An Outworldly Experience

Chris is the kind of guy who is best seen and best experienced. Though he looks good on camera, the camera does not do justice to the sparkle in his eyes that shine from its deep set foundations. In person, with more photogenic peers, Chris simply stands out. That’s the “may K” factor that pundits see in outstanding and out of this world gifted individuals.

I had been attracted to MJ (very photogenic), Jojo (very very good looking), but when Chris strode into the crowded vestibule, my eyes were on him and I’d forgotten the other good looking guys. The eyes shine and sparkle, the aquiline nose is straight, the lips are full for kissing (and yes, he does kiss excellently) and the demeanour just perfect. I like his moreno color, and the entire look just simply reeks lalaking-lalaki.

Chris is a great performer,  and no moment is wasted. Every single minute is a minute of bliss. In other words,  Chris delivers.

(got Chris through Mama Rey of Essensa 09266581730)

Readers would be interested in the size, Which is an XXL, huge. Perfect!

What Mary Magdalene wasn’t

Thought for today:

Mary Magdalene has the reputation in Western Christianity as being a repentant prostitute or loose woman; however, these claims arenot supported by the canonical gospels. The identity of Mary Magdalene is believed to have been merged with the identity of the unnamed sinner who anoints Jesus’ feet in Luke 7:36–50.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 2.09.23 PM

Jay and Alvin

They’re a study in contrasts. While one, Jay, is the most senior among Albury’s Line up, Alvin is fairly new to the business,fresh and was discovered when Albury held its Christmas party in Pansol , Laguna. If you’ve been looking for a resort to rent in Pansol, you’ll notice men on motorcycles and bicycles trying to help find you a place, for a commission, of course. Alvin was one of them, and he was instantly noticed. Albury invited the young man to its Christmas gathering, and that’s how he came to be at the Kamuning spa.



I used to find Jay intriguing, like a male model’s angular face. Its a different standard that either grows on you…or not – a matter of taste. But he has had quite a strong Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 6.48.37 AMpresence. I remember him being good at massage and ES over at Heavenly Touch, but I haven’t had him since. As I said, its really a matter of taste. By contrast, Alvin is immediately noticeable in a room because of his boyish charm, the eyes get drawn to him, like Chad, or Gerald or Derrick or Terence. I’m not quite sure about the skills, but Alvin is a nice young chap, easy to be with and pleasant to the eye. In his few weeks at Albury, he’s been a popular choice.

Alvin was great, a boy-man, charming and nice. Jay is on the picture, left. I think borta lovers will appreciate him quite a lot.  Though not delicately muscled, he’s git a bod that sorta enthusiasts sometimes crave for.

Amazing Aljur



He was the new guy at the pool party that a popular spa had organised for its therapists in Pansol Laguna. The masseurs had come from duty and had neglected to bring swimming trunks so they were in their thin boxer shorts. Boxers wet, their bulges had shown. It was a smorgasbord of bulges, brawn and bodies.

One bulge stood out, and I couldn’t take my eyes out of his bulge, this new therapist. It wasn’t even hard but in its flaccid state there was promise of a monster within.

A monster it was. At night, after drinks, fun and swimming, I asked him, Aljur to share my twin room. He did, but he was slightly inebriated and I thought he just wanted to rest or go to sleep.

I couldn’t take my eyes from his bulge. Aljur 09975701590 fell asleep after a quick shower. He was wearing Bench boxers

The Welder

Jeff spent several months as a welder and brick layer. Before that he had tried his hand in massage but decided to go back to Pampanga to his old job as a brick layer and welder. Old habits die hard, so that when a customer seduced him the gay guy got the experience of his life, fulfilling his fantasies good looking bortang mangagawa, constru, welder etc.

