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October’s Best


  1. ALBURY – no doubt  the best with its exceptional line up of fair skinned macho cuties. Check out the hottest guy, Albury’s manager Derrick and his brother. Bright interiors, relaxing in its cleanliness,  big rooms. Discrete and comforting.
  2. Lakan on Araneta Ave. – has a new receptionist, the selvette Cy, who refreshed the Lakan brood with his own twinky alagas. A bit on the seedy side though, but  it has never been an issue to me.
  3. Phoenix, Aurora Blvd. I checked out Phoenix this month and quite liked what I saw. Its location, near the oftentimes dark J. Ruiz station of the LRT2 has seedy spelled all over it though, but I’ve found the place to be really safe so far (knock, knock). As I wrote before, the interiors have been refurbished by the new owner. Got Alfred last time, he’s good.
  4. Eaglenest – the old reliable on Kamias, constantly updated and diverse line up some very tall guys here. Try JB – the guy’s a singular experience or Marlon.
  5. Datu – the grandfather of existing Metro Manila Spas, many good finds here. Try Josh or some of the new discoveries from Nueva Ecija.
  6. TOD – has a big number of  very experienced masseurs and the fact that you get the feeling you’ve seen the line up therapists in many other Spas before (e.g. Josh was formerly of Eaglesnest and Nature’s Green, among other spas he’s worked for in the past and Christian was once with Heavenly Touch, Nature’s Green and Celebrity – two of my past favourites) is quite comforting – like meeting old friends you last saw a decade ago in another, now defunct spa. Good versatile line up of experienced therapists. A pleasant location too.
  7. Jason – for twink lovers. Sometimes you need to see the birth certificate of barely legal boys mostly from Tarlac and Pampanga.

Best Masseurs

  1. Yuri of Albury
  2. Aries (Albury)
  3. Ariel (Eaglesnest)
  4. Josh (TOD)
  5. Gerald (Albury)
  6. AlbertJAMJ (Phoenix)
  7. Joshua (Lakan)
  8. Marlon (Eaglesnest)
  9. Chad and Jake (Albury)
  10. JAM (Albury)

(Although Derrick of Albury is the best looking, bar none, of all, he’s the manager and insists he is unavailable).

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Chad – babalik balikan

Chad is one of the best masseurs in the business, a moreno wonder and one of my favourites. If there is one masseur that I find ultimately satisfying these days – in all aspects, that’s Chad. In barely a month, I’ve had him as my therapist six times, and except for the fact that I was exhausted from that terrible EDSA traffic yesterday evening, I would have hied off to Albury 09975701590 and gotten Chad again last night.

One of the Best: Gerald
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I was talking to the former owner of a spa and he described the typical therapist at Albury as tall, clean cut, boy next door macho, and classy for the type. You can bring him anywhere, and at any gathering and he won’t stick out like a sore thumb. He said he brought one the other day to a party and the Albury boy turned heads for being good looking, clean cut and and simply, tastefully and appropriately dressed. “Some even presumed he was my son,” he said.

Here’s your typical Albury guy:


I quite agree. Been there several times and am amazed at their line up.

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09975701590 Albury’s New Number

Kel of Albury on Kamuning St.
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Puy of Albury Bangkok

The old Albury in Bangkok used to be located at the hand of the right fork of Sukhumvit’s Soi 11, after the famous Bed, Bangkok’s most exciting events place at the time.

Albury would be reopening in another Soi, though it has already branched to two cities, Manila and Bali. Manila’s Albury just opened with a stellar line up a month ago  at 48 Kamuning Rd., near the Caltex and Petron in Kamuning (even its Manager and Receptionists – Ian, Aries and Eds are mucho, mucho, mucho caliente- hot!)

Amazing Top: Puy of Albury

I got Puy on my second trip to Albury in Bangkok, years ago. Before that I had seen him is some racy magazines, awesomely huge dick and all, and I was surprised he worked at Albury. I had no hesitation getting him. The Bangkok Albury receptionist highly recommended him. Albury’s Puy was an amazingly, incredibly great top and our session lasted two hours of almost non stop humping. He was a tower of energy (details in another story).

