upwards, kissing my neck,that was like heaven on earth.

There have been numerous comments about how good he is, but nothing can replace an actual encounter with him. He takes charge. I remember one time when, for days afterward, I could not get my mind off our last encounter. Ian is one of the best looking guys in the MP business and looks awfully good, even when he’s asleep, a marvel to watch. He’s the kind of guy you can have dinner with in a good restaurant and you wont feel like you’re with a peacock – he dresses tastefully and in quite an understated not look-at-me manner. I’ts like you’re with a friend, a regular boy next door, or a pamankin, if you’re older.

Our last session ended with a huge bang, releasing the sexual anticipation in wonderful fashion that was with me for days.

Just flawless

Aries (09057227361) is here for the weekend and struts around the room in his boxers, teasing. He’s got the most flawless bod in the business. Fair, well proportioned and a sight to behold. Even his feet are lickable, hhehe…


As I’ve written a number of times, Aries has got a naturally v-shaped torso, amazingly well proportioned and parang-bagong-ligo-palagi  clean. It’s the type that tempts you to lick it from toe to head and back. Altogether,  Aries is a great lay, incredibly satisfying and appropriately huge where it really counts. One reader in the past collected that while Aries was behind him, engaging in conversation while they were doing it Aries deep modulated baritone was incredibly sexy in itself. When he says “ok ka ba, sir” while entering you, that voice alone is an aprodesiac. ES with him is consistently a 10/10. The only thing that could top that is a ‘double’ with his brother Ian.

First Quarter’s Best 2016


Gerald of Celebrity

Gerald was my first ever masseur at Heavenly Touch for a reason. He’s immediately one of the best looking guys and he is flawless. Full kissable lips and flawless skin, naturally clean, like bagong ligo palagi.Always a delight to be with.

Gerald has a fine bush of body hair over his flawless skin to boot. His ES is a 10/10 and  his massage is unhurried and competent.

Jay 09758899622

Jay has a model’s angular face, not body-next-door handsome but the strong angular features that the industry finds interesting. It has a strong presence, full lips, tanned skin (he’s actually fair). WEhen I got Jay last year a at the defunct Heavenly Touch, I was floored by his skills. He was great.

I was reminded of how good he was when I had a session with him this weekend. He had just come from Arayat and had called. We met at that popular place near Trinoma, the one that juts just at the MRT Trinoma station with the garish red and yellow paint.

I had a great a evening, the fore play was as good as I remembered and we went into a great climax.



Will (Conclusion)

Will and I were ushered by a room boy in one of the rooms upstairs (from the basement parking) of the motel near a major network. I’ve always disliked the castle-like architecture of this motel, but the rooms are good and it isn’t crowded.

Will checked if the room’s ref had anything to drink and asked me if it was ok to have a beer. We both had  two cans each.  He sat on the bed after taking his shoes and socks off and took off his shirt. He began to relax. Over beer we made small talk. After we finished, we talked a little, nagpapakiramdaman.

I said: buksan mo na ito, para mas relaxed ka, trying to remove his belt. Will opened his fly and I started caressing his semi hard cock which got harder. I tried to pull down his briefs but he said, ako nang bahala, pulling it down. By this time it was hard, huge,  red and glistening, the cock-head, I mean. Will is a fair-complexioned guy and his dick shaft was very fair. His fair complexion exaggerated the redness of his dick. It was a mushroom type dickhead, a big head on a thick and long shaft. It was hard, really hard.

The dickhead was a wonder like a portobello mushroom (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but that was the head’s proportion to the shaft, and it looked nice to play with.) I slowly put his dick head onto my mouth, playing only with the head.  Will tried to suppress a gasp and a moan. His neck was hyperextended, his eyes closed.

I played with the head with an interminable period of time grazing my teeth on the surface of the head, that must have been very ticklish. Then I played with the dick’s hole with my tongue.

Pare, isubo mo lahat!

