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Jake (left) Aries and Ian are cousins. Apparently the genes in the family run good. Here, Jake  dwarfs Aries (5’7 1/2) and Ian (5’8) both of whom are fairly tall too. Jake however is 6’1. He once appeared in indie films. Jake happens to be Coco Martin’s batch mate in the indies. Coco’s career shot up while Jake followed the fate of the rest of the indie guys. Unfortunate, because jake is one of the nicest guys I know, and he definitely delivers. Tall, fair and flawless.

Maynard’s Back

Maynard was one of the few guys featured on this Blog that got a lot of favourable comments from readers.

Then he mysteriously disappeared and was difficult to contact. I asked Ian about him and he said Maynard was sorting out things with his love life (with women, of course) which got complicated.

It appears that he’s been able to sort out things and has been reachable again. Maynard is a natural, that’s why in the brief period of time that he made himself available, he was practically besieged with clients.

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Maynard 09367058005

Joko: Still the Best Top 09207765123

Joko is a dead ringer for Joko Diaz. Sometimes. That’s probably why the spa where he last worked, Goulden Spring, gave him that name. The name has stuck with this young man since, although, at certain angles, he looks to me like Daniel Padilla .

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Joko is now, bar none, the biggest active guy in the MP business. He stands out over the rest . He’s very sincere. And he’s a dynamo of energy. In a session with him, you’ll be amazed at all the permutations of his prodigious skill – its exhausting, its exhalirating. Its just, simply , a joy




The natural: Chad 09367795006

One of the reasons why I like Chad   09367795006 so much is that he is so natural: simple, relaxed unfazed – no chips on the shoulder. A relaxed masculinity. His massage is earnest and sincere, not like the tapik-tapik massage of some masseurs in a lot of spas. He’s young, and very pleasing to the eye in a masculine-moreno sort of way, looking much better in person. His ES is where he surprises and excels – there’s a delightful innocence and charm to it, and its all very natural. And immensely satisfying.

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Sa vulcanizing

It was early, I was on my way to Kamias and close to one of the spas there when I noticed that one of my tires was soft. Dropping by a nearby Petron station, the gas boy helped fill out my tire with air but told me I had to have the tire vulcanized.

I found a vulcanising shop along Kamias road.

The vulcanising boy was hot, even beneath some unavoidable grime, so I engaged him in a conversation that led to us exchanging numbers. I gave the boy, Kevin, a tip he’d remember me by. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but when I gave him the hefty tip, there was a knowing glint in his eye.

I could not wait. Late  afternoon I texted him and asked what time he was off. He wasn’t coy. I didn’t have a hard time getting him to meet me at the Jollibee near Anonas. Kevin was there at the appointed time.

To cut the story short, Kevin and I ended up in the Sogo in Cubao, along Aurora Blvd near Gateway. He asked to take a shower.

In briefs, he had an unsually full front. The bulge was unmistakable.

That excited me. As he took a shower and hearing the soapy suds drop to the floor     from where I was, I entered the toilet and joined him in the shower. Hid dick was huge, JR-grade. I asked him to soap my back and in time, he was soaping my tits from behind. It was exciting. Soon, I was sitting on the toilet bowl taking in his partly flaccid member. As it was growing, taking it in became more difficult. The young man had a monstrous cock. The cock’s huge diameter made it hard for me to take it in and I could swallow it only halfway.

He was neat and groomed when he entered the Jollibee in Kamias. The grime gone,

Kevin looked fair moreno flawless. There was a missing tooth on the side, but otherwise his teeth were good, clean and nicely formed. The missing side tooth could be easily fixed, I thought, then, he would be perfect.

The shower in Sogo revealed an even more flawless and smooth body, the smoothness of a 20-ish young man. Kevin was a Chinito,  making him even more sexy. The baby fat had not completely gone. Kevin was a diamond in the raw.

The foreplay was great. Kevin kissed better than some pros, no attitude. He  told me had several GFs in the past (nakantot ko po lahat) and I suppose he put that experience into our lovemaking, although he mentioned that he had two previous encounters with gay men (chinupa lang ako nung una, yung isa, nakantot ko) and the manner in which he had licked my tits heightened my excitement. My neck was hyperextended, eyes closed, enjoying the ride Kevin was giving me. His monstrous member was engorged. Tigerish. After sucking it I turned over and asked him to kiss me on the name. At the same time his hands caressed my tits.