Puy’s dick is uncut but that isn’t obvious in the semi erect position shown here.

The comparable guy in terms of how the dick looks, its color and its length and girth is  Jam of Albury here in QC.

Jam has a smoother, lighter skinned member though – which is a sight to behold  – and is essentially comparable when fully engorged and angry with Puy’s penis.

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September’s Best by the Editorial Board of SpaMORE

Click this link:

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From Reader Bok: My first, with Jake

This long story, cut into two parts just came in the mail:

From Bok

My body was aching, I was feeling every one of my  30 something years.  I needed to get a real massage. I wasn’t looking for anything else this time. I thought about getting a massage from a man in one of the spas I heard of. This was my first to look for a massage with a man.

I found a  number of spas where I could go to in the net. Most of them were in QC

I have always seen my self as a hetero, but lately I have been beset by bisexual longings. I wasn’t sure, I  thought this was just a phase. But there were many signs. Dreams about me riding cabal on hunky men. A second glance when a hunk passses by.  I postponed having a massage with another man lest I found the truth about myself, about what I’d been putting aside. As a hetero I was somewhat nervous about a man massaging me in case I would get hard and the man took it the wrong way. Strangely, I also found the idea of a man seeing me hard a little arousing.

Anong gagawin ko. Kung tinigasan ako, would I have him jerk me off?  What if something more happens? I thought.

Questions ran through my mind.  I just figured “bahala na” and set off for  a spa in Kamias. Here,  I found a lot of m2m spas, but the places were not quite what I thought.

I drove to  Kamuning Rd. Where I landed in Albury, surprised when I learned it had just opened a few says before.

The place was very clean and the lobby looked like one of a small boutique hotel with tasteful minimalist design. It was well lighted, in contrast to the small dark salas that seemed to be the norm in others. One felt safe here.

The staff at the reception desk was hot and exceptionally good looking and I was surprised by my reaction towards him, a chinto God. When I asked if he did massage he said no. Receptionist po ako dito. He said, politely.

I asked to see the place  and the hot staff guy walked me thru  into the massage room. I was thinking, sayang, siya na nana. He had wonderfully great kissable lips and the most piercing chinito eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  The cubicle he showed me was wide and the mattress was queen sized and there was more room for movement. The cubicle was spacious and comfortable. New age music played in the background at just the right relaxing volume, not blaring. The subtlety of the music blended with the tastefulness of the Place.

I asked to see the masseurs and the hot guy  buzzed them in. Most of them were fair and had flawless skin, the average height about 5’7 though there were two guys approaching 6 feet, aquiline noses, chinito-tisoy type. Guys who do not seem to smoke cigarettes, clean cut, some muscled. You’d see these guys in bikini competitions, clean and well maintained.  The guys here at Albury seemed different you could expose them in daylight and they’d not stick out as being out of place in staid society. They dressed simply, grey tees on denims.

I chose the tall guy, Jake. Jake was a cousin of hot staff guy and I was told by hot staff that Jake was a former indie actor. He looked the part.

Jake led me to the cubicle and politely asked me to lie down and asked if I would care for a glass of iced tea or water. Though I was thirsty, in my nervousness I said no thanks, regretting my shyness.

I lay down and Jake dimmed the light. Then I felt for the first time in my life a man’s hands massaging my back. That had never before happened. In airports I would even choose a blind masseuse.

Jake was firm and confident. The hands were smooth. He had a good, low soothing voice, asking me the level of strength that I would find OK.  While he was doing that he explained his relaxation technique and asked me to copy him as it would help me relax.

I followed his lead and it did help me relax and took my focus of the massage and just into laying there and enjoying the feelings. Jake began stretching.  He started on one side of me and gradually moved  around my flank area. All the while keeping up a constant pressure on my lower back, arms and legs. He was quite good at what he did and after a few minutes, I felt a bit sleepy, surrendering to his deft hands.  Later, I felt his hands caressing the insides of my thighs in the most tickling fashion I’ve ever had. It felt wonderfully arousing as I felt my dick stirring and growing under me. Then Jake moved to the sides of my torso, gradually moving towards my nipples, cupping them and playing with my nips. This aroused me to no end and I was feeling a bit embarrassed at myself. I could not contain my hard on. I wasn’t that surprised that a man could get me hard, though there were times in the past where good looking men would cause a stir in my genitals, but I dismissed those feelings then, a bit irritated at the thought.

