The wash your car boy

He was wearing boxers, and I noticed the huge bulge swinging sideways beneath those boxers. I managed to get his humber, only 19 but apparently well endowed.

I was not disappointed. Beneath those shorts was a monster, not for virgin bottoms. Even I had a hard time.I had to plead with the young eager hunk to go slowly, enter gently. The monster stretched my walls to limit and I could feel the head hitting hard. For someone so young, he was a prodigy in bed, an unforgettable session. Smooth, flawless light moreno body. Toned sa trabaho, a real good looking working class wonder. 0975 797 1647.  Kevin.


JB is about 5’6, the boy wonder of Eagles nest. Barely 19, his a virtioso in bed, the best nipple lick, the best kiss for someone so young. I think, in terms of pleasure giving, he’s the best in Eagle’s nest in Kamias.  A perfect 10/10. 0917 897 0781

Didn’t want to come…not yet

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 2.16.40 PM
I took this grainy picture of him on my CP inside the cubicle. Will try to get clearer  shots 

Some male stars today started in simpler, humbler pursuits and jobs. Jestoni Alarcon was a youthful cargador in the Kamuning Market, Isko Moreno had his pagpag days, Mark Neumann is rumored to have been in a racier trade, if the rumors are accurate.

One of the ultimate gay fantasies is to have met these and other objects of desire in their humbler days. Some have and may have succeeded.

Yesterday, I met a young guy of 22 in this category. His name is Marlon. Exceptionally good looking and definitely artistahin. He was a security guard in a Chinatown mall the past two years, but someone convinced him he was destined for other things.

He’s tall, 5’8, unquestionably tisuyin, and would rank in the looks department among those I mentioned. In fact, he’s even better.

Better still, his lovemaking skills are exceptional. Great, a big wow. On top of that, his size is huge. He’s patient, skillful and delivers an ES that is unimaginably outstanding, so great that after more than an hour being in bed with him, I didn’t want it to end.

He belongs to the new group of masseurs over at Eaglenest Spa in Kamias, call Boyet for more information.

If this new tisoy guy is a great new find, another amazing guy at Eaglenest is JB, a stocky good looking moreno hunk who has been at Eaglenest only for one month. JB is 19 but he is a prodigy in terms of delivering amazing ES skills. His romansa, the way he does your body is exceptional, unforgettable, so unforgettable that I’ve had JB two nights in a row now! JB has a smooth flawless, well toned moreno body and has a stout and huge member too!

Anthony of Eaglesnest, another newbie is in the same category as our new tissuey guy. Fair skinned, Anthony delivers!




Intensity: Joko (0920 7765123) and Mars (0939 124 7812)



A reader writes about the intensity of his experience with Joko the other day. It was not the first time he was topped – he’s had several before – but he gushes that his experience the other night with Joko was unforgettable in its awesome intensity.

Joko, together with Mars, has the biggest dick in the business, and anyone who’s had him will attest to the fact that a single encounter with him is terribly tiring in its length but awesomely exhilarating. You won’t forget it. It is simply incomparable. Joko has a big one – just sucking his is an unusual experience, I mean unusual in a good way.

He fills one’s oral cavity, getting in an out until one is on the verge of gagging and involuntarily tearing.

However great a fellatio with him is, being topped by Joko is simply out of this
world. He fucks hard, he shoves, pushes, gyrates, circles, helicopters, pushes it all in in slo mo then gains in a speed and intensity that is indescribably great. His dick is long and thick.

The dick fills you up, and you really feel it as he comes in and out. The dickhead explores the sides of your anal wall in all imaginable directions it is impossible for one not to feel sore afterwards, like being fucked continuously. It is tiring, but you’re happy-tired, and you’ll not forget it for days on end. Any session with him is worth the money and he always exceeds one’s expectations. I’ve had him many times.

Mars the other big one is likewise a dynamo in the top business. It would be unfair to compare him to Joko because both belong to the same class, same degree of intense performance, and he’s a very nice guy, a Moreno looker that looks like your fantasy guard, soldier or policeman.

Mars usually lives in Masbate but he’s been in Manila lately and said he will be here only for a week.

Whatever. These heirs of the great JR are memorable in the intense experience that they consistently deliver.

Will (Conclusion)

Will and I were ushered by a room boy in one of the rooms upstairs (from the basement parking) of the motel near a major network. I’ve always disliked the castle-like architecture of this motel, but the rooms are good and it isn’t crowded.

Will checked if the room’s ref had anything to drink and asked me if it was ok to have a beer. We both had  two cans each.  He sat on the bed after taking his shoes and socks off and took off his shirt. He began to relax. Over beer we made small talk. After we finished, we talked a little, nagpapakiramdaman.

I said: buksan mo na ito, para mas relaxed ka, trying to remove his belt. Will opened his fly and I started caressing his semi hard cock which got harder. I tried to pull down his briefs but he said, ako nang bahala, pulling it down. By this time it was hard, huge,  red and glistening, the cock-head, I mean. Will is a fair-complexioned guy and his dick shaft was very fair. His fair complexion exaggerated the redness of his dick. It was a mushroom type dickhead, a big head on a thick and long shaft. It was hard, really hard.

The dickhead was a wonder like a portobello mushroom (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but that was the head’s proportion to the shaft, and it looked nice to play with.) I slowly put his dick head onto my mouth, playing only with the head.  Will tried to suppress a gasp and a moan. His neck was hyperextended, his eyes closed.

I played with the head with an interminable period of time grazing my teeth on the surface of the head, that must have been very ticklish. Then I played with the dick’s hole with my tongue.

Pare, isubo mo lahat!