My most memorable experience with Jheff was the sensation of being raped in a construction site. Jheff is simply great in play acting, like Yuri. That was steamy, hot, sexy and exhilarating. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote then in another site:

Sinibasib ni Jheff ang aking kili kili at tinakpaan ng kaniyang kamay ang akin bibig nung medyo natawa ako. Hirap na hirap ako. Halong kiliti at sarap, mahirap pala ang natatawa ka pero di mo mailabas dahil may kamay na malakas na pumipigil. Maya maya, gumalaw ang kaniyang dila patungo sa utong ko. Napabuntong hininga ako sa sobrang sarap. Kinagat kagat niya ang marhan ang utong. Sinimulan niyang idiin ang kagat hanggang sumakit. Masakit yaaaan, Jheff! Muli, tinakpan niya ang bibig ko  habang patuloy na  kinakagat ang aking dibdib. Parang sadista. Bobo ka,  gago! Sambit  ni Jheff, nasasarapan ka naman ah.  Masarap. Masakit. Lalo pa nga akong tinigasan sa pag pigil niya na sumigaw ako sa sarap at sakit.


When I got back with him this past week, he kidded: rape ba ulit sir? Hahaha…that night was awfully exhausting and awesomely good.


Another SEKYU


I was on my way to do my spa rounds last night  – I got info that Albury had added three new masseurs yesterday and wanted to see them  when I stopped by the guards’ quarters of our subdivision to inquire about my missing Yorkie. The dog wasn’t found but I found  the new guard who I had the hots the past two weeks about to change clothes. He had just gone off duty. I’ll go to Albury tomorrow, I thought.

He’s the new guard among a selection that’s terribly bad so that when I saw him at the check point this first week. I couldn’t help but stare. He was tall, bronzed, had full lips, a good nose and deep set eyes. Gorgeous in the rough. His muscles strained through his tight SG uniform. These past weeks I managed to strike two conversations with him to gauge his availability, nothing sexual, nothing to scare him off. I just wanted to have him feel comfortable with moi. His name was Jerry.

Jerry had just stripped his white SG shirt off and his muscles had appeared more defined with just his sando on. I asked him about whether they had found my pet and we struck a conversation. I learned that he would be going home only twice a month and that he would be staying at the SG quarters most times when he was not on duty.  Ano po lang cell number ninyo sir para ma text kita pa nahanap ang also niyo. My pulse quickened, I had intended to get his number. This was too easy. Pag nakita po, dadalhin ko sa bahay ninyo. Sino pong kasama ninyo, misis  at anak niyo? I said, directly, wala akong miss di pa ako kasal. He laughed, marami kayo sigurong babe. I answered suggestingly, di ako mahilig sa babae. Ikew, ilan na lang nakantot mong babae, marami na siguro. Dalawa lang po ser. I laughed. Sa guapo mong yan, ganda pa ng katawan mo? I began teasing then left to go back to the house

8:00, just as I was leaving for a spa, I got a text message, it was Jerry: “Sir, kumain na kayo?” I answered: Oo kakakain lang. Ikaw, kumain na, kung di pa punta ka dito, may paksiw na lechon at labong. He answered: “nakakahiya naman sir sino po ba  ang  kasama niyo  diyan?” I said: “Yung katulong kanina, per umuwi na, di siya stay in. Daan ka dito, alam mo naan yung lugar ko dito, rumoronda ka sa motor pag duty. ”  “Wag ka nang mahiya, punta ka na, lalabas ako mamaya.”

8:45 I heard the sound of a motorcycle decelerating and the doorbell ringing. I opened the gate and told him to bring in his motorcycle para hindi makita ng mga kasama mo.. He had an amber jersey on  and wore gray jogger pants.