Jake  worked his hands up and along my inner thighs and I felt his fingertips gently touch my balls. My  hard cock now grew to full size and I could feel it under my
stomach. He very matter of factly took it in his hand and repositioned it so it was aiming down towards my feet. He tickled the head with a circular motion of his fingers. That was intense.

Ako hong’ bahala sa yo.”

After he said this he moved around so he was by my head and started working harder on my upper shoulder area. This meant that his body was slightly bent over the back of my head and I could feel his naked body  touching me. As he moved around
a bit more to the side I turned my head slightly and opened my eyes. He was nude and semi erect. He asked, ok lang po ba?

I answered, Ok lang.

I couldn’t help but notice that his cock jerked a bit as I spoke and then grew in front of me to his fullness as I touched it, I guess, about 7-inches.

I had not seen another man’s cock this way. Certainly not a fully erect cock ever!  I found myself comparing it to mine and noticing the differences between them.  Jake’s was longer, thicker, smooth and fair. I started to wonder what it felt like in my mouth.

As if he could read my mind he moved around, back to the side of me, so his cock was just a couple of inches in front of my right hand. Now I am still lying on my
back but I found my hand had a life of its own and it eased out and allowed his cock to rest on my open palm. Now I’m lying down with a virtual stranger’s cock resting on my hand.

While I was deciding what, if anything, I should do next the decision was taken away from me. Jake  moved around again to end up at my feet or should I say between my feet. He gently pushed my legs apart so they were positioned on each side apart and he was standing between them.

Nakapa full body massage na ba kayo?” he asked.  I shook my head, no.  At that he gently eased his body over my ass and up my back. I could feel his head above my
shoulders, his chest resting on my lower/middle back and his cock was between my leg but I could not feel it.

As he slid his body over mine, very gently backwards and forwards, he pushed his weight down on my back and shoulders, pushing me  and forcing me to breath out to relieve the pressure. While he was doing this I slowly felt his cock sliding up between my legs until it was hitting against my balls and ass crack. He then allowed it to slide further up and push its way between my cheeks. Up and down from my balls to the top
of my crack and down again.


He was still hard as a rock and  so was
I.  I had never felt another man’s cock against my ass
and I was starting to enjoy the sensation I was getting, though afraid that he would suddenly plunge it inside.
Just as I thought he might go even further and try to
fuck me, he slid back down my body, got off and told me it was time to turn over so he could work on my front. Moment of truth for me. Another man was going to see my fully erect, pre-cum moistened cock.

I turned over and he allowed me a few seconds to get
comfortable again before restarting his massage. He
started down on my legs and that gave me a few minutes
to catch my thoughts. I had my eyes wide open now so I
could watch what was happening. Jake was still hard. I
could clearly see his cock sticking out proudly in
front of him while he carried on rubbing me. He moved
up the the side of my stomach and worked on my stomach
and chest.

Now his cock was again a couple of inches from my hand. Again with a life of its own, my hand reached out but this time firmly grasped his cock and started to slide
up and down it. “Enjoy ka ba?” he asked.

“Um, OO,” was my hesitant answer.

After a few minutes he moved around me again to my other side. Jake still had not touched my cock since earlier which by this time was crying out for some more action.

Jake moved again, this time up to the side of my head and started massaging my head. This required him to turn my head to the side and  I could see his erect cock just inches now from my mouth.  I opened my mouth and his cock just seemed to slide in. I was surprised at my new-found boldness.

To be continued.


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Yuri 09975701590

My first encounter with Yuri was quite odd.

I was sitting in Heavenly Touch waiting for my masseur when I heard this fair skinned good looking guy speaking over the phone. It wasn’t an ordinary conversation. The chat was dirty, like: “Gusto mong isubsob tong titi ko sa bunganga mo?” and so on. The chat was so dirty and he seemed serious I was enjoying it. The dirty talk, over at Heavenly Touch gave me a hard on, but that made me  wary of him or months after that..

