Sensual foods for a home massage

I usually ask trusted masseurs to come to my home and do their massage there. From “Cafe Mom”, here are ten sensual food that would enhance your experience, and the masseur that might go best with the food:   Mangoes: Mango is a very sensual, juicy fruit. Open one up and let the juices run on your fingers. It also tastes good and makes you smell sweet. Since smell is such a major component of what turns me on, anything with garlic or onions is automatically not sexy. I would do mangoes with Chad Strawberries: This has all the sensuality … Continue reading Sensual foods for a home massage

Hot guy from Mint Ali Mall

He was flawless. He was better looking than many young artistas and actor wannabes and models I know. Grab ang angas, which turned me on. I met him several years ago at the Mint in Trinoma: Two years ago, I chanced upon this  hot looking guy at the Mint store in Trinoma and got him to go out with me. I was (then) a bit turned off by his bili-mo-ko attitude and was never able to go beyond going out and having dinner. The last I heard, he was at Mint’s Ali Mall Branch, though I never checked that out. … Continue reading Hot guy from Mint Ali Mall

Pig in a Poke

Pig in a poke is an old English expression that means buying something without examining it. It finds relevance in some of our transactions with men. Years ago, I chanced upon this website where masseurs could have themselves posted for their services. I found this great, sexy looking guy and booked his massage service, checked in this place at Shaw Boulevard and  waited for him to arrive. To my utter disappointment, the guy was far from the way he looked in the pictures. His skin was terrible, his lips, rough, and while there was a remote resemblance to the pictures … Continue reading Pig in a Poke

Another Sekyu (conclusion)

But I could not get down to the bottom of the shaft, tried as I would,  with all my past experience. My jaws hurt from the thickness of the shaft but I could sense he was enjoying it. Pare, sige paaah!  Ikaw lang ang nakaabot ng ganiyang kalalim, aaaah, sarap!  I could not break off, he was holding my head pushing it down. Pare, saan ang lotion mo? May KY diyan sa tabi ng kama, bakit? I asked. Kantutin kita. For one rare time I hesitated. I could take huge but I doubted this one, it was double huge. Hind … Continue reading Another Sekyu (conclusion)