(The sekyu featured in the photo isn’t the one described in the article)

To be continued

My favourite curry buns


Curry Buns (10 pieces)
Adapted from Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids, who adapted from I Can Bake by Agnes Chang

Basic Sweet Bun Dough 



  • 400 g high protein flour, sifted (Bread flour)
  • 100 g low protein flour, sifted (I used cake flour)
  • 1 tsp bread improver, optional (I did not use)
  • 10 g milk powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp instant yeast
  • 100 g castor sugar (I used 50 g)
  • 1 egg
  • 220 ml water


  • 75 g butter / margarine (I used 75 g of olive oil)


1 egg, lightly beaten with 1/8 tsp salt


Pandan leaves cut into 1 cm strips, 10 pieces


  • Put all ingredients A into a bowl or breadmaker and mix into a smooth dough (I mixed for 20 mins in the breadmaker)
  • Add B (the butter or oil) and continue to knead until gluten has developed and it can be stretched into a very thin layer.
  • Cover with a piece of damp cloth and leave to rise until it doubles in bulk. (1 hour)
  • Punch down and knead again until smooth.
  • Divide into desired portions (85 to 90g) and shape into balls.
  • Cover with damp cloth and rest for 10-15 mins
  • Fill with the curry filling (recipe below) and shape into rounds. Tie each bun with 1 strip of pandan leave.
  • Leave to rise till double (about 30 mins).
  • Egg wash, and bake at 200*C for about 15 mins.

don’t forget the eggs

Nothing better than soft boiled eggs and a crisp baguette for breakfast. I’m glad that PriceMart in Ft. Bonifacio now carries brown-shelled eggs, though you can buy small, native brown-shelled eggs at the tiangge. Off to buy egg cups to match…

Life’s simple joys

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 1.56.45 PM

Sitting on the veranda of a place near Cantinella  in John Hay reading a book and nibbling crusty bread, olives, blueberries and pistaccio. The sun is out, but there’s a cool breeze, the young pine trees swaying, the pine scent distinct and relaxing, heaven on a Holy Saturday.

Just a week ago, he was tending to the dimsum cart at a Chinese restaurant in Malolos, probably ogled to no end by PLUs wondering if he’s available and conjuring secret, dirty schemes in their minds. His newly acquired massage skills are positively endearing in their newbie-ness.

It is amazing that Albury “saved” ( or was it?) him from his boring job.

Though it has a great line up, Albury should try to recruit more from this well, and try to bring in sexy young virile security Guards who might want a change of scene or a more lucrative pursuit. I can teach them how to do it, HAHAHA!

Kel is a prize catch indeed.

Kel is a new guy and it is understandable that his massage reflects that, but one feels the sincerity in the effort, because its not a put-on. I’d like to think he will get better, as he should. It is just a matter of putting more pressure in his strokes and learning how a subtle flick here or there might do wonders to his client. I fell asleep during part of the massage, which is a good sign that I reached a state of relaxation. That is a good start, but I did not get him merely for the massage alone. With his looks, I could just have him stand there and stare at his face for hours.

Overrated Eats

Don’t trut lists about best places to eat in Baguio. Or Best new Places to Eat in the once summer capital. From terrible experience, I suspect these so-called reviews were written or commissioned by the owners themselves.

For example, I’ve been to Forrest House several times, first  tugged by an enthusiastic friend and ordered their special, baby back ribs. I don’t know but the ribs were probably reheated and were not hot in the middle. To make things worse, their special ribs are a far cry from the falling from the bones tenderness that are routine in “ordinary”places like racks. The ribs were tough and terrible and I barely touched half of it jus to not embarrass my host. The salad with the three dips at P420 were nothing but a mix of crudités that a child could put together, topped with raisins (horror!) and peanuts (que horror!). I thought it was special, as the menu suggested, but it was nothing more than putting together, carots, singkamas, lettuce, etc., etc. Nothing special there.

We would have been better off eating Chinese at Luisa’s or tea House on Session Rd., or melt at John Hay.

Straight Men Who Have Sex With Other Men

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.33.33 AM

One of the best sexual encounters I’ve ever had was a guy named Will, a waiter at a breakfast place on Scout Morato. The first time I saw him, my heart stopped, and I wanted him. After several visits, I was able to get his phone number, but he kept  putting our rendezvous off, with all sorts of excuses. Finally, I called another waiter who happened to know him. After proper introductions, Will finally agreed to meet me. We had great sex afterwards, and he was awesome, but what struck me about that encounter – and I’ll never forget this – was that he refused the money I gave, and when I tried to put it on his pocket he irritatedly said there won’t be a next time if I insist on giving him money. Will and I became friends for two years.  At that time,  he was having problems with his wife. While this went on, we were together.  One day, he told me that things with his wife had been straightened out and that we’d not be meeting each other as much as we did. It was the kindest way of separation – the promise that we’d still see each other – but not so much.  We never, ever did again, and that was the last I saw of him.