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.05 PM

It wasn’t until one year after I overheard the conversation that I actually got him. He was very nice in his manly way, and it was a bit awkward since we already knew each other quite well, parang ka tropa. He was smiling and said, ser nakakailang po quasi matagal na tayong magkaibigan.

The sexy, dirty talk I heard a year before was a thing of the past and although I secretly wanted him to do that to me, ako naman lang nahiya. Yuri was amused when I told him about the conversation I heard, Gerald, who was sitting nearby laughed, it was apparently role playing to a client who liked it, who was into it.

That aside, Yuri gave me one of the best and most professional massages I’ve ever had,

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 11.02.29 PM

and it has always been that way, a great,  serious pro-level massage, and after you think that couldn’t be topped, t the next phase is even better, Unforgettable.

Yuri is tall, about 5′ 8 1/2,  has a smooth, very fair bod with pinkish nips. His dick is long, really huge and very fair – a beauty to behold – and hard,  “big-angry” when provoked, a bottom’s delight.

Even with his looks, his near flawless bod and his skills, Yuri has topped himself  once more by  training with TESDA for a professional masseur’s certificate. I’d rank him alongside my best.09975701590 (Albury)

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Another SEKYU


I was on my way to do my spa rounds last night  – I got info that Albury had added three new masseurs yesterday and wanted to see them  when I stopped by the guards’ quarters of our subdivision to inquire about my missing Yorkie. The dog wasn’t found but I found  the new guard who I had the hots the past two weeks about to change clothes. He had just gone off duty. I’ll go to Albury tomorrow, I thought.

He’s the new guard among a selection that’s terribly bad so that when I saw him at the check point this first week. I couldn’t help but stare. He was tall, bronzed, had full lips, a good nose and deep set eyes. Gorgeous in the rough. His muscles strained through his tight SG uniform. These past weeks I managed to strike two conversations with him to gauge his availability, nothing sexual, nothing to scare him off. I just wanted to have him feel comfortable with moi. His name was Jerry.

Jerry had just stripped his white SG shirt off and his muscles had appeared more defined with just his sando on. I asked him about whether they had found my pet and we struck a conversation. I learned that he would be going home only twice a month and that he would be staying at the SG quarters most times when he was not on duty.  Ano po lang cell number ninyo sir para ma text kita pa nahanap ang also niyo. My pulse quickened, I had intended to get his number. This was too easy. Pag nakita po, dadalhin ko sa bahay ninyo. Sino pong kasama ninyo, misis  at anak niyo? I said, directly, wala akong miss di pa ako kasal. He laughed, marami kayo sigurong babe. I answered suggestingly, di ako mahilig sa babae. Ikew, ilan na lang nakantot mong babae, marami na siguro. Dalawa lang po ser. I laughed. Sa guapo mong yan, ganda pa ng katawan mo? I began teasing then left to go back to the house

8:00, just as I was leaving for a spa, I got a text message, it was Jerry: “Sir, kumain na kayo?” I answered: Oo kakakain lang. Ikaw, kumain na, kung di pa punta ka dito, may paksiw na lechon at labong. He answered: “nakakahiya naman sir sino po ba  ang  kasama niyo  diyan?” I said: “Yung katulong kanina, per umuwi na, di siya stay in. Daan ka dito, alam mo naan yung lugar ko dito, rumoronda ka sa motor pag duty. ”  “Wag ka nang mahiya, punta ka na, lalabas ako mamaya.”

8:45 I heard the sound of a motorcycle decelerating and the doorbell ringing. I opened the gate and told him to bring in his motorcycle para hindi makita ng mga kasama mo.. He had an amber jersey on  and wore gray jogger pants.

To be continued



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New Spa: Albury opens

new spa

ALBURY 09975701590

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.44.06 PM
Albury 48 Kamuning Rd., QC, 09975701590

Continue reading “New Spa: Albury opens”

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Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.26.20 PM

Just a week ago, he was tending to the dimsum cart at a Chinese restaurant in Malolos, probably ogled to no end by PLUs wondering if he’s available and conjuring secret, dirty schemes in their minds. His newly acquired massage skills are positively endearing in their newbie-ness.