I suddenly swallowed Will’s dick as much as I can. At first it was hard. I tried to adjust my mouth to accommodate the thick shaft, which was really thick. The first few strokes were slow and tentative, but then I felt his hands on my head and he tried to gently shove my head onto his huge dick. He succeeded, I gagged, but tried again. In a while, I had adjusted to Will’s hugeness and was swallowing the thing whole, his dickhead hitting beyond the area of the uvula. I teared, gagged a little, but it was exciting. His hands guided my head faster towards his dick. I sucked, I licked, I swallowed, as he began to wildly shove his penis into my mouth. Then it happened. There was a warm burst of come beginning to fill my mouth. The burst twas an explosion, followed by another one, then another, then another. The cum tasted sweet and came in paroxysms, the small bursts, then he relaxed, taking his hands off my head and slumped into the bed.

Sarap mong chumupa pare!

(Postscript: Will and I became friends for over a year. He was one of the best and most unforgettable guys I ever had. At that time he had problems with his wife, and I was not sure if they were living together. He was very good-looking in a very masculine sense. One day, after sex, Will told me “Pare, nagkabalikan na kami ng miss ko, pasyensiya ka na hindi na ako mapapadalas dito.” And that was that.

Will disappeared into the faint light of dawn. I tried to seek him out at the resto where he worked, but he had requested a transfer to the megamall branch , near where he lived and was closer to home and his wife and kid. I never saw him again. It was a great time while it lasted.)


Avoid Tim

Nature’s Green has some outstanding masseurs to pick from. Unfortunately, it was afternoon and they were not there. The last time I had Dion, he was outsanding I got him more than once. So was Miggy, who’s good looking moreno,  always dependable and has such a huge member, that itself is a good point for the guy (he works hard and is very passionate). GlenOcado, who has a wonderful torso with a full complement of chest hair is also there. If you like guys with chest hair, he is it/ Glen’s massage is outstanding and I’ve had him several times at Heavenly Touch and he was good each time. Glen also has a very pleasant demeanour So is Mark, the dark latino-black looking twinkish tall guy who looks like he’s straight from LatinBoyz. He’s good too. And Yuri, if there’s a reason to hie off to Nature’s Green, its Yuri, Who lives near Ian’s hometown in Bulacan. Yuri got my attention when he was dirty talking a woman over the phone and that was all very sexy. But really, Yuri is a good guy, very maasikaso, flawless and huge his cockhead reddens and glistens when engorged. Lots of reasons to go to Nature’s Green.

However, I got this guy named Tim from Nature’s Green Who has a terrible attitude. In thE looks category it was a slow day, so I had no choice but to settle for him, to my huge disappointment. Tim dillydallied for a while downstairs and when he came up, he was not up to it. This is unprecedented. He is not even significant where it counts. You win some, lose some.

Not Tim. I’d never go back for him. Terrible.

Will 3

The hotel neat the big TV network is the Camelot, the gaudy castle that looks out of place in the Scout area, fronting what used to be Danarra (Now an SM development). I parked in the basement. A lanky attendant quickly appeared beside my car door as I began to alight from the car. Will alighted too. I asked for a room and the attendant led us to a room on the third floor.

I asked If Will wanted something from the room fridge, but he said he and his fellow waiters had taken a few drinks after duty.

I took my shirt off. That was his cue to take of his white kamisadentro. He looked very sexy in it.  I could see that there was no undershirt. Will carefully put his shirt on the chair of the dresser and lay down. I was in my briefs. While he took off his shirt, he did not take off his denims, lying on the bed half naked, denims on.

I kissed his dark round nipples and began kissing him on the chest up to the neck upwards. I kissed his cheek. There was a small hint of gin from his mouth, not offensive. In fact,  I was excited by it. I grazed his ear and kissed him on the cheek again, but didn’t try the mouth. Wag biglain, relax lang, that would be for later, I thought

The hotel’s television did not have any x rated program but I was prepared.  The tablet that I brought with me had a variety of x rated heterosexual films for all kinds of tastes. I opened some, and Will picked what he liked. Teens analysed, the one where the young EUROboy fucks his girl in the ass.

I began grazing my mouth towards the nipples again. Will smelled good, lalake  good. The right mix of manly mustiness and good perfume. He had taste. The way he carried his shirt and denims showed he had taste. He smelled arousingly good.

I began going down, licking his umbilical cord,  which was amazingly clean and deep. My tongue licked it, circled it, fucked it for a few minutes while my hand caressed the hair that ran from the umbilical cord right down his pubic line. It soon grazed Will’s crotch.

Then I began to stroke his crotch, feel it.

It was getting hard, rock hard. With his denims on, it felt huge.

I kissed his stomach, traveling down his crotch, kissing his crotch from outside the denim. My  lips explored his covered penis. Even from outside, I had to open my mouth wide to accommodate its girth. It was more that promising. I couldn’t help but playfully bite his member from outside, smelling it.

My hands struggled to  remove his belt and unbutton his pants. Will firmly moved my hands so he could unbutton his denim. I could have imagined that Will’s dick was pulsating from within. I could not contain my excitement but tried to hide it.

At last it was out. The dickhead was  huge red pulsating mushroom, its diameter definitely bigger than the thick shaft. It was an amazingly beautiful, angry long and thick cock. I wanted to take a picture of it but I did not. I didn’t want to scare him away.

My difficulty opening my mouth to accommodate the shaft while his tool was encased inside his denims worsened when he had freed his penis. The dickhead was monstrously huge. I had to summon the limits of my mouth’s and lips’ elasticity just to try to get it inside.  Itutuloy