We’ve all had sex and maybe relationships with straight men, with or without money or gifts. In fact, most if not all of the guys available in spas are straight, bar a few lurking in the shadows with confused identity. They’re awesome looking, young, straight in demeanour and forced, under dire circumstances to have sex with gay men. Through the years I’ve been able to seduce a few straight men without having to pay them, either through peristence or out of the straight man’s sexual curiosity and sense of adventure. Here’s an article from the Village Voice. I’ve observed that most gay relationships in the us are gay-gay relationships. For many reasons here, most of our experiences from the beginning have been with straight men.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.35.33 AM

Here’s an excerpt of the article from the Village Voice:

By Tristan Taormino

Let’s say one of your male friends confesses: “I was at the club last night with Bob. The music was pounding, I had a few shots, and his hair just looked so good, so we made out, and I jerked him off in the bathroom.” For most people, there’s really only one response: “Dude, you’re gay.” Maybe, but maybe not. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than three million men who self-identify as straight secretly have sex with other men. Although there’s been some mainstream dialogue about African-American men who have sex with men “on the down-low,” there hasn’t been much talk about white guys who do it. And there are plenty of them out there. Take a brief scroll through one day’s worth of “Men Seeking Men” posts on New York City’s Craigslist, and you’ll find dozens of listings like “Str8 Guy Needs Great Cocksucker” or “Handsome Masculine Married Irish Guy Seeks One or Two Hung Married Irish Buddies Who Want Head and Maybe More.” From the super-brief to the incredibly detailed, some posts offer interesting explanations:

Though I have always been hetero, I also have had a fantasy to anonymously suck cock and swallow his cum.

I am a married white male forty-six, six-one, one-ninety—a goodlooking, successful, Ivy-educated guy who finds himself in town alone this week. Not interested in changing my life in any major way, but do feel the occasional need to deal with this side of my nature.

I am married . . . looking to provide no reciprocation needed or wanted oral service for VERY masculine, verbal straight/bi/straight acting men. My clothes do not even have to come off. This is about YOUR pleasure . . . not mine.

These examples articulate some of the reasons why heterosexual men get it on with other men: for anonymous, no-strings-attached sex; to explore homoerotic desire without a gay identity or relationship; or to fulfill a fantasy, including one of dominance and submission.

“When these straight men have sex with other men, it is not about an attraction to the other man—it is about an attraction to the sex act,” says Joe Kort (, a licensed therapist in Michigan. “When asked about what they enjoy, it is never the actual man, but instead his body parts, the sexual behavior they engage in.” Many of Kort’s clients (who are overwhelmingly white) are straight men who have sex with other men (SMSM). He’s even created Straight Guise (, a website dedicated to the subject. He cites dozens of explanations for SMSM behavior: “Some have been sexually abused and are compulsively re-enacting childhood sexual trauma by male perpetrators; some have sex with men because it’s easier and requires fewer social skills than those required to have sex with women; some are ‘gay for pay’; some like the attention they receive from other men; some like anal sex, which they’re otherwise too ashamed to talk about or engage in with their female partners.” He acknowledges that some of these men may be bisexual or closeted gay men, but in his experience in treating clients over an extended period, many of them are not. He believes that when it comes to sex, identity and orientation, preferences, fantasies, and behavior do not always neatly line up in one category. More often, they are complex and even contradictory.