It is amazing that Albury “saved” ( or was it?) him from his boring job.

Though it has a great line up, Albury should try to recruit more from this well, and try to bring in sexy young virile security Guards who might want a change of scene or a more lucrative pursuit. I can teach them how to do it, HAHAHA!

Kel is a prize catch indeed.

Kel is a new guy and it is understandable that his massage reflects that, but one feels the sincerity in the effort, because its not a put-on. I’d like to think he will get better, as he should. It is just a matter of putting more pressure in his strokes and learning how a subtle flick here or there might do wonders to his client. I fell asleep during part of the massage, which is a good sign that I reached a state of relaxation. That is a good start, but I did not get him merely for the massage alone. With his looks, I could just have him stand there and stare at his face for hours.


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Dangerously and barely legal

I passed by a spa yesterday afternoon in the Araneta- Aurora Blvd axis where the receptionist was pushing for a young chap (too young in fact) who was barely legal. The boy was very fair, about 5’3″ with the flawless kin of a baby, the pinkest lips. I passed. I don’t like twinks.  They have no appeal. I like brusko, mangagawa, sekyu, pintor, tambay na may dating. Yun bang parang mangbubugbog sa tingin per sa totoo, mabait naan pala. I like angas, edgy handsome edgy.

I asked the gay receptionist if he looked at the birth certificate of the boy. The receptionist insisted he was 18 going 19. Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday. The young man had twink spread all over his face, very innocent looking.

Kel of Albury

Oh, do they know how to kiss!

Including a torrid m2m kissing scene with Leo di Caprio

Overcoming sex addiction

Read this interesting article on overcoming sex addiction which I’d like to share:
“Cognitive Approach
Most solutions from google, eHow, yahoo answers and Forum’s are based on this. In other words, using your “Fore-brain.” Things like “don’t think about it, pick up hobbies, exercise, etc.” This is considered a weak method in the Medical/Psychiatric Community for real addicts, and never worked for me by itself. They are valid, and are part of the included solution, but not the silver bullet.

Classical Conditioning:
+ reinforcement = applied stimulus (noxious or pleasant)
– reinforcement = removing negative stimulus
Is stronger and better for people with serious addiction, and is Step #3. Combining it with the Cog Approach has best results. Read on please.


Step 1: Rearrange your life: Get out of unhealthy relationships (neg. reinforcement), including sexual ones. Sex is OK if in a healthy relationship. Surround yourself with someone who is motivated to offer their support, perhaps found in a “chaste” girlfriend (in my case), religious or otherwise. Tell them about your goal. Have a solid, strong reason(s) for quitting – make a list if you must. Imagine the life you want to live.

Step 2: Deal with personal issues/health: Bipolar, depression, insomnia, OCD, phobias, etc. –> begin treatment. These can make you hyper-sexual or in need of comfort. Masturbation is self-medication just like alcohol and drugs. See a therapist for personal struggles or build friendships.

The most important: Step 3: Fear: Triggers & Memories need to be reconditioned reciprocally. Deliver a painful shock immediately every instant, every time you imagine porn and/or have an urge. Or, more realistically, close your eyes and relive your strongest fear-provoking or painful memory in fine detail (positive reinforcement). Explore making it worse, like bees crawling in your ears and stinging you all over, or a rattlesnake on your bed/floor, or needles, for instance. This is the MAIN STEP. Don’t stop doing this for 3-5 days EVERY SINGLE TIME you have ANY sexual thought, without fail. If you can imagine it to the point you get a shiver and a rush – this is optimal. Keep doing it! See the end of the blog why this works.

Step 4: Environment: Change your environment to include this fear. Desktop backgrounds of bees, for instance. Be able to pull this image up in your mind instantly as soon as “tempted.” Rip sounds off youtube into mp3. Wear clothes/pajamas to bed. Never touch except to wash. Your “urge” will begin diminishing within 3-5 days. Your willpower will manage it better now. Continue these exercises frequently or occasionally to keep things in check as needed.