My tits are my erogenous zones. I could feel his monster touching the throes of my back side. It was still hard. I moved a bit and fumbled for a condom. Kevin put it on and slapped some lubricant I had given him on. As expected, the entry was painful. Young as he was, he entered me fast. I forgot to tell him to slow down and put his member gently, to relax the first anal sphincter, so  Kevin’s sudden entry elicited much pain. I had to withdraw in pain. After a while, the pain still in my mind, I asked him, like a cougar teaching her conquest to just tap the penile head gently at the entrance of my back hole. Touching the entrance gently and slowly,  my backside began too relax. He shoved it in gently, but even more. Slowly. The pain was a small memory. I could feel the fullness. He was completely inside.



A blissful weekend in Baguio

I treated Ian (09758899410) , Aries , and Tyrone  to a great relaxing weekend in Baguio visiting the Bencab museum, lunch at Cafe in The Ruins, Breakfast at the Baguio Country Club, John Hay etc. We stayed at the Manor and although they had been to Baguio in the past, they were not brought to the “proper” places.

They  would typically stay at Session Road or in Hotels around Burnham Park, which, everyone knows are areas to avoid in Baguio because of the terrible crowds, noise and awful traffic. Below, L to R: Ian, Aries and Tyrone

Aries was surprised that a place like John Hay existed, cool, fresh and relatively uncrowded. After a buffet breakfast at the Baguio Country Club, they went horseback riding at the place between the Country Club and the South gate of John Hay leading to Outlook Drive (avoid the touristy Wright Park Horseback riding place). I made a concession for them to see Mines View Park ( a tourist trap that I hate) since two of them have never been there. Below: Tyrone in yellow cap and Ian (checkered shirt) and Aries in the middle.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.26.57 AM

For most part it was a fun and relaxing weekend, and the nights were pure, pure

bliss. We stayed at the AIM cottage in John Hay and the nights were bone chilling, .

On the way home, we dropped by San Fernando Pampanga for food at Everybody’s Cafe.

From reader Mackie “making Love”

The comment of reader “Mackie,” below describes his encounter with “Ian” (09758899410) as being as close to “Making Love” as it gets. I’ve had the same experience with Ian, not just once, but quite a lot of times.  There’s really no comparison. While I enjoyed a recent session with a “vulcanising boy (another future story)” I picked up in Kamias, and that was great,  or with a new masseur at Nature’s Green from Arayat, Pampanga ( the guy’s 19, and a total virgin with gays) it was not the same. First, I know Ian personally and he’s very masinop. In a group, he’s the alpha male. He takes charge, thats his character.  I know where he lives and know his background. He is fundamentally a very decent chap, and having known him for more than three years now, has changed my perception of many masseurs.

A lot of these masseurs are  guys struggling to raise a family They are loving fathers to their kids and good husbands (or live in partners). They’re as normal as any,  they have not had the opportunities that others, more fortunate, have had. They joined MPs to make a living, simple as that.

Ian and his group have the same interests, hobbies and activities as ordinary young men (by ordinary, I don’t mean the iPad owning, overboard owning kids from private schools, but the ordinary masa kids): cellphone games, basketball,  movies, Aldub or Showtime, Mc Do, Jollibee, Timezone, etc. They formed their danced group and join contests, its all in You Tube.  They’re not into drugs and detest clients who try to entice them to take drugs. They say no and think “huli mo na ito, di mo na ako makukuha next time”. Ian doesn’t even drink. Chad, Aries, Tyrone and Maynard are moderate drinkers, if they ever do, which has been rare as far as I know. They like to hang out, kid each other, eat , play basketball and computer games. They rehearse for their dance competitions.

Most have graduated from high school but have not had the opportunity to afford going to college. Most of Ian’s group are married or committed to a live in relationship, one or two kids. Mga batang ama, also strungling to make sure they can provide for diapers, milk, pre school  etc. When a kid gets sick, its a big worry for them, they have to work harder, and it gets bad when times are lean.

When they’re together, they’re normal young men, kidding around and having fun. When they’re with clients, they try their best to give them their money’s worth.


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