Mike, whom I found on a personals website, is 44, married, and works on Wall Street. He has been having sex with men for four years, and says he likes the closeness and the male bonding. Plus, “It’s just less complicated than with women. We’re both there for sex, and that’s it.” John, 35, also works in finance, identifies as straight, and is dating several women. But he mostly enjoys getting blowjobs from men: “There are less emotional complications for me. Many men will do things some women will not, and many men give better oral sex. I think men will exercise their hunger for sex and not deny that they are horny more so than women. They feel comfortable sexually bonding.” Both men admit that their female partners don’t know about their behavior; in fact, their families and friends don’t know.

Unlike some psychology professionals who want to pathologize these men, treat them for sexual addiction, or “cure them” of homosexuality, Kort approaches his clients without an agenda. He also unpacks some of the cultural baggage that contributes to this phenomenon: “They are interested in the sexual contact with other men. They are working through issues of father hunger, lack of touch from other males, and the need for contact with other men on deeper levels that women enjoy with each other and men do not. Some of these men tell me they meet other men and really just want to be held and talk to the other men, but that the men they meet want it to be sexual, so they go through with it but really don’t want to. Ironically, since men are not allowed to touch—except for a pat on the butt in sports—they use the sexual realm to find ways to touch each other and receive touch.”

Sensual foods for a home massage

I usually ask trusted masseurs to come to my home and do their massage there. From “Cafe Mom”, here are ten sensual food that would enhance your experience, and the masseur that might go best with the food:

Mangoes: Mango is a very sensual, juicy fruit. Open one up and let the juices run on Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 8.16.16 AMyour fingers. It also tastes good and makes you smell sweet. Since smell is such a major component of what turns me on, anything with garlic or onions is automatically not sexy. I would do mangoes with Chad slurping the slippery flesh from his button hole and leaving some for the hole of his beautiful member going all the way down to the base.
Strawberries: This has all the sensuality of a mango without the messier qualities. It’s very easy to feed to one another and to share and also screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-11-58-23-amsmells divine. My choice would be Aris, his perfectly flawless bod would go very well with strawberries and cream, and I would pick one from his full, sensual lips .
Almonds: Almonds are a traditional symbol of FB_IMG_1466339917382-1fertility and the smell is intoxicating. They’re also easy to feed to one another. Well I’d do this with Jheff, while he licks and bites my tits.The crunchiness ought to increase the sensation of Jheff devouring my tits.

Lechon: This one may seem silly, but hear me out. Eating lichen during sex? Why not. Its crunchy, sinfully succulent the flesh caressed by the oil dripping from it, a bit salty and eaten, Cebu style with the right mix of vinegar, so sauce and spices. Carefree sex is hot, like the flesh of newly-roasted lechon. Also: They make kisses taste really good. Ian’s kisses are already good,  in fact,  but this would make it awesome.

Chocolate pudding: Soft, sensual, delicious, and simple. Chocolate pudding evokes carefree childhood desires and can also be used on each other’s bodies. I dare you to



lick chocolate pudding off your man’s fingers and not get a twinge of desire. Kel’s perfect index or middle fingers sliding in and out of my mouth would be terrific as I try to clean the chocolate pudding of them, and then, he can tickle my behind with the mid finger as we kiss.

Avocado: The avocado is just a sexy-looking fruit (yes, it’s fruit, not a vegetable). It evokes a screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-1-09-42-amfeminine voluptuousness and is creamy and soft. The avocado is Ian’s favourite ice cream flavor, but I’d do this my other moreno favourite, Enzo, the bits of avocado stuck in his body hair would be nice to lick of from his carpet of hair in that divine torso.

and it would be perfect when he eats it off your chest.

Figs: This has the same appeal as the avocado, with the added appeal of being highly Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.37.52 PMshareable and delicious. The rich, over-the-top sweetness and dark earthiness of ripe figs and the sharp, clean creaminess of goat cheese are a natural pairing. But which wines are best to complement such distinctive flavors?  I’d  do this with a Pinot Griz as my appertiff before the main meal which would be Gerald, sweet, succulent and wonderful Gerald. Brie/crackers: This is an easy finger food that can be shared and licked off each other’s fingers.