Step 5: Replace Triggers: Change media habits – movies/shows/songs with any imagery reminiscent. Below is a list of healthy movies. Avoid lustful situations, reduce alcohol consumption, and change how you act in those situations. Avoid turning your head. See women as people and talk to them eye-to-eye, don’t look down. Build a healthy relationship not centered solely on sex. When you undress to shower and a mirror is there, accept your body and its sexual power, but don’t dwell on it. Move on. Imagine the blue guy in The Watchman with an always limp dick and pretend you are him. Use the “How to fall asleep quicker” steps at the end of this blog. Don’t think or count when you last masturbated, focus on your new life and how you want it. Don’t read other how to quit materials – it will just remind you of masturbating and itself is a trigger! Throw away any imagery you have, delete all sexual-related materials from your computer.

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”

Step 5(b): A new you/positive reinforcement: You will have more free time. NOW you can start gradually replace this with new things. I keep a cleaner/more organized apartment, exercise, work on my relationships with others, and spend more time studying (I’m in medical school so not much leisure time for me), and lots of little things you didn’t think you had time to do before.

Further Methods/Fine-Tuning & Tips:

Once you have yourself under better control, you can work on positive reinforcement and replace old habits. You have been living in a world where one thing mattered to you than most other things, and the world will seem grey and boring at first. Consider a hobby related to your fear. For me, it would be bee-keeping. With time, you will learn to find the joy in what remains, be more successful, explore things you didn’t, and be ready for a satisfying relationship. In fact, your sex life is better – you last longer, and she will be happier with your self-control and respect of her. She will be more willing to reciprocate her attentions and be more satisfying to you: quality not quantity.

How to Fall Asleep Quickly: Retrain yourself to fall asleep within 10 minutes.

1. Remove Television and computers from your bedroom.
2. Only lie down when tired. If you don’t fall asleep within 10 minutes, get up and do something else.
3. Melatonin 3mg chewable fast-acting (30 min) can help or add a small 5mg dose of cheap Zolpidem
4. Only use your bed for sleep (and sex when/if you are in a relationship)
5. Keep mints or candy next to your bed. Sometimes eating a snack or a small piece helps. When your mouth produces more saliva it brings on serotonin, bringing on a sense of well-being and comfort. You can choose sugar-free so you don’t worry about dental problems.
6. Warm milk and/or Camamille Tea help, but shouldn’t be necessary.

Please add comments of good movies that are clean to this blog and I will add them, this is a work in progress. Some of these older ones can be found on Youtube such as Silas Marner.

Silas Marner
The Last Brickmaker – Sidney Portier
The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn – Sidney Portier
The Legend of Bagger Vance – Will Smith Matt Damon – one minor scene
Why This Works Medically:

The Amygdala is a primitive, VERY powerful part of your brain that handles fear. It can override many processes in your brain and body instantly, especially when faced with a threat. It activates the sympathetic nervous system (libido is linked to the opposite parasympathetic system: you don’t feel like reproducing when being attacked). It also stores memories of the slightest fear-provoking situations. For example, brain scans show it active even looking at a picture of a villain or frowning man!

The Parietal Lobe stores images/movies: all the risque movies, porn, and sexy women you know or have seen in your life. People typically run 1 maybe 2 images at a time without the need for concentration, particularly men who have that “one-tracked mind.” By using fearful imagery, you are blocking out the images AND inhibiting the sex drive simultaneously.

Congratulations, you have employed a self-induced/modified Aversion Therapy and Systematic Desensitization, as well as a host of other Behavioral modification mechanisms. This shot-gun approach should cover all the bases is my hope. Please comment any further ideas that have worked for you – I want your feedback! Aversion therapy is used by medical practitioners for all types of addictions & psychological phenomenon. In Paraphiles, they will actually use physical harm/pain such as electrical shock upon seeing a paraphillic image, in addition to mental excercises of social consequences such as “getting caught.” But you WANT to quit, right? So provide your own negative consequence mentally and repeatedly – it will break your bad habits on a conscious and subconscious level.
Your life will be better with self-mastery.
“An intelligent person can rationalize anything, a wise person doesn’t try.”

My Story & Why I made this:

As far as my biography goes, I am a Medical Student who intends to become a psychiatrist to work with others with addiction and mental illness. I quit a decent career for the cliche term “my life calling.” I hope it works out.