I suddenly swallowed Will’s dick as much as I can. At first it was hard. I tried to adjust my mouth to accommodate the thick shaft, which was really thick. The first few strokes were slow and tentative, but then I felt his hands on my head and he tried to gently shove my head onto his huge dick. He succeeded, I gagged, but tried again. In a while, I had adjusted to Will’s hugeness and was swallowing the thing whole, his dickhead hitting beyond the area of the uvula. I teared, gagged a little, but it was exciting. His hands guided my head faster towards his dick. I sucked, I licked, I swallowed, as he began to wildly shove his penis into my mouth. Then it happened. There was a warm burst of come beginning to fill my mouth. The burst twas an explosion, followed by another one, then another, then another. The cum tasted sweet and came in paroxysms, the small bursts, then he relaxed, taking his hands off my head and slumped into the bed.

Sarap mong chumupa pare!

(Postscript: Will and I became friends for over a year. He was one of the best and most unforgettable guys I ever had. At that time he had problems with his wife, and I was not sure if they were living together. He was very good-looking in a very masculine sense. One day, after sex, Will told me “Pare, nagkabalikan na kami ng miss ko, pasyensiya ka na hindi na ako mapapadalas dito.” And that was that.

Will disappeared into the faint light of dawn. I tried to seek him out at the resto where he worked, but he had requested a transfer to the megamall branch , near where he lived and was closer to home and his wife and kid. I never saw him again. It was a great time while it lasted.)


Really Good


Chad 0936 779 5006

Chad 0936 779 5006 – The only difference between Chad and Maynard is the Body.
12910371_964352306995012_1747314146_n.jpgMaynard has a distinctly gym hewed body. Chad is your normal boy next door, except that he’s exiting. You like brown, moreno, its Chad for you, personally, I prefer his moreno looks over Maynard. And Chad has smoother skin, and a great sweet, soft kiss.

Earnest, napa-kamagaling trumabaho, exactong exacto. When I first got him, that experience ranked with some of the best foreplays I’ve ever had. His
massage was relaxing and he smoothly transitioned into a great ES after a complete body massage (8.5/10). The transition was so smooth, sexy and arousing that you were excited about what to expect from the Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.43.56 PMencounter, and Chad definitely did not disappoint.

I remembered with sweet pleasure, the excellent manner in which he began his foreplay and his kisses, soft, clean, sweet, like a new BF testing the waters with a new virginal GF who agreed to lose her virginity. That considerateness eventually graduated into a wonderfully great session.  I remembered the fullness of our encounter for days, so much so that I got him again the week after our first encounter, and Chad exceed himself.

I was grateful. Some encounters go down from great to not too great. This one was one where the second just had to equal the first, but ended up exceeding my expectations. I like Chad’s sincerity and earnestness. He aims to please. And he’s looking better and better.


I first met him when he was about 19. It was his striking good looks that attracted me, and whenever I see him, he seems to look better and better. He’s 25 now, with a kid and hasn’t changed, except for a paunch. Still as good as ever, and like good wine, seems to get sexier and better looking and performing even better.  (pictured beI think in person, however, Ian looks much better than Adrian, who happens to be photogenic. If both were in the same line up, and that was the first time, I would choose Ian over 



The Model, John (09273622538)

Ever since I saw his picture on Facebook, I had the hots for John, an on and off model who has a current relationship with a starlet. HiS partner is demanding so you see him and you don’t. For the past two months, I have been pestering Lawrence (09273622538), the manager formerly of Goulden Spring, now with Nature’s Green.

Model John, all of 6’2″ was either in the province, or booked already.

Got him finally through Lawrence And he was everything I imagined. Tall, terribly hunky and above average. His ES skills were outstanding though – you know – the feeling where you don’t want the foreplay to end? Where you just want it to go on and on? Where you try to suppress coming because its just so hood you don’t want it to end?

Like that and definitely worth it. Swerte talaga yung partner niya.