What else is there to say here besides I am a recovered Sex Addict. I watched porn for 17 years, and never went a week without masturbation. I averaged 2-3 masturbation sessions a day. I hit on women any chance I had in inappropriate situations. I paid for sex. I also have Bipolar Type II (Mostly depression with some hypomanias) for which I take 50-100mg Lamotrigine three times a day, which has changed my life. Manic Depression includes hyper-sexuality, and it greatly compounded my addiction with other possible culprits. I have been treated for 4 years, but my addiction only slightly diminished. My brain was already hooked to it.

My addiction derailed my personal life, affected my choice in spouses and girlfriends, and included a host of other problems I’m sure googling “100 reasons to quit masturbating” will reveal. Raised in a religious background long long ago, I did have a religious moment that may have helped. In the dark and alone on a rocky beach I poured my heart out, or rather, yelled at my higher power, blamed him, told him it wasn’t fair, whined, told him I had done my part and tried everything and where has he been all this time. It was a week later when I had the epiphany about focusing on a strong fear I had (next paragraph)

I had tried to quit for years, searched the net through all the ramblings, testimonials, and forums and tried things without success, including Chasteberry root to lower my libido. I didn’t really come across Aversion Therapy, which is used on Paraphiliacs by psychiatrists, and I certainly wouldn’t “deliver shock” to myself if I had read it. Remembering a childhood fear of bees when I seemed at my “wits end” on how to quit just seemed like an epiphany, and I started concentrating on it every time I had a “naughty thought” if you will. Within a few days, I was elated at this new-found control. ONLY THEN, did all the other things start clicking into place Steps 4+ which are so common on the web. I honestly feel that most could just do Step #3 and if they have any level of intelligence and motivation, the other steps just make “sense.”

Complete “Masturbation Celibacy” vs. Reducing Masturbation Frequency.

I think the prevailing opinion by many is that “masturbation is ok and healthy” “hey it reduces prostate cancer!” etc, but not at the level I was doing it. My goal which seemed impossible was to eliminate it all together and reserve my libido solely for my partner. This is an important point, because as an addict my brain has been conditioned to associate self-masturbation with porn. Therefore, it is my belief that masturbating, if I choose to, risks putting me back into porn habits, just like a smoker who goes into a pool hall. If I were to resume it albeit infrequently, I would need to be in controlled situations and proceeded carefully, controlling my thoughts so as not to retrigger my porn addiction or overly indulge. Paraphilias, for instance, are instructed to masturbate at “appropriate” situations rather than their fetish, a paradox that soft-porn is part of a paraphillias’ treatment in light of my story. I hope, however, you are intelligent enough to get my point: I need to still control “porn triggers” and encourage masturbation in appropriate situations, such as with a partner. However, it is my belief I needed this Complete Celibacy FIRST to gain control, and then reintroduce it in healthier situations and frequency.”



This is an old post from rddantes, but it is one of my favorites.

A relaxing session


Lance  09975701590 gives an exceptionally relaxing massage. In a line up, he tends to be overshadowed by some of his peers but that’s where Lance is underestimated. Personally, I’d give this young guy a 10/10 in massage, and much more than that in bringing about relaxation. The ES is outstanding too at 9/10.

Chinito sa mall


Napadalaw ako sa mall na making dating pinupuntahan nung bata pa  ako. May convention kami at naka check in ako sa Century Park Hotel. Alam niyo na marahil kung among mall yung katabi. Dating pugad ito ng mga lalaking nagbibigay ng aliw.

Wala akong dalang toiletries kaya kinailangan kong bumaba sa hotel para bumili ng kagamitan sa mall. Nandon pa yung dating Rustan’s Supermarket at yung SM. Ibang iba yung aura nung mall kumpara sa glory days nito nung nakaraaan.

Out of curiosity, pagkabili, namasyal ako sa loob ng mall, sa mga sulok sulok na dating may napi pick  up na lalaki. Mukhang wala na.

Palabas na sana ako num may namataan akong hot na chinito sa malapit sa Mercuryry Drug.  I could not help but stare stare sa kaniya. Nun nahalata niya na may tumitingin unwise ko young aking tingin. To be continued.


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